I ask this as a follow up to the question about whether we should focus on what we want or ask and forget it? I am very good at concentrating my thoughts on what I want. However, sometimes when I start experiencing the feeling of being there and actually having what I want then I start to get uncomfortable because I feel like I am living in a dream world. Eventually I will reduce the thought to where it feels comfortable. But I do recognize that when I back off, that I am also slowing down the manifesting process. How do we deal with the point when we "got it" because we feel it but its not really there yet?

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I have felt this way at times too Drham; lets see what others say about it.

(29 Mar '10, 18:11) LeeAnn 1

I've also been wondering about this. Great question

(29 Mar '10, 23:57) Michael 1
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In response to your overall question concerning whether you can live in two realities at once...if you are referring to Earth-based physical realities, then the answer is No.

This is because you cannot focus here into two different vibrations at once. Your consciousness can only focus on one thing at a time. Some people claim they can multi-task by having their focus in different places simultaneously, but all they are really doing is switching rapidly.

You can demonstrate this for yourself by trying a little exercise.

Concentrate deeply on your big toe (of either foot). Feel it getting warmer and warmer. Start to feel the tingling sensation in it as blood rushes into it and gently relaxes it. Try and feel your entire consciousness actually moving towards and then settling inside your big toe. It might take you a few minutes before you experience this.

Once you get there, stay there for a minute or two before reading on.

Now that your focus has settled on your big toe, shift your concentration to...the end of your nose.

You should now feel quite a definite shift in your (singular) attention as it moves from your big toe to the end of your nose. No matter how hard you try, you won't be able to focus your attention on the end of your nose and your big toe simultaneously.

So having established now that you cannot live in two physical realities simultaneously because you cannot focus in two different ways simultaneously, we come to the crux of your question which is that you feel uncomfortable about getting too involved with your vision because it feels like a dream world.

From what I've said above, you cannot notice you are in a dream world unless you are focused other than in the dream world. Your attention cannot be in two places at once so you are either in the dream world (and then it isn't a dream) or you are not.

And isn't the only way that this can happen because you are aware you are not yet living in the world that contains your manifestation, but instead you have noticed you are in a world that is simply observing that dream world from time to time? Even the language you are using here of dream world gives away the true vibration - the words dream world imply you know you are not yet in the reality of your manifestation.

So what this comes down to then is the good old manifestation killer of noticing that you don't have what you want yet.

In giving your attention to the lack of what you want, you create the experience of the lack of what you want...it's the Law of Attraction working perfectly again in manifesting a world where the lack of what you want still exists. (The word Manifesting is perhaps a misleading term because it implies a fixed state. What is really happening is that the experience of the lack of what you want is being constantly re-created in every moment to match your vibrational output).

The reason you feel bad when you view this dream world while noticing you are in the non-dream world is because your broader self is actually living with the manifestation in the dream world and your noticing you are not there yet is shifting your attention away from alignment with that broader self. Any form of negative emotion simply represents a difference in focus between your broader self and your physically-focused self.

So where are we so far in this answer?

  1. You cannot focus (or "live") in two realities simultaneously
  2. Your noticing of two different realities (the dream world and your normal world) implies you are not yet in vibrational harmony with what you are trying to manifest.
  3. You noticing that you haven't got what you want yet is actually stopping it (or slowing it down) from manifesting

And so what is the solution to this problem?

Well it's pretty simple really.

Set yourself the goal of only using manifestation processes to feel better about the thing you are trying to manifest, but never to actually manifest it

...or, to put it another way...

Seek your enjoyment of what you want from the envisioning of it in your experience, not the physical manifestation of it

If your only goal is to feel better about something you want, not to physically manifest it, all the resistance to manifesting what you want vanishes immediately. And the three points noted above no longer become relevant.

In any case, you'll find that the enjoyment from actually physically manifesting something is actually rather short-lived.

It is in the pleasure of the vision of what you want that you will gain the most enjoyment, not from the thing itself.

In that last single sentence lies the key to a long, joyful and fulfilling life. :)


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Excellent response. Last night I was thinking exactly what you wrote about "just having fun with the vision". I was thinking that if just the thought of something made me feel good,then at least I can give that to myself and be happy with that. And most important is for me to be happy anyway. If it really manifests then its icing on the cake.

(30 Mar '10, 15:26) Drham

@Drham: That's the perfect attitude of mind for getting everything you want in life...and having lots of fun along the way :)

(30 Mar '10, 16:25) Stingray

Again, thank you for your deep, precise and well worded answer(s).

(30 Mar '10, 20:10) Frank 1

You're welcome, Frank

(30 Mar '10, 22:29) Stingray

Thank you so much Stingray... I realize that my visualizations always had that come on am waiting.. do it already element to them. But I get it now, visualize because it feels good to do so. Thanks! :) You made my day.

(31 Mar '10, 15:35) Nikki777

Glad I could help, Nikki777

(31 Mar '10, 18:45) Stingray

My response in 1 word: "Woww"!! I know I am reading this almost after an year that you posted it, but it's really mind blowing!! Thanks so much :) Just realizing that its these subtle nuances that make such a huge impact and you are exactly leading us to understand those little things which we might be doing wrong. Hats off!! :)

(19 Feb '11, 14:53) Sourabh

Thanks Sourabh :)

(19 Feb '11, 22:55) Stingray

I used to do 2-3 or more things at one time. I gave tech support on the phone while entering client information on the computer while showing the newer person how to do it. I was new too.

(03 Dec '11, 01:21) Fairy Princess

@Stingray-if you believe you can manifest something using a process should you still do it just for the fun of it and not to manifest? Is that idea just to take the seriousness out of it so were still feeling good? hope you don't mind me asking so many questions Stingray,thanks:)

(23 Feb '12, 16:43) Satori

@Satori - Yes, ultimately it's all for the "fun of it" :) Processes are really just focus-guiding frameworks. I like processes because they externalize my internal thinking and, while I can't pull my internal thinking apart and examine it because I'm too involved with it, I certainly can do so with external projections of it (like in the spreadsheet). But even those explorations of manifesting (and the physical realities they manifest) are ultimately for the "fun of it" too.

(24 Feb '12, 04:08) Stingray

@Satori - No problem about questions. But with your obvious experiences with processes like Focus Blocks, for example, you really strike me as being at a stage where I can simply say to you in response to any manifesting question you have... "feel your way through it"...and you'll get what I mean. I don't actually have a manifesting rule-book of "this is right" and "this is wrong" :) On IQ, I'm really just offering suggestions from my own experiences to get people started...

(24 Feb '12, 04:12) Stingray

@Satori - ...until they reach a stage where they "get it" and then they'll figure out their own solutions because they will be able to feel clearly within themselves what they are emitting vibrationally. I can never really step inside the vibration of another and tell them exactly what to do. But I know what works for me so I can offer a level of general guidance until they can get it directly from within themselves through carefully monitoring their own emotional responses.

(24 Feb '12, 04:15) Stingray

@Stingray-appreciate the reply.I suppose there are a few different ways to approach focus blocks.But as you often say the key is finding relief and as long as that is happening then nothing else really matters.I get it now. thanks:)

(24 Feb '12, 08:02) Satori

I just found this question, thanks for the answer @Stingray. One follow up question, if you set the intention of doing the processes for fun and not for manifesting, how is it that there is not resistance to allowing the fun? I've definitely felt that sometimes there is (or maybe is still my original resistance to manifesting). Could you explain that a bit? Thank you again for everything!

(24 Feb '12, 12:59) Kriegerd

@Kriegerd - Feeling good is your natural state of being. It seems unlikely you would have genuine resistance to having fun...although if you really think you do, please ask this as a new question because it is worth investigating further. Perhaps it is that you are actually still chasing the physical manifestation and you don't really believe deep-down that feeling good has much to do with making it come, so in that case "having fun" would seem like a waste of time (feel bad) to you?

(02 Mar '12, 02:58) Stingray

Thank you @Stingray , I don't think it's my case although I have thought about it. I'm going to post a question about it just so that it's easier to see for other people and to not clutter this answer. Thanks again!

(02 Mar '12, 11:21) Kriegerd
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you are all ready living in 2 reality that you know it or not. the reality outside and the reality with in. be wise to know what is what and how they interconnect with each other. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

since we are more complex than thought
it maybe 3 realities that
when in tune solidify the future
to where do we most hide


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We can only concentrate on one thought at a time, however whilst doing so the brain creates all kinds of resonant frequencies in parallel that extend beyond into different realms of existence ... Our brain is capable of integrating a whole scene of shapes, colors, sensations, sounds every fraction of a second, giving us the illusion of physical being ... and the inverse is also true, that one thought disintegrates into component parts all taking existence in different realms ... the brain is constantly in resonance with a whole orchestra of infinite harmonies which interpenetrate the physical, the non physical and beyond.

Here is an article explaining how resonance takes place constantly and naturally, simultaneously.


have fun :)


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You are mind in a world without. This world exists because of your mind. So in essence, you are dreaming. Your mind can decide what it would like to create, and then you follow through. You will do things that will directly or indirectly shape your outcome. The difference is that you have many wants in your mind, but only certain ones will be picked for follow through. And this is based on your reflection of who you are, and what you think you are capable of. Everything starts as a dream. But the follow through will only happen when your belief causes you to act with intention. Otherwise, it is just a dream.


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The Knights Alchemy

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