I've been meditation for just coming up to a year now and I have seen its powers and appreciate the discipline it takes.

I would first like to illustrate my typical meditation session.Those that have read the master key system and napolean hill would understand more so the techniques I use.Before bed I sit on my bed get into a meditation position then first say my prayers.I then thank God for the people he's taken care of then I thank God for building my friends and family mentally and physically and finally for building me mentally and physically.I then enter my mastermind group and for each member they are assigned a spiritual value...love,honour..and I also have a group for ideas/inventions-this process last about 3-6 minutes for each mantra.

More to the point I by no means am an expert in the art of meditation but when I evaluate my meditation sessions I find that It seems I am cluttering my mind with many 'good' thoughts of; oneness with God,love,ideas,happiness,inventions,wealth,strength,power, honour and by the time I get to wanting to focus my meditation on one specific thing (in my life that's ideas and inventions) I am either mentally exhausted or 1hour + into mediation which although has great spiritual value does inhibit my hours of rest.

Now what I want to ask is,is it better for one to meditate over a 12 different images varying from love to inventions.Or would you recommend I focus it down to a few and if so how many and how can you dictate which is more important when they each are as valuable to my growth? Or finally is it better to just be thoughtless during meditation then throughout the day play such visuals out in my mind?

Peace and love Jonathan

asked 24 May '12, 21:52

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Jonathan David Coleman

What is more important is how you feel when doing it more than how you are doing it.

I used to face that in my meditation/visualization, mix up thoughts, trying to focus on one single thing. Meanwhile I found the whole ideas are relative to each other: God,love,ideas,happiness,inventions,wealth,strength,power... they all positive no contradiction in their directions so whatever your focus is on the result you seek will come.

For example if you are working on some invention and what is dominant in your mind is love thought so if you choose to fight love thought to focus on your invention the manifestation is the fight. The best way to control mind is not fight mind.

So if your mind is happy with the whole thoughts gathering with each other go with it, if it is more peaceful with thoughtless go with it, your help is in finding joy with the process more than the process it self.


answered 25 May '12, 14:38

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thanks for your reply it has really cleared things up for me.

(05 Jun '12, 13:26) Jonathan David Coleman

I would say to have a goal for the meditation before starting. I am told meditation fails without a goal. One I like is to focus on expanding my energy body. Another is to look through third eye to see my progress, I can always find something to work on within myself. I usually ask for the power to be given to achieve that. Whatever it or that or that goal is. Blessings!


answered 25 May '12, 23:59

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Hi thanks for your reply i take on board your wise views

(05 Jun '12, 13:27) Jonathan David Coleman
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