Some of you have had lucid dreams before. If you have, you know that these kinds of dreams can seem more vivid than your waking state.

Similarly, many of you have seen a sunset, and have been captivated by its beauty. Richard Bach once said that it is not the image of that sunset, but rather the beauty of it, that is most real.

If there is a way to see auras, then it must be in that way of seeing that allows you to take in the entirety of a person and their surroundings, rather than focusing on one particular spot. In a way, you must be "out of focus" to focus, and then the beauty emerges, in exquisite detail.

I call it seeing God in all things.

How is this done? Is it done by relinquishing your ego control, or by raising your vibration? Is it an active form of meditation, or are you merely relaxing into the moment?

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Actually it's EVERYTHING you've mentioned.

What brings ME back to the present moment, each time I feel "dragged" by my thoughts, is the feeling of ACCEPTANCE. You are dragged out of the present moment by either dwelling on the past or forseeing into the future. In both cases you are REFUSING the NOW moment, where everything exists in the first place.

So each time you feel "drifting", look around and say "I accept" ..


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I like the simplicity of "I accept", thank you :-)

(11 Dec '09, 22:34) Michaela

I like what you said about defocusing, we are all most of the time focused on looking at something, this means that we are almost like looking through a tunnel all the time but because we can move that tunnel at anytime and do so we do not notice it.

Have you ever sat on the edge of a cliff 2000 feet up and looked out over the valley below? It is amazing and feels so connected and alive, why would this be? Because we are seeing miles and miles and it seems as if how much we see never ends it just fades in the distance. In other words the tunnel is removed for that amount of time spent there, going back down the trail we zoom right back to tunnel vision watch for that tree step over this log around this stream etc...

Imagine looking at a painting like this, it is not until you take in the full painting that you see the beauty of it. We could scan the painting like we do life and see all the things in the painting, and see look at this look at that! But when we back up and see THE PAINTING we are in awe!

Now how can we experience this everyday in life you ask, well we can by not focusing on anything but seeing what is, for example if I stand in the road and look (empty road not in traffic! lol) I can see what is on each side and a distance but how far distance? If I keep looking and broadening my vision I start to notice many things that I never noticed before and that I can see way farther than I usually look.

Here is an example right now you see this text but without moving your eyes or head what else do you see? Your computer what is along side it or behind it, the ceiling and floor and walls what about windows and do you see anything out side those windows? How about mirrors or here is one reflections in any glass and what is in the reflections? I have a cabinet and I can't see my television from there but if I want to, I look at my cabinet and right there is my television in reverse reflected in the glass on my cabinet.

Notice things and the more you defocus the wider the scope of view you see and this brings in the big picture.

This is the same for hearing and for thought it self, expand defocus and you will become aware that there is far more going on in this moment than you ever imagined you just never noticed.

Remember the series Kung-Fu, when Cain was a little boy just learning the way? Cain said to Master Poe "Master how did you hear that grasshopper by my foot?" Poe answered "Cain how did you not hear it?"

In gratitude for link from White Tiger.


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Wade Casaldi

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for you wade.

(11 Jul '11, 05:43) white tiger

Thank you so much! White Tiger I really enjoyed the link I think I'll add that in an edit. :-)

(11 Jul '11, 06:02) Wade Casaldi
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I would have to guess that it is done through constant practice. Like anything if we spend enough time practicing we become better at it. I have noticed that when I become fully present when doing chores that would have been tedious before, the task at hand is much more satisfying and there is a feeling of accomplishment when I'm done.


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Everyone may have a different explanation for this experience for instance: based upon experience I can say it is done through raising your vibration, and merely relaxing in the moment.

You can raise your vibration through meditation, and doing the exercise as out line in the material you are reading, and studying. When you are in bed relaxing in the present moment, and you closed your eyes, you can have a sudden revelation, or God experience.

You can see with your eyes closed, as clear as you can see with your eyes opened. The vision will take up all the space in your head, and you will see the vision, as if you are looking into the mirror, and seeing the beautiful Sunset.

In this present moment you are fully awake and you are aware of your experience. It could very well be a shock to you seeing such a vivid picture in your head with your eyes closed, with you being fully awake in the present moment.

It is an experience that you will have to experience your self to form your own opinion, but this experience is real like you standing in front of me, and I am seeing you as clear as crystal with my eyes opened, even though my eyes are closed, and I am relaxing in the present moment in bed.

Depending on your opinion, this experience could be from the stimulation that you were receiving at the time, or it could be from an unexplained spiritual phenomenon, or what we call Lucid Dreaming. What are your thoughts on this subject matter?

Have you ever tried the exercises in the book Super Learning? The exercises are amazing, and enlightening.


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yes lucid dream. yes seing aura sometime focus to see the different colours on different levels defocus to see other parts. ego is under control and does not bother me.relax and enjoy the moment.experiance and enjoy.


answered 11 Jul '11, 05:40

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white tiger

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