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I started reading about Ascension and there is all of these websites and books out there on this subject but as I read about this topic at hand I can only conclude that it is absolutely totally impossible and unattainable to accomplish in one life time.

There are all of these diets, salt baths, internal organ cleansing, extreme meditations with specific symbols and mudras, opening up like 120 something extra chakras branching out from the 7 main chakras, activating the three fields of this Merkaba tetrahedron force field that surrounds our body, embracing the sacred rays of lights, becoming one with the threefold flame ... and so on and so on and so on ... that one must do before ever thinking about possibly ever achieving Ascension let alone Physical Ascension.

They have all these so called spiritual ascension schools out there hidden in the most remote and isolated areas all over the world selling what seems to be an preposterous and unattainable concept.

So I did a lot of research on this subject and throughout Earths history as we know it, not one human being on this planet has never ever Ascended unless they physically died. There is absolutely no proof that Ascension is actually possible let alone Physical Ascension.

So ... I can only conclude that this whole Ascension process is merely a cash grab and nothing but a Big Myth to give people a false hope while draining their bank accounts.

Don't get me wrong ... I am fascinated by this whole process if it were at all an attainable possibility but from what I have been reading It just seems to be absolutely humanly inconceivably impossible to accomplish no matter how pure your mind, body and soul is.

If anyone can shed light on this matter and/or prove to me that Ascension let alone Physical Ascension is truly possible and achievable, I would appreciate some feedback on this matter.

Thank You

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physical form is finite,
though has been extended with
alchemy, the soul and
spirit remains

breaking the cycle of
incarnation has often
been called ascension


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In this talk, Elan, whose teachings are very similar to Bashar's, goes into the fine points of ascension. Apparently from this perspective, physical death isn't necessary to attain fifth density where we gradually become more nonphysical, but before that, we do go through 4D where we enjoy a more unlimited physical experience. An important point is that ascension is actually about becoming more of who we already are, thus we are always ascending as we are always expanding in consciousness.



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If you read spiritual texts a great number of people have ascended. Ascension is about entering a new state of being. In Tibetan texts they talk about the rainbow body. In The Christian bible a number of people are said to have ascended in body. Is it possible to reach heaven while on Earth? Heaven is a perspective of being. Just has it is possible for a person to create their own living hell, a person is able to create heaven on Earth. It has to do with the power of the mind.

Many spiritual people currently believe the entire world is ascending without need of any special schooling. Sometimes it is better to pave your own path and not follow a teacher. Those schools you spoke of have to do with the student/guru relationship. Alan Watts had a lot to say about gurus.

Sometimes people feel more comfortable following a guru, but you seem like less of a follower and more of a trail blazer. Therefore I will be unable to answer any questions to your complete satisfaction. You will always think of areas where my words do not sound on tune to you.

You decide if Ascension is possible in your world. You decide if heaven can be experienced while alive.


answered 11 Aug '18, 19:38

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