Spending time on this website and listening to Abraham Hicks on You Tube you could easily get the impression that there are lots of people out there who understand about reality creation. I know I sometimes fall into that trap when talking with friends or family - I say something and then get the feedback - from friends a slightly puzzled look, from family a "you're mad". I realise that, from their perspective, I would indeed appear crazy. In reality though the number of people who understand about reality creation is still pretty small - a lot of the Abraham videos on You Tube have tiny numbers of viewings and when I think that I might view favourites several times and assume others do the same, the numbers diminish even further. Over the past year I've had certain proof that I get what I think about so why don't more people get this? Why aren't loads of people (especially in these internet times) understanding the link between what they are thinking and what they are living? I could understand it when the available material was the Seth books - they do require quite a bit of chewing - but "Ask and it is given" is pretty easy to understand and was a bestseller.

I am genuinely interested to hear some different viewpoints on this because it does baffle me. Is that because I have created my own reality where things stack up to prove to me that I'm right and therefore I don't look at things that don't fit with my viewpoint? I like to see myself as open minded but sometimes I wonder!

asked 12 Jun '12, 12:00

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English Rose

If I look back on where I once was, I might consider I was mad, then.

If I try to look at where I am now, with my eyes of the past, I would think that I am mad, now.

All people of genius are totally mad. It is only a social thing whether you are considered sane or insane. And that 'social thing' comes from comparing and judging others.

(14 Jun '12, 09:11) Dollar Bill

I believe to a certain extent that people do not really want to be responsible for what happens to them. They would rather float along, and let life just happen, perhaps with some small plan in the back of their heads- but actually, with no real feeling of "owning" their own lives.

I say this from experience. It is sometimes painful, especially when you make mistakes, to own up to the fact that you did this! It is easier to blame circumstances or other people than to just say, "I screwed up." I know of a man who is an older gentleman who has nothing but regrets- he is constantly wishing that he had done this or that- and it is useless to point out what he has accomplished, nor to say to him that he isn't living with one foot in the grave at all. He still has time to do things to render his vision of his life to be a more positive one.

Another point is that it takes some effort to do this type of living: to stay on top of your thinking, to stay positive, to make use of mistakes, and so on. Perhaps people are a bit lazy...I do not know. But I do know that being positive is hard work, and a lot of people I know have a great deal of difficulty staying on top when things get them down.

In the end, I do not know if people really, truly believe that they create their realities. That is why you get funny looks from folks when you point this out to them. "Huh? I create my reality? Isn't that God's job???"

No, it is not. It is ours; it is one of the greatest gifts from God we can get.




answered 12 Jun '12, 19:48

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I like your answer Jaianniah - thanks for posting.

(13 Jun '12, 02:27) English Rose

It's true as Jaianniah said. Either you stand on the top of a mountain or the mountain stands on the top of you.

People say it's hard to change, or that it takes too long to change. But they are just saying the pain they feel in their lives is too small and bearable. For pain is a real deal accelerator of changes. But when the pain outgrows the person and becomes unbearable, you'll see that person change within a blink of an eye.

(13 Jun '12, 03:27) CalonLan

Actually CalonLan I have found that to be true for most people - I had the book Ask for several years before I started applying it but only after I had manifested something I couldn't live with - I'm trying to encourage my children to apply what I have discovered so as to avoid future pain but they don't seem that interested which leads me back to my response to Fred - you can only work on yourself.

(13 Jun '12, 03:41) English Rose

And just on yourself you can work. You can change others only through the example you give to them. But changing others to me, is just a side effect of my own change. One should take time to really think about what he does and how he lives and what he would want to do and how he'd want to live. It's because people don't think of these things, they let themselves "go with the flow". Because when you consider them, you often find a lot of stuff you don't really want in life.

(13 Jun '12, 03:58) CalonLan

@Jaianniah - Once you put your foot on the conscious path, you have no choice but to realize you create your own reality. When that Truth begins to unfold within you, and Jai, it has for most of us, here on IQ, you just plain cannot go back to believing that outside events can control your reality.

I admit that I constantly struggle with this Law. But I realize that I would be crazy to continue to deny it.

(14 Jun '12, 09:05) Dollar Bill

Though I certainly believe in Choice, I do not think you can really make a choice not to believe this Law

(14 Jun '12, 09:06) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill- Yes, what you say is true- Yet...Some people keep doing the same thing and expect different results...(the definition of insanity, of course)...They know that they are Masters of their own Creation and yet still insist that the world is out to get them! Thanks...<3

(16 Jun '12, 13:42) Jaianniah
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I agree with the sentiments offered by LapisLazuli. There's far more people interested in these subjects these days than ever before...they just probably use different terminology or use different analogies to explain the same ideas.

For example, by chance today, I was reorganizing some files on my mp3 player and accidentally started playing one of Justin Timberlake's big pop hits from a few years ago: What Goes Around, Comes Around - which is why it came to mind just now. It's basically the Law of Karma dressed up in pop song format, for those that don't know it...and it made me think that so many people these days just throw that spirituality-based phrase around as though it's an obvious fact.

So who says the masses don't intuitively understand spiritual principles? :) ...as for whether what the masses think Karma is, is what it actually is, is a subject for a different question :)

Another example: About 20-30 years ago, I used to visit a city center bookstore quite a lot searching for answers to many of the "Big Questions" that today we, almost casually, tackle on IQ. In those days, there was no such thing as the Internet so bookstores (and word-of-mouth regarding particular books) were my main starting point when researching spiritual topics.

In those days, about half a shelf on one floor of that bookstore was devoted to spiritual or reality creation topics and that shelf was labelled with the ominous-sounding word Occult. You would get hard suspicious stares from other customers if you were seen perusing that section...I guess they thought I was some kind of devil worshipper :)

A few years ago, I revisited that bookstore again for the first time in 20-30 years...and noticed that the same section had grown to half a floor of the bookstore - and it's a huge bookstore - and that is even allowing for the fact that most people probably get their information (and books) online these days...it sure looks like there's a bit more interest in these subjects than there used to be :)

Anyway, back to the point.

The reason I thought I would answer this question was because of your title question...

Why isn't there more of a crowd on the leading edge?

I think there's a couple of points to be made here.

Firstly, the definition of the phrase "leading edge" means there can never be a crowd on it...otherwise it wouldn't be the leading edge :) It's like saying why are knives sharp? ...because that's the definition of a knife :)

Regarding the second point, returning to the pop song theme from earlier, have you ever noticed that there is a certain type of person who loves a certain pop group when the group is obscure but as soon as it becomes popular, they get turned off by that? :) ...and then they go searching for the next yet-to-make-it-big talented band to follow.

I think many of us who are interested in these subjects are a bit like those pop fans. I tend to think that if paradigms like "The Law of Attraction" truly got accepted by the mainstream in the manner that we discuss on IQ, most of us would probably start looking for some other yet-to-make-it-big concept to investigate instead :)

"Law of Attraction? Ohhh, no thanks, that's just sooooooo last year" :)


answered 12 Jun '12, 18:57

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edited 12 Jun '12, 18:58

Spiritual hipsters, lol.

(12 Jun '12, 19:19) Liam

I take your point Stingray about the leading edge bit - badly thought through question title! You are right though, the success of The Secret (not that I've seen it mind) probably wouldn't have happened twenty years ago. Thanks for your response.

(13 Jun '12, 02:17) English Rose

There's so many LOA in various songs, but I couldn't understand it, until I understood LOA first. Then it became clear.

(13 Jun '12, 02:59) CalonLan

Lol.Law of Attraction is soo last year,lol.I agree with the karma thing.I hear many references to it.I think karma is the general concensus now:)

(13 Jun '12, 05:21) Satori

I've thought about this a bit more ... I agree many people intuitively understand spiritual matters - I think about 50% or maybe even more believe in life after death so at least half of the population accept the existence of a spirit BUT I don't think that many would accept that their thoughts are actually things - I could be wrong about that - maybe they secretly do!

(13 Jun '12, 05:39) English Rose

I just read a wonderful statement to this..."people routinely quoting profound statements as if this represents their understanding when they have no idea what they mean. They seem to derive some false comfort from being able to parrot the masters"

(13 Jun '12, 05:55) CalonLan

@CalonLan Profundity is in the eye of the beholder

(14 Jun '12, 08:55) Dollar Bill

@Stingray - well put, as always. However we all know that the Law of Attraction has been around as long as mankind has had awareness. Just called by different names.

Maybe some people tend to look for the next definition, instead of meaning. But, I think, that enough of it sticks, and we advance.

I particularly like that while you see the sameness, you are constantly looking at different ways to see it. This helps people see the sameness from different perspectives. Thank you!

(14 Jun '12, 08:59) Dollar Bill
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Well, think of this: no two people see their life and this world through the same lens.

Whenever I meet new people, read stories, watch movies or simply discuss something with somone... I always get a 'peek' at what their perspective is like. Its fascinating how your own neighbor lives a completely different life and sees things totally differently. Its an amazing thing and has taught me there's so many ways I can choose to live and see my world.

I'm willling to bet there's more people than you realize who practice these things. If you did a little experiment on wanting to see more of these people you'd find them. :) They're just lurking in the shadows of forums and books;-)

Also, I think many people practice positive thinking. I have always heard "just be positive, dont worry, you can do it if you believe" my whole life from many people. May not be exactly new age stuff, but I do think more people are catching on to the basics of it. :)


answered 12 Jun '12, 12:52

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I had to laugh (at myself I hasten to add!) - I don't think there are many people out there who believe in the LOA so of course they don't appear in my life/are invisible to me. I have a daily list - things I want the universe to bring to me - I'll put that on it for a few days and see what happens. Thanks for your response.

(12 Jun '12, 14:40) English Rose

Good luck!(=

(12 Jun '12, 17:26) LapisLazuli

I have to hope that the world is changing. More people are on the leading edge. The ones that are leaning a little just need to see us cook, then they'll fall in right behind.

(17 Jun '12, 13:22) Tom
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your law of attraction may be
but part of a man made rationalization
we try to reinvent what has been ordained
loosing the initial divine nature

before abraham hicks their was
and still is the law of reciprocal action
but it does not answer our selfcenteredness
so where does the rational man turn


answered 12 Jun '12, 19:13

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I'm more of an irrational woman Fred! The selfcenteredness bit - you can only change yourself though - believe me, I've tried changing other people - so you have to start with yourself.

(13 Jun '12, 02:23) English Rose

english rose, intuitive perception is a spiritual gift; overtly intellectual as well as emotionalism digress too far from the healthy balance for both genders of mankind. yes, we are responsible to watch ourselves but can also lend a credible helping hand to others

(13 Jun '12, 06:12) fred

I want to understand this because I love new and challenging ideas but I fear I may not have understood your meaning.

(13 Jun '12, 06:29) English Rose

present day society appears to overvalue our intellect, when it is no more than a tool. and you debase yourself when saying to be 'more of an irrational woman', which i supposed meant emotional instead of intellectual. but womanhood possesses finely tuned intuitive perception which unfortunately has been sold out and not given its due value. neither intellect nor desires were designed to rule mankinds decision making, yet they do

(13 Jun '12, 19:34) fred

I think I understand what you are saying now Fred - you were right about the "irrational" bit - I actually did think of using "intuitive"! I take your point - my "leading edge" (I regret the wording of my question by the way) wouldn't necessarily be your "leading edge". It's great though that I have come to that conclusion with the help of Dollar Bill.

(14 Jun '12, 10:06) English Rose

rose, what is it that is to be, then how best to get there. what if that be the same for all, but to get there we each have to know our own personality; and then surrender it to be what we were designed for. different yet together

(14 Jun '12, 20:34) fred
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It's the same thing with bodybuilding for me. When I'm at gym, I see muscle guys everywhere. On my desktop, in my phone, in my wallet, at home, at work, I got pictures of muscle guys. Ripped bodies, big guns. I sometimes get the notion every guy must be a bodybuilder.

If you let something absorb you, it will eventually become a huge part of the filter through which you see the world. I chose bodybuilding because I see the benefits of it and huge impact it has on my life, body and mind. And so it is, when I go out and meet "ordinary" people I'm shocked to see that 80% of people I meet are not only no bodybuilders, but let themselves go in ways that scare me.

And I think to myself, why is this even happening, when already in 60s, the great, Jack Lalanne tried to teach people about importance of exercise and good nutrition. Does nobody learn?

I know the reason for this is that people do what they do because they don't know any better. For if they knew, they wouldn't be doing what they are doing. And would be shinning in their greatness instead. But as we know, people stick to the devil they know, because it's less painful than to explore unknown.


answered 13 Jun '12, 03:47

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@CalonLan, Jack LaLanne lived in the little bay town where I go for long weekends in the summer. He swam that harbor for fun and was much loved there.

(18 Jun '12, 14:46) Grace

@Grace I bet he was. His enthusiasm and happiness grows on you even from watching his videos. I can only try to imagine how powerful it must have been being around him in person. I never met anyone like that in my life. Everyone I know seems to take half-ass effort at living. I wish I could be like him one day.

(19 Jun '12, 02:46) CalonLan

@CalonLan, I think you're on your way. By all accounts, he was a wonderful man. Personally successful, kind, gentle, great sense of humor, and loved his wife. And while I know what you mean about people's seemingly half-assed attempts at life, you can't always be so sure from appearances... I know a woman who's life has looked rather limited lately, but she is a bit like a duck (though I prefer "swan") - apparently skimming along placidly, but paddling like mad under the surface! :)

(19 Jun '12, 11:39) Grace
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Who says there isn't a

crowd on the leading edge?

I used to wonder why, if there were super-advanced "leading edge" people, they did not make the headlines? Maybe they get their jollies in other ways. Maybe we have limited perspectives. Some people see a true, enlightened Guru as a skinny old man sitting on a threadbare blanket.

Maybe as we become enlightened, we begin to better see what and who is around us. I do not mean to sound smug. I am certainly not yet where I would like to be, but I make incremental steps, sometimes giant steps in those directions. I also fall back and regroup.

Around me, and within me, I see that everyone is on their own leading edge, seeking spiritual advancement. EVERYONE! Hippies, rednecks, even, gasp, politicians!

Since we all live in our own universes, reflecting back what is inside us, everyone has a different perspective. But I and Abraham assure you, and myself, that we are all EXACTLY where we are supposed to be: On our OWN Leading Edge!!

Our Leading Edge will be moving forward, just ahead of us, providing Contrast.

It is as easy to manifest a castle as a button. Just depends on where you shine the Spotlight of Your Attention. And when you manifest your castle, if that is your desire, you may or may not want to publicize it.


answered 14 Jun '12, 08:27

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Dollar Bill

edited 14 Jun '12, 08:46

Thank you for your response Dollar Bill. Of course you are so right about everyone being on their own leading edge - a real new insight for me. Actually I deeply regretted using the term "LEADING EDGE" - it does sound a bit smug, doesn't it!

(14 Jun '12, 08:44) English Rose

My dear @English Rose, not smug. You cannot compare your "Leading Edge" to anyone else's. If you must compare your LE, compare it to where you once were. But even here there may be a fallacy. Looking back to where you once were with the eyes you have today, may not be a good call.

The step on the ladder below you was necessary for you to have achieved the next step. You cannot call the lower step, disuseful, just not needed anymore as you climb higher.

(14 Jun '12, 08:53) Dollar Bill

No castles as yet Dollar Bill - the odd button though so I'm making progress - thanks for your kind words.

(14 Jun '12, 09:05) English Rose
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