Probably after the bible the Mayan calendar is arguably the most noted source of prophetic knowledge we have...i did say arguably.

Unlike the bible the Mayan calendar specifically states ( so im led to believe) that things of the world very much wind up as at 2012.

When this date is overshot and gradually it will be by more and more time,will the whole subject of prophecy be put on the back burner.

This particular source of knowledge is so remarkable because it does state a very specific time and isnt quite as open ended as other prophecies.

Its rather harder to wriggle out of this one!

Will this effect the many differing biblical lines of prophecy.

Has anyone got more information or links to this subject.It is genuinely interesting.


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Monty Riviera

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Barry Allen ♦♦

monty,it may all be an effect of a mis-intereretation of facts, in this case of which cycle the calendar depicts. our planet earth goes through cycles as we do. yet all that gets press is its and our physical forms. we are part of a cosmic system, with much over ours heads or out of our current sensory sight.

(16 Apr '11, 21:19) fred

Point taken Fred.

(16 Apr '11, 22:03) Monty Riviera
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From what I know, once you reach the end of the Mayan calendar you are suppose to turn it over and start at the beginning of it and it continues on correctly.

It think we are reading it incorrectly.

Just like the 10 commandments, perhaps there were 15 but then Moses dropped the other tablet.


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I think many people will turn it over and start again.I would prefer that people just stand up and say that it was wrong. That the end result in 2012 wasnt as the calendar said it would be. But i fear it will drag on and on thru the ages. Mind isnt 2012 yet. So who knows!

(27 Jan '11, 09:18) Monty Riviera

Good point. I think someone will find another calendar with another date if this one doesn't work out for them...

(28 Jan '11, 00:47) Back2Basics

Check out this website for some good info: mayanmajix.

Read the book called The Mayan Calendar by Carl Johan Calleman. And/or watch the 2 1/2 hour video presentation by Ian Xel Lungold, who explains the book in layman’s terms. It's a fascinating and very clear presentation that just seems to make sense of consciousness.

To understand the idea of prophesy, look into the idea of parallel realities and it will become clear to you - happy researching :)


answered 27 Jan '11, 09:16

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Thanks for the links Eddie and Ursixx.

(27 Jan '11, 12:07) Monty Riviera

@ursixx - that's the same guy/info, but on a differemt day/place...

(28 Jan '11, 01:42) Eddie
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i have info that is brand new about 2012, my source has ALWAYS explained to me that this is a ship, it is called nibiru by our people, it is NOT a planet nor a astroid, it is a ship, i have found it and with the confimation of my source! i present it 2 you all!!! you are all very lucky for i am talking to my source tonight and having him do a session on this, after i spoke to him about this after reading it, he was amaized that i put it together myself and finily relenquisehd it, also he led me to watch more vids and BAM!!!!! he explainas that there are many more ships that do this weird orbit and cannot state which one is which , but explains that the one they call nibiru will be close to the earth in 2012 so i assumed that it was this one! Also this video is a great info source of general info that is good. here is part one and part 2 of my sources info on this !!!!


answered 16 Apr '11, 23:06

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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(19 Apr '11, 14:09) TReb Bor yit-NE

I am confused by your answer. You say that, "this is a ship, it is called nibiru..." then you say later, "the one they call nibiru will be close to the earth in 2012..." Could you please explain that better? Thanks.

(19 Apr '11, 16:20) Fairy Princess

i am sorry for this, i had talked to my source and now i have the answer, this spicific "astroid" is a ship, but it is NOT nibiru, the "nibiru" that most call a planet is only a man made palnet, it is in fact a ship, it si not this spicific one but it is one that is in the similar rotation of a horse shoe, if you look at the here is part one nd part two above, it explains this MUCH better in detail, what i was saying is it is a ship and they call it that and the rotation will put it close to our planet ( or as close as it can) in 2012 thank u 4 your question love n light

(19 Apr '11, 17:20) TReb Bor yit-NE
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It will not affect biblical prophecy whatsoever, it clearly states in the bible no one knows when the time will come not even the son, only the father knows.

There are a group of people that say they figured out the world will end this year May 21st 2011, they can say they figured it out all they want but it says in the bible NO ONE KNOWS!

So this will not affect biblical prophecy it could be tomorrow it could be 100 or 1000 years yet but the important thing is your time could end at any moment. Are you willing to take that risk? We do not want to be like the handmaids that didn't bring enough oil for their lamps. They were unprepared to meet the lord.


answered 26 Jan '11, 19:12

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Wade Casaldi

No your right Wade,it wont effect biblical prophecy...Christs already fulfilled it all.

(26 Jan '11, 21:12) Monty Riviera

Some people do believe the end already came he already returned and we are living in hell on earth. I believe it is yet to come myself.

(26 Jan '11, 22:11) Wade Casaldi

I've heard similar teachings about Christ having returned. And we are living in a world with no end.

(26 Jan '11, 23:18) Chris 2

Im of the view that His kingdom IS now set up on this earth.Were part of the Father so we have no need of fear of God or hell.I tend to believe that end time biblical prophecy doesnt take into account the idea that Christ fulfilled the law AND the prophets.Were as a race a;ways looking for external signs and happenings. Yet the kingdom is a WITHIN kingdom. Thats my take,but im well aware there are SO many differing ideas about this.We must make up our own minds.Im sure most of us have.

(27 Jan '11, 07:59) Monty Riviera

Wow Graham I like this a lot better than the we were left behind theory! I'll have to meditate on this. Thanks.

(27 Jan '11, 12:46) Wade Casaldi

I think many people will be re evaluating,or at least giving this some thought and debate.The 2012 thing will be permeating thru most religious/faith organisations. And it will no doubt ramp up considerably as the date nears.For me when Christ said "it is finished" He meant it.His kingdoms already been set up,its here but as the Jewish nation by and large missed His first coming,were oftentimes missing the second one! We do this because we extenalise things too much.We dont understand the WITHIN as Jesus did.Our new Jerusalems already in our hearts.

(27 Jan '11, 16:05) Monty Riviera
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There is a saying that great minds work alike, but in the case of the Maya Calendar, and Bible Prophecies for 2012 there is no argument, since it is only a prediction and cannot be proven as a fact.

Perhaps, we are living in a world without end, or perhaps we are living in a world that will end sometime soon in the near future, "when," perhaps when we least expect it to end!

But for now let us enjoy each day to the fullest, and let tomorrow take care of its’ self, bravo!


answered 27 Jan '11, 00:50

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Inactive User ♦♦

Very sensible advice Vee.I think Christ had a similar take.

(27 Jan '11, 08:01) Monty Riviera

After the end of 21/12/2012 Mayan people will start with new calender. By the end of old calender all the bad environmental people including doom sayer has to die this is called the end of bad people world. There will be no terrorist by the end of this year. There will be good effect on our green house and will stop global warming. You give me hundred ruppee to-day if you think negative as I want to buy a house for me to live after end of 21.12.2012 as I am living in rented house.

You call me for my account number 09823545289 Goa India.


answered 16 Apr '11, 16:00

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I don't have links, but I had googled it awhile back. It seems to me that the Mayan calendars were in cycles. When you get to the end, you start over. There are different cycles. The info is all the same, it's the interpretation that differs. People have been talking about a change in cycles astrologically also. They say we are entering the Age of Aquarious. Both of these cycles seem to be about the same time. I have not studied or read up on this, just have heard people say things. So when I saw the Mayan calendar ending, it seemed very similar.


answered 19 Apr '11, 16:25

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Fairy Princess

I have been intrigued by the dizzying turmoil of world events; natural, financial, and societal, and created this video to explore both the causes and solutions.

It is titled: '2012 Mayan Calendar - A Schedule to Enlightened Consciousness' and is in two parts:

Part 1:The Calendar Explained: Part 2: Intuition and the Heart:


answered 08 May '11, 22:07

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Thanks for the links Bryan

(09 May '11, 07:44) Monty Riviera

Yes, Nibiru (or Anu or Marduk) is a ship, as well as a collective consciousness. Nibiru works with the Luciferian Soul Group on Earth to harvest negative human and non-human souls (those within the Earth lineage Illumanti, and those of the Extra-terrestrial Lucifer Illuminati lineage) into the 4th density negative, every 26,000 linear years of incarnational cycles. However, there are smaller cycles within this greater Cycle, as well as sub-cycles within these smaller cycles, but these are miniscule compared to the 26,000 year soul Harvest cycle, which completely removes souls of a negative polarity from souls of a positive polarity.

In essence, both positive and negative souls graduate to a higher density, often taking with them their physical vehicles at 'the time' of transition.

I composed a song for 'Nibiru'.


answered 06 Mar '14, 00:39

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