What do you believe? Is spirituality physical or is the understanding of what is spiritual that creates the outward physical action of spiritual change? What comes first, spiritual understanding then change or change that creates spiritual understanding? If both the physical and spiritual co-exists can a balance be achieved? Is life that complicated?

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Physical is a manifestation of spiritual - everything exists in spirit form before it can manifest in physical form.

As for change, it is always happening - whether we understand it or not, or choose to be an active participant in the changes and evolution of our lives. However, when we make a choice to participate consciously, we look at life and all the changes within it, from a new perspective and with a clearer understanding.

Often times a major change can be a catalyst and push us to look for a deeper meaning or spiritual understanding but changes will always happen if we choose to understand them or not - we live in a constantly changing Universe where everything is subject to the cycles of life and death.


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Everything you are, and everything you experience, has a spiritual underpinning.

I used to believe that your experience in this physical world could be entirely explained by physical processes (i.e. electrical signals in the brain). I still believe that, but my philosophy about the nature of that reality has changed a bit.

First, I believe that every experience while on this earth has a corresponding counterpart of activity in the brain, including experiences which can be described as spiritual. However, I also believe that there is a corresponding reality to those experiences that extends beyond our physical body.

Second, I was never comfortable with the idea of two "selves" (the mind-body duality, or the concept of a separate soul inhabiting the body, if you will). It just seems too complicated. How does the soul interface with the body, and why is it separate from the body?

Consequently, I see the body as an extension, or projection, of the spiritual self into the physical realm.

When we project ourselves from the spiritual realm into the physical world, we choose to accept certain limitations on our existence. It is the mental equivalent of moving from the timeless, eternal four-dimensional domain of God, where you can see time and space all at once, to the three-dimensional space-time reality of this movie we call life, where everything is separate objects, and time moves in a linear fashion from moment to moment.

Consider the following image:

alt text

The square sheet represents the physical world; we will call this world Flatland. In flatland, everything is two-dimensional. Occupants of Flatland can only see what is on the sheet; they cannot see anything in the three-dimensional realm outside of Flatland. If you pass the spring through Flatland, the occupants of Flatland will not see the spring, or have any clue about its true nature. What they will see instead is only a moving dot. And the movement of that dot (it's behavior) is different depending on your perspective. If you are somewhere in the center of the area where the spring is passing through Flatland, you will see the dot circle around you. But if you are outside of that area, the dot will simply swing back and forth in front of you.

But there is someone in Flatland who has a vibrant imagination, and with some deduction (and a little mathematics) is able to deduce the true nature of the spring, and can possibly "see" or "imagine" in three dimensions (a difficult thing to do for two-dimensional beings) the shape of the spring. Because he can do this, he is able to predict where the dot will go. The other inhabitants of Flatland call him enlightened.

If you want to learn more about Flatland, you can pick up a book called Tertium Organum.


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Where's Fig. I? :-P

(09 Apr '10, 18:57) herzmeister

@herzmeister: Both figures are on this page: http://www.sacred-texts.com/eso/to/to09.htm

(09 Apr '10, 19:11) Vesuvius

thanks, that'll soothe my OCD'ed senses. ;-)

(09 Apr '10, 21:20) herzmeister
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Though before form; will over sensation. Some say conquering the material is the true path to the spiritual. Have you allowed time to find out, Think it for yourself.


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You see, when you start labeling things in a way "Well, ok, that thing I'm doing right now, meaning meditation, is spiritual and the thing I'm going to do later, meaning eating dinner, is not spiritual" and so forth you become attached to the label "spiritual" instead of the actual experience that is important.

The truth is, if you believe that we are all spiritual beings having a physical experience what does that imply? It implies that MOST OF ALL you are a spiritual being, so that means that the WHOLE notion OF physical experience is INCLUDED into that view point.

In other words, if you are a spiritual being YOU CAN NOT DO ANYTHING THAT IS NOT SPIRITUAL, you just can't, because if you could that would mean you are not a spiritual being. It would mean that you are sometimes spiritual and sometimes not. Well, are you?

I personally believe that EVERYTHING that IS is spiritual. I don't segregate things anymore as being more or less of something, because when you start doing this and you look at two completely different flowers you might say "Well, this flower is more beautiful than this one", but it's not. It's just your preference that seas this is better or this is worse, but still it doesn't change the fact that both of those flowers on the scale of floweriness are equal - they are the notion of "flower" expressing itself as two different version of the same idea.

And that is what physical experience is - it's just a view point, a perspective on life.

In fact the MOST spiritual of ALL experiences you can have ARE contained in the physical world. Why you might ask? Well, why do you think we got here? You think we were randomly "assigned" to play these roles here on Earth? Why was physical experience "created" in the first place?

Well you see the purpose of life is - growth. Growth is when the unknown is being transformed into the known through experience. And you know what? Everything that IS known resides in the non-physical realm and everything else, everything that hasn't yet been pondered, experienced, established, thought of, smelled, touched, laughed, kissed, had sex with, eaten, farted, jumped, wore, rode, drunk, cracked, punched, whistled, kicked, winked, licked, rubbed, thrown - ALL OF THOSE THINGS ARE IN THE PHYSICAL REALM.

So right now, right at this moment as you're reading these words, you might have a thought, an inspiration, something no one has EVER thought of before you, no philosopher, no scientist, no constructor, no builder, no student, no mother, no father, no child and that one new thought, that one glimpse of something new, something unimaginable, something dug up from beneath all other experiences of life, that is spiritual; that is the most sacred moment of all moments that have ever been, are and will be. But it also is equal on that scale. All moments are equal because all moments are unique.

As are flowers, ALL are equally beautiful in there own right, because if they are here it means they are here for a reason.

The Universe doesn't make mistakes. It didn't create one stone too little or one tree too much. Everything is and always will be perfect. And it doesn't care will you call it? You think that the flower will smell less beautiful depending on what you name it? You think that a rose would suddenly lost all her beauty, because one day you might decide to start calling her donkey?

I believe that language is what keeps us from experiencing life in the purest way possible. We interpret, measure, add, divide, compare, we do all these things missing the essence, the beauty of why is all of this here? Why are we so blessed to see everything here, and yet we are so blind in acknowledging it?

The Buddhist Monks say "The most spiritual experience is to carry water and chop wood". They say it, because they know that when you are fully present, fully in the Now moment, you don't care how to label this experience. Instead you sit there, with the quietness of your mind, and you can just experience it. No judgement, no commentary in your head is necessary, you're just HERE. You just sit there, observe and you know that it is what life is really about - observation.

And you can go so deep into those explorations that you can read a poem a hundred times and still find something knew each time you read it. You can smell a rose 1000 times and each time it will smell like a completely different rose. You can have sex 10000 times, and each time it can be like the first time you do it. It is up to you. That what spirituality is in my opinion.

If you're interested I write more about spirituality, relationships and life in general in my book, which you can download from here for free http://www.warriorinyou.com/products.htm


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Indeed, all hiding behind the mask of language. Drop the mask and see beauty...

(11 Apr '10, 07:04) Eddie

Nicely said Eddie..drop the mask..drop it..

(11 Apr '10, 07:40) wildlife
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