I have been aware of my surroundings since I was a baby, being at the beach, being palced on a mans shoulders and walking among tall buildings are just a few of my memories as a baby. I have had dreams come true and happen just the way I dreamed them. I sometimes know what is going to happen before it happens and if I think of someone earlier in the day, I will see them later. I played a hunch on a pull tab abd I knew I would win $243 and I did. However, I can not predict lottery numbers, During sex I am able to influence my partner to build to a climatic orgasm by thinking of a damn holding back the waters then at the right moment releasing the waters causing them to have the most intense orgasms ever. If I get close to someone and have physical contact and spend much time with them I form a connection with them and I know when they are thinking of me and when they are close. No matter the distance involved I know what is going on with them. I have been able to influence people by focusing my thoughts on them. I have a high IQ of 135. Sometimes I can go into a trance and raise my vibrational level and one time when I concentrated on it and was raising it my connection snapped and a friend of mine who had too much to drink and was passed out reacted to the connection breaking by jumping and almost waking up. If I am talking to you face to face you can not lie to me as I will know you are lying. When I was 3 years old I had a dream of being tied to a raft and going over a great waterfall, when I saw the movie "The Missionary" a south american tribe placed a jesuit monk on a raft and floated him over a waterfall, was I perhaps remembering a past life experience. I died for a short period of time and went to a very peaceful place and I wanted to stay there, but they brought me back. I no longer am affraid of dying, but sometimes I have my doubts about the validity of what happened and still get scared when I have chest pains. I know things about the planet and the ruins on it and I find that the answers the mainstream media and university profesors give are not true. I have knowledge that would change the world for the better, but will not use it unless I win the lottery and can finance the work myself. I will not give this knowledge to those who will miss use it. Nuclear energy is a good thing if used safely but we have all seen what happens when greedy people cut corners building nuclear power plants and how the technology can be used for military applications. I will not give mankind the power to destroy itself, Humanity is not ready, we have a long way to go before we are mature enogh to handle this kind of power. Would you give a child a loaded weapon? I hope not. I know there is a supreme being, I have asked questions and he/she has answered me in such a way that I know it in my heart that this is GOD. You are free to believe or disbelieve what I say but I speak the truth here for all to see and hear. This saying is the truth; You are, what you do, when it counts.

asked 09 Oct '09, 21:09

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I believe you. just don't ask me to believe in you ! kidding :-) good luck


answered 12 Oct '09, 19:03

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I should change my question to a statement about myself, it wasn't easy growing up when your mind is constantly being bombarded with images and thoughts that are not your own. Why would anyone want to read others thoughts, it is like being in the school cafeteria when everyone is talking at once or watching a TV where you can not change the channel, it is enough to make you act differently and many people think you are strange or weird and want nothing to do with you. Especially when you voice what they were thinking or finish their sentenances. however, i believe in you. ;-) thanks

(16 Oct '09, 15:11) Goodisevil

I see this is an old post but if it helps, what you probably experiencing are expanded states of consciousness. We are all able to tap into infinite intelligence and since we are all one you are tapping into other peoples energy and information as well. That is good news and bad news. First for the bad news. Like you said it is a very noisy experience. Good news is you just need to be a more selective filter of the massive amount of data that is permeating the energy field of the planet - otherwise it will overwhelm you. There are all these waves of energy and they are filled with information. We have cell phones, internet, radio, tv, microwaves and peoples thoughts and feelings. And we are like receivers. So rather than try and eleminate or monitor all those frequencies just tune into the frequency you are wanting to pick up. By the way I highly recommend divine love. It's the dreamiest.


answered 03 Feb '10, 21:20

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I agree with you and believe me it took a long time to learn to filter out the noise and concentrate on certain frequencies, I have learned to tap into the infinite intelligences and glean certain information from it but some of it is too advanced or alien for me to understand. I have no trouble reading people and sometimes understand why ages past some people chose to be hermits, but it still sounds like someone constantly changing stations on the radio and I find it hard to tune into one station unless I am very close physically or emotionally to someone.

(04 Feb '10, 19:33) Goodisevil

Sometimes, dreams are premonitions


answered 12 Oct '09, 17:59

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This really bothers me, because you have to ask if my dreams come true within 3 months exactly as I dreamed them, does that mean that our destiny is written in stone and it is our fate to play the part written for us or do we have the ability to change our destiny by using the dream and changing our actions to facilitate a different outcome. The Bible code is interesting because if it is true then GOD or someone saw the future and encoded it into a book that they knew would not change in context for thousands of years. premonition is a bad feeling or warning without actually knowing why.

(16 Oct '09, 15:26) Goodisevil

what if i tell you that some time prophetic dream cannot be change and some other time it can be change.what ever the time 1day,1 week, 1 month,,1 year,10years,etc... but to do that you need to find the right element that can be change to change for the right outcome.

(22 Jan '13, 20:14) white tiger

The thing that struck me reading all this was "Be happy Now". dreams, premonitions mean nothing right now. and now is the only thing you have ....


answered 04 Feb '10, 08:13

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true some dreams make no sense which is normal for our dreaming state and some dreams reflect our fears and hopes, while others simply reflect our desires and some a very few seem to show possible outcomes that are simply a co incidence when it comes true. but there is a little less then 1 % that has so much detail and information to go beyond mere co incidence and starts to border on deja vu or dream viewing as done by Edgar Caycee

(04 Feb '10, 19:47) Goodisevil

ursixx dreams and premonition means something! the fact that you don't understand this struck me! what if someone can know the future ursixx it is part of is now!so why do you say it means nothing?when it helps you or someone else it is pretty important!

(22 May '11, 05:25) white tiger

To decide on your future you must take action now. I do understand premonitions and dreams. If you have a premonition that the world is going to end tomorrow ,does that make today any worse? The sun is still shining on me and I have love in my life so I try to focus on now,and take tomorrow as it comes.

(22 May '11, 07:30) ursixx

ursixx if you could change the outcome that tomorrow end right now in the dream.will it make today better or worse?

(22 Jan '13, 20:17) white tiger
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welcome to the club! empathy prophetic dream telepathy all part of what we are!


answered 22 May '11, 05:19

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white tiger

Hey, I know this is a old post and you probably won't see this but I would like to talk with you. Can you email me? If you don't mind my email address is taylermaewilliams@gmail.com. Thanks


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