Hi, My principal purpose for meditating is to meet my higher self. And I was asking my self if it is better to clear each tought one by one as they come. Or should I try to block them by giving my attention on radiating love, confidence or appreciation.

I thank you all for reading! Your answer are always helpfull!


asked 26 May '11, 14:08

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I would suggest not trying to, either,clear or block each thought, but merely observe them as they come and go without attaching any meaning to them. If you wish to use a mantra or focus on love and appreciation, it may help quieten the monkey mind chatter.

There really is no right or wrong way to meditate, you may even find a guided meditation works best for you. I'd suggest utilizing a few different methods and seeing which one works best for you :)


answered 26 May '11, 22:01

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Thank you Michaela! Maybe guided meditation would be great for me! Have you any suggestion?

(27 May '11, 02:27) mojo

I don't tend to use guided meditations... I do use Holosync technology and I also like quiet meditation. However, I'm sure if you google 'guided meditation' you'll find an array to choose from. I think most New Age teachers probably have some on offer - maybe find a teacher that resonates with you and use one of theirs :)

(28 May '11, 03:07) Michaela

hi. i meditate with healing crystals daily. the vibration from my crystals help increase my own vibration levels and i find i focus quickly and have deeper meditation. 'clearing' my chakras also help to increase my vibration levels, and i feel more alert, aligned, and generally happy. my meditations are part of my daily routine so consciously 'choosing' a higher vibration level or emotion makes a huge difference in how my day unfolds.

since i have started meditating, and it's been about 6 months now, my life has greatly improved and i am a happier person with a much closer grasp of inner peace. it's not perfect, but it sure feels good.

sometimes i receive messages, sometimes it is pure relaxation. sometimes i just clear wherever i feel blocked or 'cloudy'. it's different all the time. i would agree there is no right or wrong way to meditate. it's a lifelong pursuit as well, so i like to take notice and journal what shows up for me when i meditate.



answered 31 May '11, 01:22

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