During my research of Law of Attraction, I learned that we should focus on the end result. With some more readings I came across the concept of detachment from the outcome. This confuses me! Are we supposed to focus or detach from the outcome? I appreciate all the help..thanks.

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http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/4097/to-focus-or-not-to-focus-that-is-the-question - LeeAnn offers good advice but some of the answers to this question may help too.

(01 May '10, 19:50) Michaela

the thing is that you need to do both, you need to foucus on the outcome you want! BUT you also do not need to start a journy and expect a SPICIFIC outcome, what i am saing is if i want to get a car, i have the thought of the brand new car in my mind, so i foucus on it, i put ALL my energy in getting it, BUT i also do not dismiss a car that i might not have thought of as a the EXACT one i was origobnaly planning on, if i spend AL:L my energy and time only foucusing on a buick park ave. , then i might just miss the universes nudge into the chance of getting a buick lesabre. do you see what i am saying you need to keep yourself foucused on the end result but not foucus on the future so hard, that you are not living in the "now" the now is the ONLY place to take your que from the higher self. you will be soo foucused on the "ahead" that you will miss ALL of your oppertunitys OF the things that teh "now" can provide, i hope that did not muck up the river here lol,

love n light, rob


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To me, there is more than one meaning with these phrases.

Detachment sometimes means concentrating for awhile, and then letting it go. For example, you wouldn't want to concentrate on your goal every moment of the day. It's better to put your desire out there and then also go about your business of the day, with the trust that it's all "the works". This has always worked for me.

Another meaning, is that sometimes the universe has something even better in store for you, than your goal. So it's best not to be so attached to the outcome that you aren't willing to accept something better or different. Sometimes we don't realize the best outcome until later, and then it becomes apparent to us and we're so glad.

So you need both --- concentration and detachment.


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1. We send out our desire, our hopes and dreams, into the Mind of God.

2. The thoughts and prayers "zip out", and influence and go where our attention has focused.

3. Then, we "release" from any outcome, as I found out when this happened to me! (Yes, read the link!)

4. The outcome results just after we release from the desire. It makes sense- if we keep thinking and praying, we are still "sending out" and not offering God a chance to respond. We are not acting with true faith. Once we let go, then "POP!"...

5. We receive.

I hope this answer, and the story I tell in the link, will help you understand!

Blessings, Jai


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The prayer is the focus, but then you release it and forget about it. So there is an order first focus then detachment.

Your own brain works the same way, you want to know an answer or remember something, you try and try to remember or find the answer, then you out of exhaustion or aggravation just give up forget about it, then while you are doing something totally unconnected bada-boom you get the answer! It came when you gave up! But for this to happen you did need to focus at first so your brain knew you wanted some information.

Now the same result using the information super highway, you type what you want in your search, and press the send button, now you let go and see what comes back, your job of focus was the thought of what you wanted and the typing it in the search then pressing the send button the rest was releasing and seeing what comes back to you from the web.

Do you see it is the same for all three, focus then release, then receive.


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well for me in meditation focus is neccesary to be aware!as for the detach the mind as though and emotion creating turmoil in the mind to have better focus and concentration you need to understand all of it one by one and put it to rest! hope it helps you out!


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