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A very devout Christian friend's seven year old daughter had a beloved dog that died. She asked her Daddy if the dog was in Heaven.

He sadly replied that in the Christian world, that only people could go to Heaven because only people could make the choice to be One with God.She cried and screamed, "Then I don't want to be a Christian!

I love dogs and a lot of other animals. I like to think they will be there when I get to Heaven.

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http://news.discovery.com/animals/animals-spiritual-brain.html. This is a link to an article on the scientific disposition of animal spirituality.

(19 Apr '12, 01:19) Constantine

Mark Twain said, "If dogs don't go to Heaven, I want to go where they go."

(31 Oct '12, 17:37) Dollar Bill
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my source explains yes they do have souls and do have in between lives, but because they live in the moment, there isn't nearly as much to re-examine, even very imbalanced animals usually are back in ( with dogs was his example ) to their new lives in 3 yrs. All life examines and revisits all the previous parts of existence for some time. it is funny because when he explains the presses of chemistry and how chemicals break down he explains that when fusion happens in a hydrogen molecule that it changes from hydrogen t helium and energy and even though it changes the hydrogen existence is over and in energy form it has a small "afterlife" experience and even with the tie being minuscule compared mater of hrs to weeks, it is just as valid and just as useful as the molecule of hydrogen. How amazing is that? everything has consiesness, and all consiesness lives and learns. And all of it is eternal.

love n light




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I am partial to animals, and I do believe animals go to heaven, but its not the heaven somewhere up there in the sky. I believe animals cross over to the other side as soon as they die, just like a person does. I have had and still have, lots of animals as pets and I know they all will be there waiting for me when i get there. Right now my husband, who crossed over 2 years ago, is there with them. I am 100% sure of that. I firmly believe in life after death because of personal experiences I had.

When you listen to some of the psychic readings given by mediums, very often they do mention that a pet came through.

I realize most christian religions do not believe animals have a soul, and therefore just die, and most will not even pray for a sick animal when you ask them. I have only found 1 ministry in all my years which would pray with you for a sick animal. And I do have to say my animals did recover, much to the veterinarian's astonishment.

This is also one of the reason why I don't believe everything mainstream religions are telling me. I figure God gave me a brain to think for myself and not blindly believe what I am being told. But it took a few years to have the courage and break out of that.

I wish you could tell that little girl her dog is in heaven, but you may not want to do that against her Dad's wishes. And I agree with her: If my pets were not in heaven waiting for me, I would not want to go there, either. But we have a loving God who loves all creatures.

There is a little book out somewhere talking about animals crossing over also, if and when I find the link, I will post it here. It may bring her Dad's thinking around.


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still looking for that particular book, but here are 2 links to get started: http://www.eternalanimals.com/ and http://www.ourchurch.com/member/w/w_lasalle/ with bible references, the 2nd also gives a list of noted christian authors, past and present, from Martin Luther, St. Francis of Assisi, Albert Schweitzer and more who believed animals are crossing over just like we do and are waiting for us. Maybe this will convince the little girl's dad, if he is open to it.

(17 Apr '12, 22:08) PurpleRose

One of our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels has a Facebook page (Prince Charles Chumley) with over 1,000 friends. He was in Intensive Care for two days. Cardiac. I posted this and we had hundreds of people praying for him.

(18 Apr '12, 05:56) Dollar Bill

@PurpleRose Thank you for your post, links and your comments.

Some angels have four paws.

(18 Apr '12, 05:59) Dollar Bill
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By my criterion, anything that is able to not only be loved, but love back, has a soul. Since pets are able to love us and even sense our emotions (at times better than some people), therefore, logically, they have souls.

I remember my cat, Shadow, whom I'd had for nine years, suddenly got sick and passed away. About twelve days prior, I'd gotten my first girlfriend. The night I lost him, I just called her up and cried to her that he was gone, and she said, "Honey, don't worry, he's up in heaven now, and my parents will take care of him." That was nearly three years ago, and it to this day remains one of the most comforting, kindest things I have ever been told.

When you get there, expect to see ALL your loved ones again. It couldn't truly be heaven otherwise.


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My understanding or belief of heaven is that it is the source we come back to when we die. All that is then, comes back to heaven when its life ends. I can only speculate that as the part of the source we won't "see" them as we do with our eyes here in this world, but we will feel their presence instead, for the experience of their lives has forever enriched the source itself. So they will be there, everyone will be there.

Your friend's example is, rather sad, I must say. It's a prime example of how our (mis)understanding and (mis)interpretation of the world, of all there is can hurt other people's feelings. How we sometimes believe our own illusion of life is the truth itself, we shamelessly impose it on others thinking that all harm it may cause is rightfully justified by its own truthfulness. How delusional can we sometimes be.

Had all people understood that whatever you believe is just another way of looking at the same thing, at all there is, there would be more love and less hurting in the world. Your friend would recognize that it's not his point of view he has to preserve at all costs, but rather comforting and easing the painful feelings his daughter felt at that moment.

And I want to add a very important point here. Important in my eyes that is. Had your friend told his daughter that pets do go to heaven, even though he does not believe it. He would NOT be untrue. He would NOT lie. Because being true to oneself assumes that we are true to OUR OWN LIMITATIONS ONLY. OUR EGO. TO OUR OWN PERSPECTIVE. We can be untrue to our ego, to what we believe in, to WHAT WE BELIEVE THE LIMITATIONS ARE. We can only be untrue to our own measures and judgements. BUT WE CANNOT BE UNTRUE TO THE TRUTH. Understand, that whatever we say, whether we believe it or not, is not the truth nor the lie. It's only our own interpretation of whatever it is we talk about. Our own perception or in other words, our own illusion of life.

Knowing that I hope, you choose your actions from pure love, instead of fear of losing and anxious need of preserving what you believe is true.


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calonlan, very good it does seem to be about what we see. should we believe that all life forms are unique and each running the race as best they can, then there is tolerance and appreciation. yet there may be but one truth as each seeks to find

(18 Apr '12, 20:46) fred

If we were able to communicate effectively with the creatures of our planet then we would have a better understanding of our affairs. Humanities history of enslavement reflects our comprehension. We think we're above these creatures when we're not. We've merely taken control with little understanding. Even the question shows a lack of understanding. Try rephrasing the question, "Do humans have souls? Do they go to Heaven?" Need I say more?


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constantine, when human awareness gives way to consciousness the connectedness becomes more clear

(19 Apr '12, 06:43) fred
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