I have always believed that thought and even prayer are a form of energy that affects reality. But I have been thinking about it, and I was wondering what the process is that turns thought and positive thinking into reality? How does our thought become a physical reality?

Blessings, Jaianniah

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There are 3 levels to the creation process. The moment you decide what you want, that thought is received by your higher self. Then your higher self instantly creates the impression of your desire onto the 'template reality.' Then the physical you moves into your newly created reality.

The only possible reason that you do not perceive your already existing creation is due to your own resistance. You have to be a vibrational match in order to see your desire, but any doubt - which is disbelief - holds you out of vibrational alignment to your desired reality. You have to believe.

In other words, your own resistance to your own idea is the only thing that's stopping everything that you say you want from manifesting as your new reality. Therefore, relax, be happy and feel good while enjoying your life; then, over time, all good (in your terms) things will make their way into and will be your new experience ♥


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and after 'template reality' comes inspired action

(11 Nov '11, 14:57) Nikulas

In my opinion, this is a question that we as humans may no be able to give a surefire correct answer too. Figuring out exactly how things happen is not necessarily something the human brain is designed for. It is better designed to realize how things happened, and then make a logical judgement from the evidence that is present, and usually that particular judgement is coming from the certain individuals point of view.

So I guess I'll give my own personal observation on how our thoughts literally get turned into physical solid (as we perceive it) reality.

The world we live in and see is actually infinite vibrating energy. Everything single part of your body is made up of vibrating energy that is translated to our physical minds as a solid arm, leg, ear, fingernail, etc. The table in your kitchen, the tv in your living room, the wall in your house, and the dirt in your flower bed is all vibrating energy.

We are not really solid physical human beings in a sense. We are just visiting this experience for growth and expansion and chose to think we are lumps of flesh and bone. That is what made this game so appealing and it's why we keep coming back for more.

I look at our physical brain as being equivalent to a radio antenna. I used to believe that all thoughts came from the brain and everything was also stored in there, but now realize that it is more of a channeling type of antenna. It brings in what we let it bring in. What we bring in depends on where our vibration lies. Since everything is the same exact "one vibrating energy" we can decide what radio station to tune into.

When we tune into a frequency of "my body is not well" and feel the emotional indicator of that thought, the frequency or wave or vibrating energy seeks out the perfect match or proper radio channel and you receive the manifestation of the "not well" signal you put out. We get so used to this "not well" signal so it can seem ridiculous to think we can turn it around in a short period of time through the flow of our vibrating energy.

Everything that can be thought up in the human mind exists NOW. It's almost like saying that everything that can be thought up is sitting in an infinite warehouse ready to be shipped out to whoever orders the particular item. When that item is ordered with your thoughts and emotions, it is then delivered back to your home (or physical mind) and then manifested in either poor or good health, debt or financial abundance, depression or a well being state of mind.

This all happens in the infinite wave of consciousness. The best way to compare it to something physical is to say its a multicolored wave just like the ocean. Since we are all one vibrating energy and everything already exists now, our thoughts and desires flow from one end of the ocean to another and picks up the merchandise that we order, and eventually brings it back to us.

We just have to step out of our conscious minds from time to time to better understand this. If you look at everything around you as solid physical objects and can't see things in a different way, then the concept of creating things through a flow of vibrational frequency may just not be easily understood.

This is why we came into these physical bodies and why this experience was wanted so much, even if we regret it from time to time now. It's about sifting through the muck until you find the answers that feel right in your own heart.


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Great answer, Cory! Assigning those bounty points will be difficult!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(15 Nov '11, 18:41) Jaianniah

As above so below, as below so above, as within so without, as without so within. Stem cells become whatever they are told to by the surrounding tissue. In the same way, the energy around us becomes what we expect it to. Our thoughts are like a holographic blueprint that tells the energy around it what to do, how to manifest. Thoughts and beliefs can happen outside of our awareness, so sometimes we don't recognize that we already expected the manifestation. Everything is energy, including matter. Therefore we are always surrounded by potential matter. The matter manifests according to the blueprint of our thoughts. To change what we manifest, we must change the blueprints. To change the blueprints, we need to eliminate negative emotions, fears, limiting beliefs, etc... that is causing manifestations of things we don't want instead of what we do want. We also need to know what we do want so that the blueprint knows what to tell the energy to do to manifest your desires. I have said that one thing God cannot do is answer a prayer you have not prayed. In the same way, the matter cannot manifest according to blueprints that have not been drawn. So, if we don't draw up the blueprints with our thoughts, we won't manifest it.

Here is a video that demonstrates how the vibration directs the form.

And here is a video I made of an example of how our perceptions create the blueprint.


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Fairy Princess

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"As above, so below"-a great maxim accredited to Hermes, and written about by a great Gnostic, G.R.S. Mead. Here is the whole poem:Heaven above, heaven below; stars above, stars below; all that is above, thus also below; understand this and be blessed.

  • Kircher, Prodrom. Copt., pp 193 and 275......Great Post, J.!!! You got right to the point, and also to the foundation of manifesting.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
(15 Nov '11, 18:38) Jaianniah

I love your answer Fairy Princess and resonate with it. You have got it right.

(15 Nov '11, 19:12) Paulina 1

Thank you @Jaianniah and @Paulina 1

(26 Oct '12, 12:07) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess watched both videos, thank you , you are delightfull ♥♥♥

(26 Oct '12, 19:50) Starlight

Thank you @Starlight ♥♥♥. I am glad you liked my video. I have 5 on my channel if you want to watch more.

(26 Oct '12, 20:34) Fairy Princess
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An answer came to me a long time ago through dream observation. I had noticed that everything I expected in my dream happened as soon as I thought it. We could say did the thought precede the experience or were the experience and the thought simultaneous? The more I examined what I thought and experienced, I had arrived at the conclusion that this dream and all dreams are not about feeling and reaction as most believe there is no control, but about creation and results!

That was where my enlightening breakthrough came in! I thought how about switching this to life, can this be observed in life? In my mind I see a boy walking down an alley and he sees a dog. I see the boy fears dogs and so the dog starts growling and barking at him. He starts to run and the dog chases him!

I will stop here to interject another time a dream enlightened me. I once had a dream I was frantically being chased by ghouls! I was scared so I kept trying to get away from them, but to no avail, they kept on coming! I finely switched from fear to anger and disgust. I stopped flying and turned to face them coming toward me. As they caught up I yelled "STOP!" They all stopped and were just standing there like they were in trouble! I yelled at them "What is your problem! Why are you chasing me!?" They all looking upset and worried looked to each-other then one said, "You was running and we were chasing you! We thought that is what you wanted since you ran away was to be chased." I looked at these sad scared looking ghouls that felt like "We are in trouble now." and yelled "NO! Be gone with you now!" POOF, they were gone!

Back to the barking dog chasing the boy, the boy feared dogs and so the boy experienced a dog to be frightened of, the boy starts running and so starts being chased. Because to run away from something means there must be something to run away from, being chased. So it seems on a strictly observational view that the boy wants to be chased or "expects to be chased" or he would not feel a need to run. So this brings us back to square number one, did the thought come before the experience or simultaneously this event had happened? Someone unaware would say his thought was a reaction to his experience but as we really examine it we come to find thought preceded experience.

Next my mind saw a gambler winning more and more and each time he felt more lucky until he started feeling like, "Can this last?" "Will my luck hold out?" "This is only luck after all." He started losing. Then his fears started coming in, "I lost! could this be the end of my lucky streak?" "I must continue I'll get it back I hope!" He continues losing, each time fearing more the eventual very bad results of losing everything he gained and everything he came in with. Again I thought about how thought came first then experience.

In my mystery schools I had learned that the thing faster than the speed of light is the speed of thought. This seems like an aside thing but it is not, it does have relevance to this answer. Science says that space and time are connected they can not be separate. Quantum science says thought influences matter, as we observe electrons they act as we expect them to act until we expect them to act they are in a state of possibility. Not as possibility before experience but as result that has already happened before the experience! Until thought came into it we could say it was in a state of chaos then thought gave it order. This observation is important the word ORDER or SENSE here means a lot. It seems that experience needs order or our brains have to make sense out of chaos to have order. Now back to the dog chase or ghoul dream, here is how it would be if it were a story: the boy was walking along minding his business and spots a vicious dog, the dog growls and barks, the boy tries to run away but the dog chases the boy! There is order in this experience, one thing leads into another. But as we saw thought is faster than light and influences light and all things are frequencies of light including us. So we are commanding into existence by our expectation through our fears the things we are experiencing and reacting to.

Fear is a very powerful creation tool that is used improperly most of the time. Fear is expectation mixed with feeling that the expectation will come and nothing will stop it! That is a very powerful creative force, it mirrors how Jesus said to pray, "When you pray, expect what you pray for as if you already have it and it will be yours." Mark 11:22-24

When we pray as if we already have something how would we feel having it? We need to experience it like we already have it, "I did it! I achieved it! YES YES YES!" in other words just like the fear you expect it will come and that nothing can stop it from coming.

As we do this we are duplicating the creative process that we always use in life and dreams on a fully conscious level to the effect of experience of what we think we will experience.


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Wade Casaldi

You have made it very difficult for me! This is a great answer-one of your best! Love, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(15 Nov '11, 18:40) Jaianniah

I agree an excelent answer Wade.

(15 Nov '11, 19:09) Paulina 1

Yes, all is energy; but for unseen energy to manifest and become our desire in our lives, we need that all important ingredient called the Law of Attraction. The law is always working, whether we like it or not.

We think thoughts and the law of attraction begins to work its magic by manipulating the very God soup. From this God soup (neutral energy), polarity starts to do its magic the moment we think a thought. In other words, thinking polarizes what before was neutral and makes it either negative or positive energy. All those sub-atomic particles begin to group together and form an elemental soup which eventually will become whatever was created subconsciously; but that depends on us, and what and how we think. We need to be aligned with what we want on a vibrational level and if we are not, the stuff created so far will dissipate and go back to its dormant state until used for something else- by you or someone else.


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Paulina 1

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I liked your answer so much, I hope you do not mind that I corrected it a bit; I think that you are amazing, writing in English when it is not your native tongue! Thank you!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(16 Nov '11, 07:34) Jaianniah

Dont mind at all Jai, thanks.

(17 Nov '11, 05:38) Paulina 1

Personally, I don't think there is anything mysterious about it. If we decide in our mind that we want something badly, and if we continue reinforcing that idea over and over, and then begin making decisions based upon it, then it comes into our reality. It's possible that we draw supernatural help with some of our desires, but even if that is not true, we, on our own are very powerful!


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LeeAnn 1

how could they not jai? you have free will to create. when you create does it start in the physical world? or from you going in your mind and after taking shape in the physical world? when you dream and decide to do something change the canvas of your mind does it not happen? when you think about something and someone know it will it not affect how he act toward you or change is plan? you will say i don't know if people can do that know what i think. well some can. or the way you act will tell them. when you see someone that hates another do you not notice it? or someone that loves another do you not notice it? experience and enjoy.

the process is simple: you + mind + matter= creation taking place.


answered 11 Nov '11, 03:37

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white tiger

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