It seems to me that the internet is the most clear and obvious demonstrations of the Law of Attraction in operation.

Different sites and blogs attract people with similar thoughts, interests and beliefs.

For example, the Inward Quest site groups together people who think alike and are interested in the same things (Spirituality, metaphysics etc).

What are your thoughts?

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As you have already pointed out, the internet is a facilitator for the law of attraction, because it serves as a tool for bringing people together with like interests, and for communicating information to others.

There are two qualities about the internet that make it especially useful:

  1. It is a "pull" technology, rather than a push technology. Rather than being provided content by content providers (radio, tv and newspaper) on their terms (what, when and where), the internet allows you to find and access content on your terms.

  2. With the help of search engines like Google, it has relevance; that is, you only access the content you want to access, and no other (in theory).

The internet is an accelerator of information transfer. Consider how difficult and slow it was to write papers and do research in school, when you had to rely on the library to obtain information. Now, most of that information is at your fingertips, instantly accessible.


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Yes, the Internet is clearly a good example of the works of the Law of Attraction in action!

Just think about it, had it not been for the Internet you and I would have never connected in the way that we have, or we would have never had the opportunity to share, and learn from each other in the way that we do now!

Frankly, the Internet has become a vital part of my daily life, and it would be very difficult to get along without it!


answered 30 Jan '11, 02:19

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Good way to express your point. I agree. I was just telling someone how amazing it was, that so many things can be executed via help from the internet. Furthermore, if I were to copy and paste this very conversation now, and search it 12 - 36 hours later, it would pop up with multiple queries.


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