I traveled to a place like in the dark outer space but there were pathways like lay lines being traveled by spirits and they were leading to and away from a large arena type area that was made up of large pillars in a circle formation. When I got to the pillars there were lots of people inside also standing next to each other in a circle formation all facing to the inside of the circle. I won’t go into any more details of the dream as it was personal.But i did have an experience with what looked like a typical angel of death.

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for a very long time i have been trying to figure out what this place is and where... any insight would be great! Thanks =)

(04 Nov '12, 03:02) Skuldr
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No, but I often travel to outer space in my dreams. People's near death experiences are very variable and it does not necessarily have to include a bright light, but almost all of them say that it feels very "real", i.e. not like a dream, to the individual. I have no idea what that place is, though the first thing it reminded me of was the "five pillars of wisdom at the end of the universe" described in Journey to the West, funnily enough, which I think refers to the Islam pillars of wisdom though not in outer space.


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Thank you for your answer alfangor, Funny you said pillars of wisdom. This place was a very spiritual place, felt like a library of knowledge, like if you could physically go to a place like akashic records hall or something.

(04 Nov '12, 12:39) Skuldr
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