I see that Stingray has asked this question himself before here:

How can anyone heal anyone else if everyone creates their own reality

But I want to bring this one step further as this answer just boggles my mind over here:

Can my step mother manifest against my desire to get married

That no one can help anyone else to create his or her own reality.

But then as we all know, there are people rumoured on this earth who practice black magic, practice remote healing, and there is even this kind of stuff on fiverr:

Help meditate on your financial abundance for 5 minutes

I am not affiliated with her in any way at all, you can see from the comments I have actually bought this once from her as a customer, I did not really see anything spectacular about her messages she sent me that time but I did experience some sort of "extra financial abundance" which I can't seem to put my hand on at the moment. Also, from all the comments she has received, it just boggles my mind to how this whole thing works, especially if it is true that no one else can manifest anything in our life for us.

I'm not sure how to put my thoughts exactly into a question, but probably something along the lines like : If it is really true that one creates his own reality and no one can help me to create it, then how do all these stuff really works?

Maybe someone should try to get to an Abraham-Hicks cruise and try to get into a hot seat to ask this question :)

asked 30 Sep '11, 17:03

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what about people who claim they can heal you or meditate for you on your finanical abundance/etc? You have attracted them into your life.

Of course people can do stuff for you. This is just another "permission slip", another way of you allowing change into your life. It doesn't matter if other people are taking actions for you.

The idea is not that people can't help you, but rather that even if it seems to be other people "creating" stuff for you, you are the one that is actually responsible for this creation, always.


answered 30 Sep '11, 18:30

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It is your belief and permission that allows others to help or hinder you. If you believe someone can heel you than you shall be healed and if you believe someone has power to manifest against you than it shall be done so. You are the one allowing the actual healing or hexing by your beliefs. In otherwords you are the one heaing or hexing youself.

When you have faith in something you give it permission to work in your life and when you have doubt you stop the permission. No one knew this better than Jesus for he healed many but people believed that he had great power and belived with certinty that he could heal them. Even Jesus couldn't do mighty works in his own home town for there people didnt have the faith and belief as elsewhere.

You are central in all that happens to you and yes if you feel you need help with manifesting and someone comes along and offers to help and you believe they can help than you shall be helped.

Now before someone asks but I believed and had faith and nothing helped how come. Thats because the belief and faith has to be not only conscious but subconscious as well. Once you believe in both minds you are on your way and nothing will stop you.


answered 01 Oct '11, 08:42

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Paulina 1

i agree Paulina. you have free will to have faith or not.Then he touched their eyes and said, "According to your faith will it be done to you"; http://bible.cc/matthew/9-29.htm

(02 Oct '11, 01:42) white tiger
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