Will the practice of OBE further my development? Will it put me somewhere near the leading edge of whatever is going to happen in 2012?. Obviously it would further psychic development, not sure about manifestation development or personal development. Is it going to be a big part of every ones life the near future? When I say everyone I mean the people like us that want to co-create.

asked 03 Dec '10, 14:28

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Tom, OBE is nice and all but for you to further your development you need to concentrate on the here and now. Be the best you can be. Feeling love and compassion for others. Being of service to others whenever given the opportunity. And I wouldn't worrry too much about 2012. It is all about right now. As for me, I had experienced OBE but nothing is better than the dream we're currently living!

Thank you, namaste


answered 05 Dec '10, 12:51

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right on, appreciate answer

(05 Dec '10, 15:11) Tom

Read this post of mine:


I am sure it will answer to all your questions. :)

If I could OBE and Lucid Dream anyone can, believe me ;) And the experience is just fabulous!!!

Good Luck!



answered 03 Dec '10, 14:57

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Thank you I did read it. I would like to hear from others as well. There is only so many things I can work on. I just want to know where you all are headed. No one to talk to about this king of thing.

(03 Dec '10, 16:24) Tom

There's a lot of questions about 'this kind of thing' in this site. Use the 'Search', type OBE and you'll see. It's ok that you waited for more comments but, all due respect, I think you need to work out a bit on your subtlety. No offense intended!

(04 Dec '10, 11:52) BridgetJones09

The idea alone gives me a bad feeling..........I personally would stay away from it.


answered 03 Dec '10, 17:08

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Thank you......

(04 Dec '10, 05:56) Tom

@B2B: Fear is only to be overcome with information. Read the site and you'll see there's nothing wrong with the practice of it. OBE, Lucid Dreaming etc happen during the REM state of dreaming. We all have REM. So nothing is forcing our mind to do something impossible to attain. Besides, the OBE phase doesn't last more than 10 min in the best trained practitioners. It lasts less in beginners. What could be wrong in having a bit of fun while dreaming? Leaving aside the practical uses as overcome the fear of nightmares, fobias, and so on. Peace!

(04 Dec '10, 11:37) BridgetJones09
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