Hi. I try every day to be as positive as I can be. I know I can have whatever I want if I set my mind to it(including a lot of money). The only thing is that my parents are so negative; especially with a recession and all that and because of that I'm trying to avoid all conversations with them (cause eventually everything leads to them complaining how hard is it in today's world etc.) Even if I don't speak with them I feel that negative vibrations in the air and I think it affects my mood even if I'm trying to distance myself). I've really changed myself in the last couple of months (I've been so depressive back then...)

I got a job recently so I'm really thinking about moving out of their house in a month or two but I would like to go with a smile on my face , not because I have to if you know what i want to say. I'm almost 19 by the way. I already tried to talk to them about their negativity and even show them "the secret"; the way how to remove limiting beliefs...but I just can't make them more positive. (and because I want them to be happy i sometimes still try to tell them again and again - and guess what, it's the recession they say, be more realistic and stop living in a fantasy world)

I would really appreciate your thoughts on that, Tim

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Moving on and moving out would I think be a good idea. It is time to spread your wings and fly on your own. You will always come across people that will disagree with you. It could be a some body you know from work a freind or even family. You don't need to prove yourself right to them, you just just need to beleive in yourself !
We do not get to choose our family but we can choose how we relate to them.
A parent is not a inherted title ,it is one that is earned
One needs to act like a mother or a father to get the respect.
Get on with your life and let them live theirs.Show them by your example of what is possible and perhaps they will see the light.


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Parents do inherit the title and no, they do not need to earn the respect of their child. Respecting your parents does not mean you have to agree with them on everything. We need to treat others with the same respect, or better, that we want to be treated with. Two wrongs don't make a right.

(14 Apr '12, 09:22) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess : children that suffer through abuse from their "parents". No these "parents" do not deserve the title nor the respect. Parents need to show respect to thei children. By giving respect you teach respect.

(05 Nov '12, 05:36) ursixx

timmyy i know what you are saying i live in the same world that you live in a world of stress with people stuck in judgement. many do not want to open their eyes or ears to the truth. and they have free will same as you. do not fight fire with fire. be like water. respect your way first and their way in second but make the difference about what is true and what is judgement. by being example they will eventually see the truth. they have free will and it is for them to take that responsibility. no one else can make it. good luck. experience and enjoy.


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I am a parent and I was a child. My parents are not with me. I had one quiet parent who was happy and positive and one that was negative. My dad was a positive person. How do you put up with that? I asked him one day after a frustrating conversation with my mom. He said find a way to put a positive spin on everything she says. It won't always work but try. Tim there are some times when a parent feels fear for their offspring. It is unfortunate but those fears will bring out a negative spin in their sintax. As parents we for the most part only want our children to be happy and healthy and loved. We also want a better life for our children than we had.What they feel as better may not be the same as yours. These hopes and fears may not lead down the same path in their mind or yours but in the end it usually works out. Try to understand how you would behave in their situation. Parents forget they have to earn love because they love their children unconditionally. The parent is a child. The child will be a parent Love them for their faults Love them for their gifts Love them just to love them


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Honor thy mother and father. Parents are not always right, but do your best in honoring your mother and father. Your attempt for independence is notable and may not be in the interest of your parents. Most likely, your parents have designed a path for you and the way you are living your life is contrary to that path. If this is the case, your trajectory needs to be adjusted. Your aim of negative and positive is correct, but what your parents are taking sight of is your future not negative and positive. If you are able to walk the path that your parents have designed for you then I suggest you walk it, but if you are not able, then that is what you need to express to your parents followed by the path that you have set for yourself. Although independence is knocking at the door, you are still dependent. Employment is not the scissors that cut the umbilical cord, it is your demonstration to survive what life will throw at you. Know this, Ecclesiastes 3:1,8. 1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: 8 A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace. Your household may be at war, but be patient peace follows.


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Some people are simply not willing to accept responsibility for their thoughts and feelings. Just understand that this is not your fault. All you can do is focus on the positive emotions you are attracting into your life and consciously choose not to accept the limiting beliefs of those around you. Ultimately, the choice of how you feel, and consequently what you attract into your life, is a choice only you can make. Concentrate on this and keep your positive emotional momentum going through the gratitude and success within your heart! Some good tips here..


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Welcome to IQ @HackBen Nice read at the link / your (?)website!

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