The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him , said:

"I have looked upon the people of Heaven, the majority were the poor"

for me, i think its great to know such a fact, which shows some aspects of the infinite Mercy of Allah

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Barry Allen ♦♦

It seems that many of you have got me wrong and misunderstood what i was pointing to. Islam promotes fighting against poverty through it's economic planning and system such as giving alms, not only once anually but also in Eid festivals and in many many worship occaisions , and zakat is not only applied on money but also agricultural harvest and animals such as cows and sheep given to financially support the poor families and help them start a means ofgaining money, i.e from benefiting from the money, or animals such as their wool, milk, or eggs, to use for example milk to make dairy by products such as butter, yogurt..etc.

Another way, is that Islam prohibits interest because it considers it as a long term way of increasing proverty and intensifying it.

By the way, it is also useful to mention the Prophet's Companion Imam Ali famouse qoute:

" If poverty was a man, we would have killed it"

Finally, i would like to ask r0la from where he/she got some of the accounts mentioned about the Prophets, and i would like to ask if you ever reflected on the simple and far from materialism lives they lead. Thank you for sharing time, i just would hope that people dont misunderstand the "approach" or misinterpret it since i was only aiming at reflecting on how Allah showers His mercy on those who suffer by admitting them to the Paradise of bliss, and was never suggestng that we should thus promote poverty. Thank you again

(31 May '12, 14:23) springflower

Here's a brief account of how the Prophet Muhammad lead a simple life:

The Prophet Muhammad said: ' We, the line of Prophethood, do not inheriet; all that we leave goes to charity'

he would wake up and ask if there's anything to eat, when there was nothing he would fast that day.

he would tie two big stones around his waiste so that he forgets abut hunger as his abdomine would hurt from hunger.

Aa’isha, Muhammad’s wife, said, “ we would sight three new moons in two months without lighting a fire (to cook a meal) in the Prophet’s houses.” Her nephew asked, “O Aunt, what sustained you?” She said, “The two black things, dates and water, but the Prophet had some Ansar neighbors who had milk-giving she-camels and they used to send the Prophet some of its milk.”

Sahl Ibn Sa’ad, one of Muhammad’s companions, said, “The Prophet of God did not see bread made from fine flour from the time God sent him (as a prophet) until he died.”2

Aa’isha, Muhammad’s wife, said, “The mattress of the Prophet , on which he slept, was made of leather stuffed with the fiber of the date-palm tree.”3

Amr Ibn Al-Hareth, one of Muhammad’s companions, said that when the Prophet died, he left neither money nor anything else except his white riding mule, his arms, and a piece of land which he left to charity.

(31 May '12, 15:48) springflower

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(31 May '12, 15:53) Barry Allen ♦♦

I am she :)

I am eastern and I am familiar with religions and prophets stories. Seem to me that you are misunderstanding between richness and simplicity.

Joseph was the Aziz (king) of Egypt and he was simple, Jesus was able to manifest fortunes and he did and yet he was humble, Muhammad was rich but yet simple.

Being rich is not a crime if yes Allah would be the greatest criminal because one of his names is the richest.

(01 Jun '12, 04:35) r0la

poor here is not earthly poverty but of the spirit as in the beatitudes: humble and meek, practicing stillness of mind and equinimity, without judgement, aversions nor attachments.

(17 Feb '13, 02:44) don

@don - in other words the "poor" are those that are conscious of being in harmonious cooperation with their inner being and are thus filled with universal abundance

(17 Feb '13, 06:52) ru bis

@ru bis: yes, in their natural state of grace.

(17 Feb '13, 11:56) don

@springflower - you say " it seems that many of you have got me wrong and misunderstood what i was pointing to" - in other words your question is not a question at all, it is a phrase in the form of a question with the intendion to teach us the wisdom of Islam

(18 Feb '13, 04:36) ru bis
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I think the word 'poor' is causing the confusion here, poor does not mean a lack of wealth rather it alludes to the qualities of 'sabar' and ' shukar' i.e. patience and gratitude. Those who have these qualities live in a state of bliss or vortex as we are now calling it. To be patient and thankful does not mean we stop dreaming but rather we allow things to appear in our life rather than chasing them which leads to greed and other vice. Therefore Islam and all other religions have been preaching LOA for thousands of years, unfortunately we never really understand our respective religions truly. I agree with Stingray that our understanding of religious texts for most part is based on translations and they have never been quite accurate.


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I Think Therefore I Am

(21 Feb '13, 04:01) don

Firstly one needs to question the very concept of heaven and hell and if indeed such places exist or is it just a state of mind that we humans relate to? There is no proof of heaven or hell existing as a place; however, the latter is a state of mind that most of us go through in our lives.

So, if heaven and hell are states of mind, then depending on whether a person is poor or rich and the state of mind they are in, the poor will see only more of the poor and the rich more of the rich. Obviously whoever made the quote must have been poor. Like attracts like.


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Wonderful logic :)

(31 May '12, 08:53) Stingray

Muhammad was poor and orphan but he attracted a rich wife who flooded him and he lived a luxury life and became a huge merchant. All the Muslims' wealth was under his guardianship, he died as a rich man.

But from a clergyman view he praised poor people for their patient with their situation, like not committing crimes to change it but he never praised poverty.

(31 May '12, 12:45) r0la

Islam does not praise poverty, there is another Islamic quote which says: 'If poverty is a man; I would kill him'

I am not sure about hell and heaven too but I think there must be for the existence of justice but I think from LOA view (my belief) there could be in another life of better or worse conditions.

(31 May '12, 12:48) r0la
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The problem that English speakers have with quotes from the Qur'an or The Bible or many of the other spiritual works of other cultures is that we have to rely on the translations of others.

And for the quote to be translated accurately, the translator must clearly understand the spiritual and mystical intent of the original quote, the historical times the quote was referring to (obviously, for example, quotes about travelling by camel are nonsensical today) and also be able to express all those intents in a modern-day format in a different language for people who think in different ways and live different lives than a couple of thousand years ago.

That's a pretty tough job. Most of us (even on IQ, even in English) can't agree on the mystical/spiritual analogies of today, never mind ancient times :)

When those translations are made inaccurately - and I would say they are always inaccurate because, even excluding the above, written words are a poor substitute for the richness of conscious channelled thought - we get misunderstandings which often lead to conflicts.

For that reason, I think the true value of quotes in Holy Books lies in what they tell us about the people of today.

For example, if people are generally drawn to a quote that states that the majority of people in Heaven (wherever that is) are poor, it implies that the people of today don't feel prosperous...which is more of a reflection of current economic conditions than anything else.

Let's assume the extreme example that everyone on Earth tomorrow suddenly figures out how to become multi-millionaires and live extravagant, happy lifestyles.

Would that quote about poverty appeal to them? Of course not. It would be quietly ignored because it wouldn't suit the current times and the majority's way of thinking.

You asked what I thought about this ancient translated quote....I think (like many ancient translated quotes) it ultimately means whatever you want it to mean and the fact that you feel drawn to it can help provide insight into your own personal views as to why you particularly like it instead of the many other quotes that are in the many other Holy Books (including the Qur'an).

Like the Rorsach ink blot test, you'll interpret the words in a way that is reflective of what is currently on your mind...

ink blot test


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Stringray, i agree with you that poor translation and the fact that sometimes translation cannot get into the indepth of the richness of meaning in the original text and cannot ultimately fulfil that purpose, is also a factor in why many people dont understand nor feel entity and attached to beautiful and profound teachings and verses of the Qura'n, this is why i think learning another language especially those related with the content we are studying or analysing is necessary and infact crucial for us to get the full understanding, thank you

(31 May '12, 04:40) springflower

I agree with Stingray. It seems to me that many religions are, and have to be, geared to the economic climate of the majority of followers. If the majority of followers are, or believe themselves poor, they can relate.

The real question has little to do with money. It has to do with God-connection. You can be rich and poor in spirit. You can be poor and poor in spirit.

In terms of the physical space-time school we inhabit, poverty of ANY kind does NOT make you Holy! It just makes you cranky!

(31 May '12, 08:03) Dollar Bill

Logic would seem to fit that the majority of people on Earth are poor. Hence the majority of people in Heaven would be people that were poor while here on Earth. It is a simple numbers concept, if the majority were to be wealthy than very few would get into Heaven since the wealthy only make maybe 5% of the people on Earth.


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Wade Casaldi

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God/Allah/Universe is merciful in his nature, so his mercy covers everyone who is match to it.

The poor can be poorer it is his choice, and the rich can be richer it is a choice too. But God or whatever I can tag him, doesn't praise any thing upon other, he created all of them and we can attract whatever we want to attract. Universe doesn't interfere but obey.

Religion shouldn't promote poverty or lack, although their representatives do, they shouldn't promote it because heaven which they seek is rich, and when God wanted to reward some messenger he gave him wealth, Joseph, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad as stories said.

The formula of God + poverty seems illogical to the simple logic, because God is abundance and religious worship god to reach heaven and its wealth, also promoting wealthy people as devil is not right because they are part of the greatest wealth which is universe.

What is praised is the patience, the ability to endure but not poverty, not lack. lack is not praised it is cursed!


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r0la, it is the silliest thing to do to make lies about any influential person because at some point people are going to want to know what the truth is and further make some research to get to the bottom of it, especially when they witness two conflicting views are aroused. The mother of believers Khadija has proposed herself for marriage to the Prophet. thats one point. Another point is that the pagans have persecuted the Prophet Muhammad and all his family and believers who followed him including his our mother khadija. Karen Armstrong (British author and commentator who is the author of twelve books on comparative religion.) commented on the documentary legacy of a Prophet:

" Khadija has probably died of famine resulting from the extreme conditions which the believers were undergoing imposed on them by the pagans"

This is an account of a non-muslim on behalf of saida Khadija and how her life was shaped after.

(31 May '12, 15:31) springflower

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(31 May '12, 15:41) Barry Allen ♦♦

@springflower, Hi again :)

I explained to Soharb that Muhammad wasn't poor and he attracted wealth and that is a fact so there are no lies :)

Muhammad and other prophets were rich and they had servants but no one is saying they were rude or greedy, Never!

(01 Jun '12, 05:40) r0la

I am not religious but yet prophets stories are great inspiration to me and being eastern I had been brought up on them, and due to the fact that East was the source of all religions, I am familiar with all of them almost

When Allah talked to Muhammad in Quran he said 'And you were poor and we made you rich, you were lacked and we gave you grace, then be kind with poor, be ease on orphans...'

(01 Jun '12, 05:41) r0la

So you can find what I am trying to say in Allah talk to Muhammad. When god/Allah or universe loves somebody he rewarded him and gives him fortunes (which we say in LOA science a vibrational match as a result of optimist, gratitude, harmony...) and God knows that this person deserve it and realize how his attitude will and must be towards others who are less fortune than him.

(01 Jun '12, 05:41) r0la

To me richness is not a crime, is not guilt it is the whole bliss it is our imitate to god, to universal mind and it is religious aim/promise in heaven. God admire rich people because they are 'his' image. There is another Islamic quote which says: 'Oppressed and oppressors are both in the hell'. It is good to be grateful but never limited

(01 Jun '12, 05:42) r0la

Allah says go, travel and chases your fortune; I love to see you enjoying my sources... But never be greedy, never be corruptive, eat, drink and enjoy I am not limiting you but always be in the right path.

That is God/Allah/Universe!

(01 Jun '12, 05:42) r0la
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It does not appeal to me at all. That quote, especially "there majority were the poor" part tries to suggest conformity can be found in large number. People like to look for conformity, because it's easier than being who they want to be. Whenever you say you are part of something, you do that to conform yourself. People do the opposite of what they should do - depend on no-one, be part of nothing, for then they could become free and part of everything. But it's easy to depend on others.

Feeling the need to be part of a majority, of any opinion, belief, or way is showing you your fears of not being part of it, of not belonging. Don't look for strength in masses or others for that matter, but just yourself.

Believe and do things because you believe and want to do them. Not because majority of people believe or does them.

So, back to the quote. To me it's totally unimportant fact, that majority are poor in heaven, they could be rich and I would not care either. And in the end, definition of poor and rich is illusory and infinite. None of them and all of them is right. But because they are right, they are also wrong. Which means they just are.


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why do you feel so unease with such a beautful thing, it only shows how Allah shows mercy to His servants. There is another hadeeth which give a more grasp of the meaning:

" Heaven and hell quarelled, heaven said: why is it that the humble and the meek are those who enter me. he meek and humble entr me? Hell said: i have been distinct with the arrogant and boastfull.

By the way, this does not teach or imply that you have to be from a majority but it simply demonstarates that Allah will bless those who are humble and submiting to Him. Because, arrogance is the traitof evil and disbelief, and is contarary to traits of the faithful because of the many aliments and defects in corelation it. The Qura'n tells us about several people whom Allah gave power and kingdom, such as Prophet suleiman, yet they were humble. Another hadeeth that wouldhelp clarify the meaning of thisis simply: " No one who has an atom weight of pride shall enter Paradise".

i hope you would stop . and try to grasp the fuller mening before making any surface based remarks instead of trying to relate them to how they motivate people to be faithful and adopt good and modest traits, and thanks

(31 May '12, 04:34) springflower

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(31 May '12, 05:12) Barry Allen ♦♦

@springflower, the thing is, no remarks are shallow nor deep. Shallowness and depth is just a matter of opinion, and as such it's definition is limited by believes it comes from. You asked a question and I answered it from my point of view. I don't want get into argument about religion, because I don't want to become vibration of one. My idea of God is, he/she is all there is. So in a sense, my body is God, my soul is God, the cup on my table is God. Everything is God and as such I do not need

(31 May '12, 05:34) CalonLan

to submit my "ego" existance, which is God as well, to worship God (Allah in your religion) to be allowed to paradise, because I'm already there. I (my ego self) live as a part of Me (the one) and thanks to that (my ego self) I (the one) realizes myself (oneness).

I ask nobody to be different than they are. Because I know my way is equally right and wrong, thus neither, as everyone's else way. I make no difference, because everything is even in life. And so I do and believe what I want.

(31 May '12, 05:38) CalonLan

Voting you up CalonLan!

(31 May '12, 13:02) Dollar Bill
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I have not yet studied Islam, but I want to find out more. The poetry is exquisite, as is the art.

I would like to know more about your quote.

"I have looked upon the people of Heaven, the majority were the poor"

You continue with,

for me, i think its great to know such a fact, which shows some aspects of the infinite Mercy of Allah

Why do you consider it merciful? Is it because the inhabitants are poor? How does that relate?

The Quote I found continued with,

"I looked at Paradise and found poor people forming the majority of its inhabitants; and I looked at Hell and saw that the majority of its inhabitants were women."

I am also asking how this fits into salvation? I am just curious. Does Paradise consist mostly of poor men? Are women, by gender, considered less worthy of Paradise? Trying to understand.


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Dollar Bill

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compare with daughters of jerusalem and zion. gender and poverty are most probably allegorical rather than literal.

Majority in hell are women????!

Why will there be more women in Hell than men?

(21 Feb '13, 04:17) don
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