So I've been using the focus blocks for about 2 weeks, and I've actually noticed results quickly. If I stay aware i see more and more signs of it working in my life.

I'm also doing some 30 day thing with the Abe material that I found online. Basically you integrate a few of the processes into your everyday life.

The process i'm having the most trouble with even starting is the "The Prosperity Game" where you spend $1000 dollars(virtual) a day and it increases by $1000 each day.

How can I release the resistance when I have resistance against the actual process, when I know it will help me attract abundance by doing the process?

I hope that was clear,

thanks for your answers

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Chris 2

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Barry Allen ♦♦

The purpose of the games are to break down or help you let go of the resistance that you have."The prosperity Game" is a way of shifting your fixed beliefs about money and getting you to use your imagination to help shift those beliefs to ones that are more beneficial.

If you are having resistance to the game or process itself, I think the question you should be asking yourself is why am I resistant toward playing a game or using my imagination?. There's probably some ingrained belief that you're holding on to around this and maybe you need to work on that one first before you work on the abundance issue.

Abundance is actually a way of being and the purpose of the game is to help you realize that. You cannot attract material abundance if you don't feel abundant within. Abundance begins to come into your life when you realize that you have more to give than you can ever get.

If the game doesn't feel right for now play a different one - start by giving to others what you can - a smile, a friendly hello, a good thought,physical help or time - you'll be amazed when you really start giving from a genuine heart, the abundance that will atart to show up in your life.


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The resistance for this game, I believe is that I don't enjoy spending money that I don't really have. It seems like more of a tease then a process that helps me.

(11 Aug '10, 14:23) Chris 2

I've added to my answer to see if it helps any.

(11 Aug '10, 14:52) Michaela

This is a game, it's supposed to be fun, but the harder you think it is the harder it is going to be. Just remember, You Are Abundant, because abundance is our true nature and that is who you are. You Are that which you Are. Love and Light.


answered 11 Aug '10, 08:44

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