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Just wondering! Thanks.

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Have confidence in yourself no matter what. It will get you so much further, so much faster. And if you have problems having confidence, fake it until you make it.. An just believe in yourself always,.


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You are now in the process of remembering your true nature. In essence you are spirit and your current spiritual journey began with your first breath...


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Stop taking life too seriously. Life should be treated as a ride on a rollercoaster and we should make the most of all the experiences we have and learn from it. I will quote Mark Twain here, one of my favourites:

"We should be careful to get out of an experience only the wisdom that is in it - and stop there; lest we be like the cat that sits down on a hot stove lid. It will never sit down on a hot stove lid again - and that is well; but also it will never sit down on a cold one anymore." Mark Twain

There are no limits to what we can create. We are only limited by our thoughts, imagination and beliefs. Never be afraid to take risks and have new experiences as this is what life is all about. Another one of my favourite quotes fits in nicely here from the movie 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off':

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."


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Pink Diamond

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Enjoy the journey.


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Let go.


Whenever you try to be something you smother out yourself - who already is something.

You cannot add to perfection without automatically subtracting from it.

"Which of you, by taking thought, can add one cubit to their stature?"


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Don't take yourself too seriously & don't place too much faith in another to guide you either. Everyone, especially spiritual leaders, can come across as knowing the answers to your problems. But in reality they don't really know you as well as you know your own self.

Your own self is not as helpless as it may appear. You are only familiar with a small portion of your real self. The old saying "Ask and you shall receive" never went out of fashion. That should be the foundation.

Accept that there is a higher consciousness & ask for guidance. If after this asking you find your self crossing paths with a particular faith, religion, leader, or philosophy, then that is what is meant to guide you for the moment. But the moment you feel that it is not what you were looking for, walk away, and keep asking for more guidance.

You will eventually find that your entire life you will have to depend on this "Ask & Receive" equation. Nobody knows the ultimate answer. So the ultimate advice to the above question is "Trust Yourself


answered 28 Dec '09, 22:52

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The Traveller

Become an avid reader, read from as many sources as you can, avoid any structured religious organisation.



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Monty Riviera

I would tell them to talk to God and tell him that you are trying to find him or find out about him and that you are coming to the direct source and ask him is he real and does he exist and if he does for him to direct your path for you to develope a personal relationship with him and for him to guide you and give you understanding of your spiritual journey with him.

Than I would tell you to ask God and Jesus Christ into your heart and life. I would tell you to ask Jesus to develope and strengthen your faith in him. For it is all about the faith for you must believe for your self not what anyone else believe you must believe your self and that is the only way to achieve oneness with the Lord Jesus Christ and be an heir to the throne of God through his son Jesus Christ who is our savior.

You will be taking baby steps at first than as your faith strengthen and knowledge increase you will be on your way down the right path for you will have God/Jesus leading you. Direct your urgent questions to Jesus Christ or God they are available 24 hours a day and night. They love you and if you ask they will forgive you of your sins and guide you on your spiritual journey for the rest of your life if you allow them too.

Will it always be easy and no problems no I didn't say that but Jesus and God will be with you as you go through life's journey.


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I have noticed that people turn to the spiritual when the material world fails them in some profound way. (Of course, there are those who are "called out" by God...but let us just confine the answer to those who step out deliberately to get spiritual help and answers.)

In other words, that old saying, "There are no atheists in foxholes" seems to apply here.* A person reaches some sort of crisis, and turns his mind to spiritual matters, trying to find answers to help him or her get through life in a happier and easier manner. What does one say to such a seeker?

You have to surrender to win.

Most people find this a strange and difficult thing to do. It means giving up control of one's life, and sublimating it to the Will of a Higher Power. At first, this Higher Power may be a teacher, or a group of people who have been there, at the bottom, and have pulled themselves out of the foxhole altogether. But it is vital to be humble; it is vital to become "teachable".

For those in deep trouble, this may be rather easy; they have seen that what they have been doing does not work! For others, who are just uncomfortable and want the discomfort to stop, it may be harder to see that the quality of humility is essential. Jesus pointed this out when He said that in order for us to reach "the Kingdom of Heaven", we must be "as little children" (Mt 18:3). We must learn to just trust that what we seek is to be found by being teachable and quieting our ego.

For some, if they do not develop this quality, it will eventually become a matter of life or death.

This all might seem strange and not at all necessary. The seeker may actually reject this idea, and try to continue to go on in his usual way. The fact is, though, that unless you start to try to align yourself with this Higher Power, things will just get worse.

In short, be humble.

Then, buckle up, and try to "enjoy the journey", as Vesuvius says. For this spiritual journey is the whole point of living.

Blessings, and Happy Holidays 2009, Jaianniah

*This phrase has many attributions. Some people believe it was a fellow named Ernie Pyle who said it first, but this is not set in concrete.


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Who is your master? By who's will do you walk? By who's will do you move your arms? By who's will do you think and choose? Who is directing your life? Who is the most powerful person in your life that can change your life in any way pleasing? Who is in charge of your life? Who's will was it that you asked me this question?

Seek the answer to these questions and you will have found the beginning and the end, you will not know it is the end until the completion of the journey so start from the beginning on your way seeking.


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Wade Casaldi

Be true to yourself, and to your purpose. How serious and committed are you to embark on this scared journey in your life? Is this journey to help mankind, and our world? If so, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Fear God, and humble yourself. No man cometh to the father except through the son, which is our Lord, and savior Jesus Christ. God is all knowing, he is the beginning, and the ending. God is Alpha, and Omega! God is pure consciousness, and he created all things, and the universe by the power of his words.

God is plentiful in his mercy, and forgiveness. Pray daily, and confess all sins, for we are all born into mortal sin. Have faith, as a grain of mustard seed. Love, and respect yourself, others, and your world. Think, and practice, peace, and harmony, and good will to all mankind! Do the work of the good shepherd, and receive your blessing from God Almighty who knows you’re every want, and need, and will provide for you until the end of time.

The universe is your place of habitation, and will provide for your every need, as you have faith in your universe. All things are possible, if you can only believe. Time spent productively, will provide you with a greater gain, than time spent wasted. Be an achiever, as you believe, so you shall achieve.

Be patience, as you learn, and grown on your journey; and when you are confident in your spirit, you will present yourself with confidence; and you will be lifted up in the spirit in the true faith that is in Christ Jesus the anointed one. Jesus said that work that I do for my father you will also do, and far better work than this.

So, if you are passionate about embarking upon this spiritual journey, then may your way be made clear, and may you find what you’re seeking in the name of Jesus Christ, all power, and glory to God Almighty in heaven, and on earth..


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