A muslim scholar has quoted:

There is a paradise in this world, whoever does not enter it will not be able to enter the one in the hereafter

Of course, as you probably have already guessed, he was referring to the paradise in this world of internal bliss the paradise in the heart. This also shows the Grace of Allah that He grants blessing to good deeds and elevates those who are humble in there inner state and in the hereafter, in paradise.

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In Christianity it is said we will be judged by our deeds and thoughts while here on earth. If we are miserable our whole lives filled with hate and grudges how can we expect to have a happy after life? It is like an exact opposite of how we have been living so it wouldn't fit. It seems more like you get in the after life back everything you gave in life amplified even. So all the good all that you have obeyed God and spread love kindness peace and care for your brothers and sisters of the earth coupled with your obedience to God, you are rewarded with the crowns of God. Now if we take that in the opposite direction and treat people miserable spreading hate, gossip, holding grudges, not repenting, disobeying God's word now what comes back will not be very welcome to receive.


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yes , very true. Subhan Allah, you know the Qura'n confirms the early messages and authentic revealations inspired by Allah, these teachings are the essence of genuine faith

(01 Jun '12, 16:24) springflower

I like this. I see it as a statement of fact, not punishment. You attract Paradise vibrations, ie, connection with God and the LOA brings it to you in the here-and-now-space-time-school as well as you amplify that same vibration through the other planes of existence.

Earlier on I had the misconception that it took suffering, pain and sacrifice to get close to God, but if you put up with pain in this life experience, you would be rewarded with an eternity of bliss.

This did not compute, did not resonate with me. How could a loving God operate like this? A God of Light and Joy?

Light, Joy, Love, Beauty are our understanding of the Aspects of God. Immerse yourself in the creations to see the Creator behind them. But the focus is to realize that you are seeking the Creator, through His loving creations. Where you see darkness, realize it is just you standing in the way of God's Light, of your own light.

I also wondered why an all-powerful Being needs our praise? Then I realized that He doesn't! We need to praise Him in order to bond better with Him. We need Him in order to live happily, fruitfully and abundantly. This is what He wants!

So, as we find paradise on earth, we connect with the Paradise beyond.

I don't understand Hell, Satan and all that stuff. Not sure they really exist except as metaphors.


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The judgement reward or punishment is a simple matter of harmonic resonance. This is why Jesus said that each bears fruit after its own kind. You can tell them by the fruit they produce. There is a very good movie on Amazon called Astral City (English subtitles.) This movie is not really Christian but seems to explain Heaven and Hell pretty well, it is a matter of resonance are we in a regret, hateful, depressive, fearful state of mind or a loving, accepting, rejoicing state of mind?

(02 Jun '12, 11:13) Wade Casaldi

Hell and heaven doesn't exist physically. Or such is my belief. When you die, physically, your body just rottens and falls apart and become part of something else. Where does your soul go? Who knows. But one thing is for sure, your soul is in heaven or hell each single day of your physical existance here on Earth. Either you suffer or rejoice. Either your soul is uplifted or burning. Each of us been to heaven and hell thousand times already. It's representative of our emotional states of being.

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@wade he was talking about false prophets/teachers and warning his followers if you are looking for a teacher to help you realize the kingdom look at what they hold dear/important look at their followers look at if they practice what they preach look for contradictions, simples :0

(22 Feb '13, 15:48) paul st
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It seems all teachers that have come all said the same thing, heaven on earth, nirvana, paradise, that it exists within us and we in it. As we perceive ourselves and enter a higher state of consciousness we then can perceive how truly amazing the natural world is and grasp its infinite beauty as it reflects back at us and we see ourselves and then simply ARE within that infinite framework of paradinirvanaheaven :)


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Jesus said it also strive to enter the narrow gate,and gave all the keys to achive it,to purify your self and remove your darkness to be able to enter the kingdom of God.One that truelly believes and trust in jesus would have follow is teaching and would have overcome this world. Become born of water and spirit,And go above to the kingdom Of God.

Jesus replied: "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.'This is the first and greatest commandment.And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are the mercifull they will be shown mercy.

Blessed are the peacemakers they will be called children of God.

Blessed are the pure of heart they will see God.

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Do not judge and you shall not be judge.


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