Sometimes, I get the feeling that compassion for other people is not an acceptable place to be...As if we are "interfering with" their own paths...

Wade and I have been wondering about this question, and want to hear from everyone about compassion...Is it acceptable to be compassionate, or enabling to be compassionate?



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I was thinking about asking the difference between compassion and pity in IQ!!! - probably the unacceptable compassion might be the pity here you refer to! I don't know - I am still trying to understand my question, and your question as well. Hopefully, I get some nice answer here :)

(13 Aug '12, 17:49) ZDCobran

@ZDCobran and @Everyone-See this link to a question about the difference between compassion and pity. It will help you, ZD. Blessings, Jai ♥

(13 Aug '12, 18:01) Jaianniah

...but...@Satori... that was great! (?) You helped a lot. Want to say thank you. :/ Ok well your choice, but I'm keeping my email... :)

(14 Aug '12, 00:01) Grace

@Jaianniah-Thanks, maybe I will repost it:)

(14 Aug '12, 10:24) Satori

@Jaianniah : Thank you very much :) Wishes for blissful moments ahead :)

(14 Aug '12, 10:50) ZDCobran
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That is a great Question Jai! (& Wade)

I am glad that the question was about compassion & its relationship to LOA.

Firstly, I think to be compassionate towards others, one has to first have a lot of love in their heart.
When we love everyone (or at least when we do not have hatred towards the world), we are moved into compassionate reaction every time we see someone suffer.

Therefore, by itself I see compassion as a wonderful emotion and a good sign that we have love in our heart.

The problem begins (in my opinion) when we combine compassion with the Law of Attraction and we begin to see our life's purpose as one of being compassionate towards others.
(I know, that looks like a negative statement)

I think when we align ourselves with the purpose for which we incarnated here; an outpouring of love comes through disguised as a sense of purpose.

Within this alignment, we act with confidence, purpose, and compassion (un-selfish).

On the other hand, if we choose to be compassionate; the purpose becomes one of living up to other people's judgement of our compassion.

Or to put it another way we are doing it because we want "them" to think that we are compassionate.

And when you combine this with the law of attraction with deliberate intent, it is no different from praying, "God please place me in situations where my compassion towards others gives me the experience of being praised by others for my compassion towards them"

The intent is driven by a selfish desire to be praised.

It is better to follow our excitement in being ourselves and in that alignment show compassion from a place of balanced judgement instead of a selfish feedback of praise.


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The Traveller

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I knew it didn't feel right - A life purpose of compassion, it was somehow off, somehow lacking in substance, though it sounded right in my better moments.... I never connected the dots between compassion and attracting the opportunity to employ it. Like the hero discussion recently. I think I am fixed.... Do you know how many years I've struggled with this? Yay! :) Thanks!

(13 Aug '12, 23:41) Grace

@Traveller- Superb. Looking forward to your next smashing answer.

(14 Aug '12, 06:27) Nikulas

@The Traveller when compassion is done for praise or to win some points with God, it is not compassion at all. True compassion is from love. How would I want to be treated? Would I appreciate some help here? This person could use some help!

Even if I help someone then go all around telling people I helped this person or that person, there is no reward for that at all except empty praise from others. But if I help someone out of genuine compassion and forget about it then I am helping God love.

(14 Aug '12, 09:46) Wade Casaldi

As always, great wisdom and truth...Thank You! ♥

(20 Aug '12, 20:34) Jaianniah
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Hi Jai.

Yes I believe genuine compassion is acceptable and enabling.

You always know by how it feels.

Compassion that comes from the Mind is really pity based on fear and judgement of the person/situation. This doesn't feel good.

Compassion coming from the Heart is based on love and an awareness that we are all part of the One Unified Field.This is empowering.

When your fear touches someone's pain it becomes pity, when your love touches someone's pain, it becomes compassion~Stephen Levine


answered 14 Aug '12, 11:16

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@Satori - excellent answer.

(14 Aug '12, 15:33) Catherine

Thank you, @Satori. Beautiful. Wonderful distinctions, and very helpful. (I'm glad you reconsidered, sorry to nag) ;)

(14 Aug '12, 15:39) Grace

@Catherine-Thank you:) @Grace-Thank you for the kind words Grace, I wasn't aware that was you, I thought it was Jai lol:)

(14 Aug '12, 16:49) Satori

@Satori I like that quote, very good quote! :-)

(21 Aug '12, 11:04) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi-Thanks Wade:)

(21 Aug '12, 14:48) Satori
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once u see that u are one, and everyone is you, there is reason to be compassionate because they are only ur reflection. and when u do understand that doing good and caring for others is REALLY only u doing this for urself, u will win. These two vids talk more about that . also understanding that feeling sorry is only making someone worse, it is MUCH different than compassion.

love n light



answered 14 Aug '12, 22:15

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TReb Bor yit-NE

I guess it depends on how you define compassion. If by compassion you mean with passion or with love, then it is empowering to all involved. This means giving love through vibes, words, deeds, depending on the situation. This is a state of being love and sharing love. This is when you bring others up to your vibrational level, which also increases your vibrational level.

If by compassion you mean comiserate or to be miserable with, then that is disempowering and sometimes enabling but mostly disabling. This lowers your vibration to match theirs in an attempt to lift them up. This might raise theirs a little, but not much and you lower your own vibration to do it.

If by compassion you mean pitty, then you have a false sense of where your vibration is. Since we create our reality with our beliefs, then we attract pittiful people with pittiful beliefs. Pitty, like bullying, is a way to make ourselves feel better relative to other people's situations. In this way, we attract people who make us feel better about ourselves because of their situation. By showing compassion out of pitty, we lift ourselves up by being better than them, evidenced by our compassion.

Each one of these are cycles. They perpetuate more of the same thing through the law of attraction. So it goes back to your beliefs about what is compassion.


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Fairy Princess

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Compassion should be like writing with your right hand when you are right handed (and left when....) natural no thought part of who you are.
So the ultimate goal is to be ambidextrous


answered 15 Aug '12, 04:46

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