There is a reasonable chance that this question will be removed and get me banned, but I'll ask away anyway.

It seems to me for some time, that within about 100 years, Islam will engulf the world. Europe is destined to be Muslim majority in 30 to 60 years time - depending on which statistics you believe.

I have resigned myself to the fact that very bad times are ahead, if the track record of Islam is any indicator. Like the middle ages in Asia and Europe during Muslim conquests, there will be general slaughter of kuffars for fun, forced conversions, desecration of places of worship, mass rape, slave-taking, and general destruction of all cultural heritage that is considered impure by Muslims (which is basically everything outside Islam).

Now, I am quite happy to let it all play out. Yes, of course in an Islamic state if you talk of law of attraction, yoga or non-duality you are likely to be first whipped, and then beheaded if you persist (and that applies to non-practising Muslims here on this forum too) - but what do I care? If that is to happen, then let it happen. In any case I don't have any power to stop it. If our collective higher selves believe that living in an Islamic world would be great fun, then let them enjoy it all they can.

I haven't decided yet whether I'll just kill myself, or convert obediently when the time comes (if it happens within my lifetime - pretty sure it will because it's not long now...)

What do people think?

Oh and by the way, if you think "but I think only happy thoughts, so nothing will happen to me", all I can say is "Great, good luck to you, 'cause you'll need it". Someone as capable as Jesus eventually succumbed to 'what is', but if you think you can do better - all the power to you.

PS. Now, I have my own theory of why such a course seems inevitable, why it's happening the way it's happening, and what precise purpose it may be fulfilling in the grand scheme of things, but I won't articulate it here, because that's even more explosive that what I have written so far - so let's not go there.

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Nothing from the heart gets banned here my friend. Love.

(10 Sep '15, 11:54) TReb Bor yit-NE

It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness

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93.6k22129368 long as one's hands don't get chopped off for lighting the candle :-)

(04 Sep '15, 19:38) cod2

@cod2 - The only darkness I'm referring to is that which lies within you. If you are letting things like this bother you, what does that say about your dominant emotional state? There is no "Them vs Us", there is only You.

(05 Sep '15, 02:36) Stingray

yes @Stingray I get the point you're making, however words and phrases just like other symbols, colours, dress etc including especially candles which are widely used in various ceremonies (religious services, magic ceremonies etc) because of their capacity to "hold" subtle energies can be interpreted in many ways. For some the picture of a candle together with the short phrase attached could be interpreted as a declaration of war though I feel sure your intention is one of peace.

(07 Sep '15, 01:13) jaz
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what if enough in islam
and of the west pass through a
portal of cellular
cleansing, seeing that

retributive blood has no
viable future, could this be


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ursixx, 'Imagine'

(14 Sep '15, 20:25) fred
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On the seminars, very often when asked what will be the future of Earth, Bashar says: "What Earth?"

There's no one Earth, moving in one direction - there're unlimited static frames each of us moves through by our choice of vibration. And the experience is defined by vibration, not by outer circumstances, and by the power of the streams expanding (the more they expand, the more unpleasant is the pre-aligned feeling, but when realigned, it brings New Happiness peaks).

Now by my feeling, this is clearly what my Inner Being, my inner GPS is defining for me as a better serving me definition.

And whatever it is "in reality", I am better served by taking the better serving me route.


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Olga Farber

alt text


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Did I mention terrorism even once in my question? My question is about life in an Islamic world. To conflate things is easy, but that doesn't make a good rebuttal.

(05 Sep '15, 02:27) cod2

Hi cod2 in your question you speak or imply bad times ahead, muslim conquests, slaughter, killings, forced conversions, violation of that which is sacred, rape, enslavement, destruction, judgements, being whipped, punishment, beheaded, powerlessnss, suicide, submission ... phew !!!

These words are triggered by feelings of fear, so I have a question for you, what are you so afraid of that motivates you to ask this question?

Of the 22 emotional pathways which one triggers the most fear(excitement) in you?

1-the fool, 2-the magician, 3-the empress, 4-the emperor, 5-the hierophant, 6-the lovers, 7-the chariot, 8-strength, 9-the hermit, 10-wheel of fortune, 11-justice, 12-the hanged man, 13-death, 14-temperance, 15-the devil, 16-the tower, 17-the star, 18-the moon, 19-the sun, 20-judgement, 21-the world

the ones that usually trigger the most fear are


alt text

hanged man

alt text

the devil

alt text

the tower

alt text


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you ask: if the future is Islam? what is Islam is it not a religion made by men? if it really would be good it would not need to do anything to other religion or people to exist. you say: there will be general slaughter of kuffars for fun, forced conversions, desecration of places of worship, mass rape, slave-taking, and general destruction of all cultural heritage that is considered impure by Muslims (which is basically everything outside Islam). if they really would be pure they would not need to do any of this. As long as they are trying to change only the outside they are blind to the problem inside of them and it is only self praise, arrogance, ignorance and delusion. they mistake good for evil and evil for good. and they expect mercy when they are not able to give mercy to them self and other. then what is there to be proud about? just like the Pharisees they do not clean the inside of the cup; caring only how they look from the outside. they are intoxicated and with that poison they intoxicate other people, they bring desolation to them self and other. and you say that you will kill your self or convert poor of you to see things this way you only se two choice and neither one is good for you. If you are thirsty, I will give you a third option; go meditate for over 40 days in the desert wait on God, until the water and the spirit become one and you go above. doing this you will not hurt your self or other you shall not travel the wide gate of destruction and will enter the narrow door that leads to life.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

@white tiger yes Islam is man made like all religions. Do you know the song "onward christian soldiers marching out to war with the christ of jesus leading on before", does that not give the impression that christians are warmongers? of course the majority of christians aim for peace. The same is true of Islam just a few extremists give it a warmonger reputation. I'm speaking from personal experience.

(07 Sep '15, 00:56) jaz

I live in a country where Islamic religion is strong and growing stronger while christianism is weakening. I was raised as a christian though no longer practice. The majority of Islamists are just as peace loving as christians and anyone else, my religion? not sure that I need one :)

(07 Sep '15, 00:59) jaz

@Jaz well that is not what @Cod2 is saying. so you should ask him about it. as in all religion there is some good and bad people. but you should compare the two religion and you shall see that their is some difference. make some search on sharia law and jihad. and you shall see that there is some iniquity and some people that are not peaceful and want to conquer other people. you can also look at this video.

(07 Sep '15, 16:48) white tiger

if man do wrong and inequity because they lack understanding, knowledge and a pure heart. and follow a religion blindly, blind being lead by blind; truly I tell you booth will fall in to a ditch. what will happen with those people will they open their eyes and will they take care of their extremist that often are in position of power in their religion? or will they let them continue to guide them to where they do not want to go? like Abraham 50 righteous you shall probably lower your number.

(07 Sep '15, 18:07) white tiger

yes @white tiger point taken my friend :)

(08 Sep '15, 02:07) jaz
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Mr. cod2 I understand you used IQ as medium to inform the utmost truth according to you and feel secured now, that you are free and your job is done. 'Heaven' is guaranteed to you by the God.

Everything is OK up to now every human want to feel safe and peaceful but do you know that your addressing to the people who are part of the same universe that you are living and being created by the same GOD....

OK let ask to ourselves., is there any person in this world who do not want his own good; The answer is No. Then think about why people are suffering in-spite of they aspiring for good. If people want good it directly means the seekers of truth and they want to follow the path that GOD has laid us to each one of us. Now think if human-beings are truth seekers what striving them away from truth or God; Think about it you won't get the answer because your question tells that to me.

Each one of us getting in trouble with each other (whether it is unknowingly or intentionally). Because every individual love some thing in their life and they want to show it to the world. But if the other person love the same there is will be little trouble because one or the other way the out put come out. Finally they all fall in love with each knowing themselves they are same.

Now when the glass is filled is completely and every one thirst get satisfied OK but if there is an other person who's thirst is incomplete and not satisfied. The water is over then he has to definitely find an other path where he can feed himself make survival. We all know survival is every child's birth authority. When the Odd man tell the even people no one listen to him. The only option remain to him is get out of that society and gather himself with similar persons who thirst is burning and with hard work they able to make there living.

Now there will be another pattern of living which is termed as religion. OK. But the problem rises when two different communities see themselves and get confused which one the ultimate truth.. "we are living happy and there are living happy how could it be; there is something missing which is still to be followed and get more happier" .... At this point of time the real war will get start with two different powerful belief system. However the war is worth at this point of time.

Now after everything over and completed none of the either ends of the people remain satisfied because they see there people are dying and here people are dying. Again after exhaustion the thought drives in every individual none of our believe system is great so that we can win the other side but even though why to bother other people and kill them. It's point less. Lets compromise and live according to our will and fulfill our desires.

Every country is following the their rituals and if you able to see they are all happy.

Now I want to put into to your notice Mr Cod2 NO HUMANBEING CAN BE GOD, HE CANNOT BE GOD IN HIS WHOLE LIFETIME and you don't try to be God, you bother about yourself and live in between your loving people.

People on Inward Quest know how to study people and religion.

Always be cheerful.


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