Since coming to this website six or so short weeks ago I have learnt so much from all you incredibly powerful spiritual souls out there in Cyber space. I assumed it was just a coincidence but then as I read more about 2012 I got to thinking that maybe it was a whole 2012 thing.

I have been an avid reader of spiritual books for many a long year but I just feel like concepts and ideas that aren't new to me I'm suddenly "getting" AND I'm being introduced to a whole new raft of exciting new ideas.

I can't say I have noticed time becoming more "slippery" (as Bashar says will happen as we move up to the next density) but I am noticing synchronicities and coincidences are happening more and more often for me. I am also changing long held beliefs - something that is due to happen as we move from the Piscean to the Acquarian age. I notice other people here are also changing their long held beliefs.

Could this be a 2012 thing or is it just that I found this website? Is anyone else really feeling that they are moving ahead in exciting new ways? Has anyone noticed time becoming more "slippery"?

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"I have been an avid reader of spiritual books for many a long year but I just feel like concepts and ideas that aren't new to me I'm suddenly "getting" AND I'm being introduced to a whole new raft of exciting new ideas." I just started reading 'Ask & It Is Given' and every word I read, I 'get' it. Had I started reading it before I discovered IQ, I would have 'given up' on it:) And that I found IQ in 2012...hmmm..could be something there, but I think this site is a very powerful thing...

(18 Jul '12, 13:53) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville - absolutely agreed - thanks for your comment. You could say we are the IQ2012ers!

(18 Jul '12, 13:56) Catherine

...I was just thinking the other day that this site could have gone the way of 'free for all' arguments/fights/hatred/abuses/religious confrontations etc., but it didn't:) there's lots of respect, compassion and self policing here. In spite of the moderators, from what I have noticed, moderating very minimally:) So, it could be just being on this site as well:))

(18 Jul '12, 13:56) Xoomaville

@Catherine and @Xoomaville, I think it is who is attracted here. Haters don't really seem interested in the same things as you and me.

(18 Jul '12, 14:01) Grace
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I see this not so much as 2012 being a catalyst for this change as in the belief in Dec 25th 2012 being a catalyst. For example what has brought you here the fact that the month of December in the year 2012 is approaching? I think more so in that you have searched for info on this 2012 Dec 25th thing and feel maybe the end times are approaching so hence you feel a need to find is this all there is to life? In other words the belief in this 2012 Dec 25th thing has brought you here, this I also see as a mass consciousness belief influence but it is still the belief that moves us. Had we not believed in it we would not feel moved to explore.


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Wade Casaldi


@Wade Casaldi - Thank you very much Wade for responding. To be honest, I had never really given the whole 2012 thing much thought before arriving here. I knew that some people were predicting the end of the World but wasn't much worried about that. Since arriving here I have become much more aware of 2012 as being a shift into a new age and see it as an exciting time. My question is really asking whether other people are sensing a time of spiritual growth or other signs of a new age.

(18 Jul '12, 13:51) Catherine
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