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Just saw a fascinating documentary called "Afterlife" where they talk about the "sameness" of NDE, regardless or race, religion, age, gender, geographic location. We are all apparently hardwired similarly.

I have had a few experiences where I was almmost killed, but never an experience of heading down the Tunnel and being snatched back to my earthly existence.

Have any of you had that experience?

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Dollar Bill

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I had an experience when my appendix ruptured and I was 3 days away from death. The only thing I experienced was being on the operating table in the hospital and talking with the Anesthesiologist about beer and he said I would be under in just a thing I remember was I quickly became conscious with a distinctive "sucking air" sound like opening a vacuum sealed was very vivid. Nothing else

.....that's my only experience


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That counts!

(11 Jul '18, 22:41) Nikulas

I haven't but I read a LOT of them

check this link out http:// www.nderf. org/Archives/exceptional. html (take the spaces out when you copy and paste lol)

if you're interested I also recommend checking out the book Life Afer Life by Dr. Raymond A. Moody... I highly suggest reading more about this. It will change your outlook on life...and death...and afterlife lol


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I have read a book or two of his. californicationn? I watch that show on amazon until I get tired of it No NDEs reported there. Boring There is also I wrote a long statement on this site a long time ago. I don't remember any mention of the quarks that are constantly creating us I learned about quarks in the Seth books in my 20s earth time. Seth wrote about triangles of light being the first images to create us. I paired that up with quarks because they both spin as 3 points of light

(10 Dec '21, 08:56) MagicallyEternal

As many longtime folks here know, I came very close to death about a decade ago, and wrote for IQ while so sick (my right leg developed a flesh-eating infection, and it nearly did me in). I did visit heaven, and I wrote about it here, and have dreamed of heaven many times afterword.

It seems to me that I was given a ton of information while there, and I have shared this, but I will write about it again. I have absolutely no doubt that this experience was real. I no longer fear death at all, and I am sure the esssential I will go on, and live many more lives in the future.

I remember most the good cheer there and the laughter of the spirits there, as I kept using my spirit like a body, and would gesture while speaking, only to find I didn't have any arms or hands with which to gesture! Every spirit had a unique and individual color, which differed from every other spirit; it was as if there are an infinite variety of colors there. I don't remember what was discussed to this day, but I am sure that I wrote about it here.

The important feeling I retain is that of surety: It was a real place, with real people who come and go, as I have come and gone before. The happiness and huge kindness there is very real.




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@Jaianniah Thank you for this beautiful answer. It has brought me much comfort today.

(19 Nov '18, 17:25) Bluebell

@Bluebell- You are welcome. I would have provided some links to my previous postings, only I am so horrific at this skill.... Perhaps @IQ Moderator will provide!!! I assure you that Heaven is real, there is no hell, and everyone who is gone from your life isn't really gone. Death is easy; dying is more difficult. I hope you are all right. ♡♡♡♡♡

(19 Nov '18, 18:46) Jaianniah

Hello Jaianniah I like the Seth books a lot. Seth exists in another dimension as an electrical energy field being. I remember Seth teaching that we leave our bodies every night because they are SO HEAVY/tense. We are supposed to be in classes already learning how to leave these bodies at will. There are many classes. There are classes on OBEs too.

(10 Dec '21, 09:05) MagicallyEternal

Now that you know there is no such thing as death, you can stop using that word, right? You are here to teach. In the book HANDS OF LIGHT written by the physicist Barbara Brennan are many pictures of what we look like as eternal holograms and eternal electrical energy fields. Brennan built a college system teaching this. I wanted to go to that college more than any other, but I was not vibrating at the speed I should have been. I had already read a lot of books about how we don't die, but......

(10 Dec '21, 09:08) MagicallyEternal
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I wish I remembered my NDE. I say I had one because I remember energy beings around me as a child. They talked to me loudly. I felt them. They were very patient, so I bonded with them. There was no one else to bond to. That mother was so stressed out all the time that she was distant. I don't remember hugs or kisses or attention, except for the throwing of things at me and all those 4 letter words of hate. I don't remember doing anything awful. I wanted her to be happy. But I was afraid of her and I had already been taught to be antisocial. I wasn't allowed friends. So... I have the characteristics of an NDE. Lots of pain. Invisible beings showing up, guiding me, being my friend, leading me to books. Except those traveling through that tunnel remember seeing the images of "people" there. I don't remember a tunnel or images of these beings that talked to me. Trying to figure out what happened led me to think that I must have talked about these invisible energy beings in the house that talked to me. They answered my questions specifically. Sometimes I heard one of them talk to me from across the room. Great to write here with no restrictions. I was hated at school, too. Teachers glared at me, especially the fourth grade teacher. I remember drawing a very realistic squirrel, but I was not pointed out as being a great artist. Of course, I realize that I am speaking for God here. I am not really a person with a life of their own. God, or one of God's other creations called souls, must have created me/this image to be born at this time for particular reasons, IF one is to believe that this God is altruistic. I have had my doubts many times because a compassionate God would stop its own self if it turned violent and angry to the point of creating prisons and wars and other tortures, right? I don't judge anyone for their harmful cartels and atheism, etc. 99.9% of the people on earth don't realize they are being created as images of this God, even though in a bible I read the words "created in the image of God". Who is to understand that after all? Barbara Brennan, of course. It was known a long time ago that subatomic particles are spinning/vibrating/pulsating hugely fast, right? That means we would HAVE to be images. We couldn't be physical or solid. That includes everything everywhere. This is a holodeck we are vibrating within. Has to be. In the book THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE by Talbot I remember reading about what one physicist said, which was that this existence must be a holodeck. How do I keep the paragraphs separate? Doesn't look right with all the words running together. I would have a hard time reading with no paragraphs to separate the words. In case anybody wonders, I failed English in community college. They didn't like the way I wrote. They discriminated against me. The only college I wanted to go to was the Hands of Light college built by Barbara Brennan.


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