Many spiritual teachers will tell you that it takes a major and often dramatic shift in order to reach the next level in spirituality or what ever you want to call it. It seems only a small handful of these gurus will tell you that you can reach that next level without having to experience major life challenges or dramatic changes. I would like to know how one would go about doing this.

After discovering inward quest I was turned on to a lot of tools like eft, z-point and other healing methods. These tools really help me with my spiritual growth and my over all happiness. I notice that stuff bothers me less and less now that I've been introduced to energy healing. I feel like I'm growing spiritually everyday.

I would like to know if I could take it to the next level without having to experience any kind of negativity or dramatic change in my life. I think it's a limiting belief that we have to wait for major life experiences, Positive or negative, in order to advance to new levels.

Would love to hear some of your answers.

Thank you

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I don't know what the next level in spirituality you are referring to is supposed to be. When you get there, be sure to pop back down here and let us know :)

Speaking more generally to your question, No, you don't need dramatic life changes but most people do end up with them if they are starting out.

There are two different approaches to molding your life the way you like it:

  • Option 1: Build up an enormous amount of desire for something you want and then allow it
  • Option 2: Just live your life keeping yourself in a generally good-feeling place, and then allow whatever desires naturally bubble up (through you living your everyday life) to manifest themselves automatically simply through your habit of allowing

For more information, see How to increase density of desire for some thing to manifest it easily ?

Which option you prefer will depend on how much "drama" you like in your life at any particular time. Most of the time, I like the second softer gentler approach (embodied in the 30 Day Vortex Challenge idea) but also quite often - having a somewhat pushing-the-limits kind of personality - I'll find myself drawn to playing with the more dramatic Option 1 at times.

But there's no right or wrong way to live. It's your life and you can live it any way you choose.

Now if in your question you are hinting at people who have never encountered these "spiritual" kinds of subjects before and, because of some life crisis, are drawn to investigate them for the first time, then they are most likely to end up in the Option 1 "dramatic changes" category with the accompanying bumpy ride.

That's what Abraham terms "All Hell Breaking Loose". For more information, see Do drastic things happen because we're getting them out of our system?

alt text

And if you think about, that's to be expected because those people are initially drawn to spiritual subjects in major life crisis situations because they've run out of physical options (this is the vast majority of people actually), they have built up huge amounts of resisted desire because of the crisis, and they want quick solutions to their issues.

This attitude is automatically going to result in a fast-moving period of significant vibrational readjustment to get back to who they really are again. And those inner vibrational changes are going to be reflected outwardly as dramatic physical life changes.

It's like the experience of a bodily fast that a healthy vibrant person has compared to one who has been mistreating their body for years with toxic substances. The "purging" of the toxin-laden person is going to make the fast quite uncomfortable for a while as the toxins are quickly leeched from the body.

But once the "purging" has completed, the dramatic changes are over. And it should be smooth sailing from there onwards.

With continued practice of taking control of your vibrational life, you can tone down any Option 1 change into a more gentler Option 2 change whenever you want but, for newcomers, they won't initially have the practical knowledge to do that. That comes with experience.


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Thank You. Beautiful Answer.

(10 Apr '15, 07:36) MrFeelGood

Dear MrFeelGood, I would suggest you to read "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle if you have not read it yet. It is a wonderful book, which I think, will help you to find profound anwers to your questions and will assist you on your spiritual journey. I would like to remind you that everything is Here and Now! So, you don't have to wait for any special circumstances (either negative or positive) in order to develop spiritually. You can get there from whatever place you are Now, because Everything you need is inside you. Life challenges can surely help to see the world from a new perspective and evolve, but they are not a necessary condition, from my point of view. Besides, rest assured that life will always provide you with whatever conditions are necessary for your spiritual growth. I wish you a wonderful spiritual journey!

P.S. Here is a link to the e-book version of "The Power of Now":


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There is some kind of Zen quote that says something like, "After you are through being enlightened, take out the garbage!"

It sounds like someone enlightened had a wife! lol

But really if you are enlightened you still have to take out the garbage. You can't have your garbage manifest in the debris can on the street for you. So you can become enlightened but you still have to live like you had always lived maybe with a better disposition of the situation, but still the same. To have a drastic change would be like if you became a full spiritual being and turned your body into the body of light. In other words died and lost your body, then you would become drastically different and not need to do the everyday things most humans must do.

I'm sure had Buddha been alive he wouldn't throw his empty beer can on the ground- he would walk to the trashcan and put it in the proper receptacle.


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Wade Casaldi

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it happens in small steps as
the seconds add up to a
day a year and so on,
you see differently and
accordingly will act


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What is your definition of dramatic? in this world where every thing is changing and growing going up and coming down like a roller coaster. the experience you encounter are personal to you to your level of understanding and growth. someone else could have the exact same experience and yet grow more or less from it understand it more or less then you. make choice about this event that are more or less what you would have done. so you see if we would compare is level to your he could be better or worse then you. so do not judge by the level between you and someone else. have discernment and help other as they would help you. learn from their mistake and find solution, learn from the good that they did and the truth that they have find so that you can do better for your self and other.

also it is impossible to never encounter negativity in this world. also what some one view as negative can sometime turn out positive and what some one that some one view as positive sometime can turn out negative. who can make that change? the observer, the one that as the choice, the one that can find solution, the one that does not divide but unite, the one that does not go in extreme so that he will not fall in the extreme opposite, the one that does not blind him self to the truth.

if one is waiting for something major or extreme to make him advance to the next level. is it because he is not yet willing to make a choice? and something as to make the choice for him? it could also be that it is not the time to get to something new by is own choice? any way in this world some go in extreme and often things are reverse. or they have it upside down. some are confuse in ignorance or in darkness. some are self righteous and see only them self as good or worthy of something. thinking that they never make error and that they know all. they do not help them self or other. in fact they are afraid that someone will see them as they really are. so much that they have to denigrate and lower other people.

sometime it does not take something big to make a change only a simple random act of kindness.

But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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