i have use LOA to think and feel prosperity/abundance/ wealth , but its not coming . what when wrong ?

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Im a bit confused that youve claimed that prosperity is "not coming".

I would love to know on what knowledge you base that claim.

Now im sure you can prove that it hasnt arrived yet, i understand that perfectly.

But i cant for the life of me understand why you can know with such assurance that it isnt on the way.

People dont " use" LOA Ann. LOA happens every milisecond of every day.People naturally experience LOA as a part of their lives whether they know they are or not. Its not something we can opt in or out of.

I imagine "what went wrong" has more than a little to do with your dominant thoughts over the last few years.

You havnt mis used LOA Ann,dont worry,none of us can do that. Your problem lies in your predominant and consistent thought processes.

Sorry if that sounds a little harsh. I dont mean to be.



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Monty Riviera

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My vibrational interpretation of your question :

"I do my best & mold the thoughts so hard to make LOA works for me! But it's not. I desire to get my birth right abundance but I don't have it now. I'm not prosper & it's not good for me I feel so wrong now. Maybe there is a problem with me. Sure. I ask others where I messed up with the process...".

By this you select from the probable realities that contains :

  • antiprosper events
  • more questions why it is not working
  • events that not so good.
  • work hard with ... to reach my goal
  • etc.

So first, stay calm and forget all of your current problems. Ignore the thoughts of them when your mind wants to think about of them.

Second, just sit down somewhere for 20 minutes when you have a good mood. Close your eyes and investigate your probable alternative reality. You are the director. Live there for some minutes and enjoy the moments overthere. Be there for 3 times a day just for 10 minutes. By focusing overthere just vibrate what you want.


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Tibor S.

So, you have asked the universe to manifest your desire for you, and the universe is working to attract your desire to you within perfect timing, and the universe will delivered to you what is good for you, so you probably will not get exactly what you desire, but the universe will manifest to meet your needs, every day, twenty-four hours a day around the clock!

Know that all you desired, you already have, so the Law of Attraction is always working!


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Inactive User ♦♦

thanks, but the desire i want is not manifesting.

(08 Apr '11, 15:14) ann2

@ ann: have you tried using Stingray's Focused Block?

(09 Apr '11, 03:01) Inactive User ♦♦

here is the deal, the law of atrraction is a great thing BUT if you do not have a true and deep understanding of it, it does not work! the best thing that most people can not understand about the whole situation is you HAVE to drop all of your expectations on HOW you get what you are attracting. if you say "hey i want to attract $1000 from my freinds and family so that i can take a trip to study with the monks" well you already messed it up! first of all you are limiting your ways to recieve it, you are saying i expect the money to some from my family and freinds, second of all if your objective is to study with the monks, then you are locking in your expectations on having money as well, if you realy want to attract anything you MUST drop all your expectations!! dont think about HOW you will get it!!! secondly if you are realy trying you are lossing already because you are putting a time limit, which is ANOTHER EXPECTATION! also you have to change your perspective. if you think that things are bad you need to re-asess the whole situatuion TRY TO FIND THE BEST FROM EVERY SITUATION, this is only a small portion of things that people do not consider when tryng to atrract things, i hope this helps! love n light, rob


answered 06 Apr '11, 21:37

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TReb Bor yit-NE

also you must reconsider your deffinition on the meaning of the words prosperity/abundance/ wealth ! when you find the TRUE meaning of this, you might find that you already have it, you have a place to live , a commputer to type on and I IMMAGINE 1000 OTHER GREAT THINGS TO BE TRULY HAPPY AND GREATFULL FOR! :-)

(06 Apr '11, 21:40) TReb Bor yit-NE

I would say that LOA does work if you dont have an understanding of it.BUT that it works in the wrong way ie not for our benefit.But your point about not concentrating about the "HOW" is very relevant,its been impressed on me a lot recently.

(07 Apr '11, 12:25) Monty Riviera

yes you are right it will "be" regardless of our knowlege of it, that was better put, thank you my freind! love n light

(07 Apr '11, 12:48) TReb Bor yit-NE
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I will tell you how with prayer, first you pray in the positive as thanking God that he has heard your prayer.

Example: Father God I need money to pay these bills, I know you are there and you take care of your children even greater than you care for all the animals in the forest. Father thank you, thank you, thank you, I know the money is now flowing to me, it will cover all my needs and be on time for me. It is on the way right now, I now am open to receive and accept the great abundance of your wondrous generosity. You have opened your storehouse of wealth in heaven and it is showering wealth down upon me now! Thank you Father oh the blessings you give are so amazing you are all knowing and all providing you are my comforter and I have faith in only you Lord! I know it has already been done as you know my needs before I even express them and I am very grateful to you Father, thank you so much, in Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Now if you do follow up prayers they are not the same, they are reinforcing the thanks, the appreciation and the faith that this is being done. Never pray the same like the first time must not have been heard, where is your faith then?

Formula: express the need, express the need as meant, give thanks that the need is meant.

Follow ups if you feel a need to in a few days: give thanks that the need is meant.

Advanced Prayer is only two steps: the need is meant, give thanks it is meant.

Even more advanced only one step: give thanks the need is meant.

Lastly and most importantly!

Expect Results!

Most of our prayers are not really for God but to build our faith into a frenzy, to bring strong emotion to stir the imagination and get it to see the things as happening right now and know it is being heard and being done. Our prayer can really be only two words "Thank You."

This formula for prayer is exactly where the visual treasure mapping comes from. In treasure mapping the first picture is your need, the second is you having the need meant, the third is your giving thanks for the need being meant. Above the pictures is the picture of the source and the many lines to each picture like the sun shining down on the three panels. Similar to I hear, I provide, I have provided and am thanked, that is why the lines, but as you can see it is very similar to prayer. Prayer is just in word and thought format.

Treasure Mapping comes from an old book "The Secret of the Ages" by Robert Collier and is the basses of where the modern day Vision Board comes from.


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Wade Casaldi

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all the above answers are great and very helpful for everyone.Thank you wade for sharing prayer formula.

(08 Apr '11, 09:25) Zee

This is a wonderful answer...It should be very helpful for everyone as they pray. Lots and Lots of Love, Jai

(09 Apr '11, 01:02) Jaianniah
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