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Soon, within ten years or so, we will be populating Mars! With this populating, I have given thought to the fact that maybe after a few generations, the Martian perspective on Earth's religions may become lost or meaningless or diverge completely.

This is an example: First generation just brings their religion, no change. But after a few generations they will have to say God came as a man on Earth born in a town of Bethlehem. To which the younger generation will say what about Mars? Then they will say Jesus will return on a cloud from the East, since he was born on Earth will his return be to Earth only? Does the Bible mention anything about us living here on Mars? These would be some harsh questions that could either kill or at least change the Christian religion.

The people on Mars may perhaps develop a whole new perspective on religion in general. Who knows? It is exciting to think about a new Bible with the first chapter being "Martian Genesis"...

All of this is exciting to consider. What do you think will happen?

Imagine for a moment you grew up on Mars you were born on Mars so were your parents, grand parents and great grand parents. You know of Earth from your History class in school. All the religions came from the far away planet called Earth and talk about things that happened at places you can only imagine. You have seen pictures of these places but it is like some far away land that seems hard to imagine since all you have ever known is Mars. Maybe someday you'll by a ticket and board the rocket to find out what the Earth planet is like but for now it only seems like a long forgotten fairy tale.

Here is a link about this wonderful new project!

asked 06 Jun '12, 22:03

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Wade Casaldi

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If Bashar's Alien Contact Timetable is to be believed, we'll have open alien contact in around 10+ years also (2025 onwards).

I think if anything is going is change religion drastically, it will be that rather than a few humans huddled in shelters on Mars :)


answered 07 Jun '12, 16:46

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Thanks Stingray I thought this would be a great question because it is so exciting but apparently it is ho-hum to most. This is scientific fact private organizations are funding this colonization of Mars project, it is going to happen. It is so much more than some prediction it is fact. Anyway I was meaning changing the religion of the people on Mars not really ours here on Earth. Think on it a few generations on Mars and they would have to say of the religion this is about inhabitants of Earth

(10 Jun '12, 19:59) Wade Casaldi

@Stingray- LOL! You are right about those poor huddled few on Mars....Blessings, Jai

(10 Jun '12, 20:10) Jaianniah

Bashar actually made a verifiable prediction? That won't be good news for him in 10 years.

(27 Mar '14, 13:26) Vesuvius
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you presupose that there is on Mars
what spiritual human beings of earth
fantasize as to be religion

there, no doubt, would be those
more and less spiritual
as is with all planets of from

if they be also of dogmas
as we made it here be
there would be little to change


answered 11 Jun '12, 17:39

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Hi Wade, I have to admit your question made me smile for with all that is going on here on earth who has time to think of Mars? Obviously you do and I'm glad for that will certainly take your mind of your problems here for a while anyway.

As for religion on any other planet the ones that are lucky enough to get a chance to go there will take care of that by taking their own religion with them. Frankly I would prefere a world without religion but one of good spiritual values. Religions have caused wars and suffering on earth for many centuries and we wouldnt want to repeat that on another planet. That doesnt mean that we cant have our different religious books and read and apply the love but only the love and not the dogma and creed.

To me an ideal world would be one that goes something like the John Lenon song implies IMAGINE. Listen to the song.


answered 11 Jun '12, 05:46

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Paulina 1

Yes I believe so too Paulina. That really as generations grow up on Mars and are born there Earth is going to seem so far away and these religious books come from Earth that they may say "how does that apply here?" These talk about people from another planet what about here?

Earth and Mars may communicate but I don't think it would be anything other than official business, supplies and maybe import export.

(13 Jun '12, 23:38) Wade Casaldi

Your question reminds me of a great book called Time Enough for Love by Robert Heinlein, a pioneer of science-fiction writing, and a guy with a vivid imagination.

His main character was setting off to pioneer on a new planet. The only books they brought along were a volume of the Complete works of Shakespeare and a copy of the Bible (I assume the King James Version). The Bible was brought along for its literary value, i believe, and for other obvious reasons. But I do not think that the pioneers were planning to convert anyone to Christianity or anything near that.

Will moving people to Mars change religion? I believe that depends on the people who go, at least at first. I do think that if I went to Mars, with no intent of returning to Earth, I would find myself feeling the need for God more than ever! Why? Because, for me, God is a comfort and a Rock of centeredness in my life. I also think that it would be exciting to see what happens to religion within the group of people who go to Mars. Will they find themselves needing God? Will they have unusual spiritual experiences? I do not think your question is "ho-hum" at all.(I suggest you edit your question itself to grab a bit more interest!, but that is just my opinion.)

I believe that what you are really asking is if the people who go to Mars will bring religion along with them, along with other social stuff that humans are prone to doing and being. Will those people bring music? What sort? Will they dance together? Will they bring their favorite books? Will they be married, have children, or will children be off-limits, at least at first? Your question brings up a host of other questions that really are fascinating to consider. Just like the pioneers who crossed the Great Plains and settled the USA, I think that this subject is really worthy of discussion and attention.

Love you,


P.S. This was written before Wade re-edited his original question.


answered 10 Jun '12, 20:30

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Good question. Whenever The Bible says "The World" it's talking about Earth. Jesus was born in Jerusalem in Bethlehem (which was on Earth), and The Bible says Jesus is returning to "Earth" and that the evil will be gone on "Earth" and there will be A New Earth - New Jerusalem.

I think Christianity will have to have a more metaphorical and universal meaning. I mean, just look at all of the versions of Christianity that exists on this planet today! (Catholic, Baptists, Pentecostal, even a Korean form of Christianity)

I doubt it'll stay 'exactly' the same on another planet, but the Core of Christianity would have to stay the same -

Jesus is "A Son of God" who came to the world and taught people the true nature of God and God is love.

and the reason why I say "a" Son of God, is because Jesus told people to pray saying "Our Father in heaven", not "My" father, or father "Of Jesus" - but all of us.



answered 26 Mar '14, 07:44

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They will definitely not be building churches on Mars or having Sunday masses, but there will most likely be spiritual education. Earth religions belong to the paradigms and systems of Old Earth and the people who chose to remain there, and this is where they should stay. Myself, I choose the new Earth.

All religions stem from and are interpretations of the written perceptions of mystic scribes. External interpretations of these perceptions created division, separateness, and deification, not Oneness -- Oneness being the perception and message of the mystic scribes. Human interpretations (or, rather, MIS-interpretations) formed the concept known as religion. The Luciferian Soul Group Consciousness took control over this concept and continued to expand, distort, and exploit it for their agenda.

In regards to colonising Mars -- we already have Earth human beings living on Mars underground. I do not understand why any human being of Earth-lineage -- the most beautiful and rich planet consciousness in this galaxy -- would wish to live in an artificially-controlled and constructed environment beneath a sick and dying planet.

Mars was once very much like our Earth. The surviving Martian race -- some of which are already living in underground facilities on Earth -- are frail and sickly beings. They require our help, love, and acceptance, but are afraid of our divisional, service-to-self, and violent nature. And no wonder. A little less than half the population on Earth does not accept, appreciate, or love Earth humans who are of different cultures, racial stock, and belief systems. If such cannot accept their own, imagine how extra-terrestrials living on Earth would be treated by this population.

Myself, I have no interest in Mars as a planet. But I have interest in interacting with its native sentient inhabitants. I feel we have much we can learn from one another. But we need to start looking after ourselves and our planet and taking back our sovereignty before we can truly help others.


answered 06 Mar '14, 01:52

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