This is a regularly made statement. However, when someone then says "I want to be x, have y and do z." there is most of the time an addendum that goes something like this: "You don't really want x, y and z, you just want the feeling of x, y and z and focusing on x, y and z is focusing on the how to have those feelings, so just feel x, y and z and let the universe come up with a way to support those feelings." I don't actually dispute that we want things for the feeling they inspire in us. But the things inspire those feelings for a reason. Is "you can be, do and have whatever you want" an accurate statement, or just a convenient lie made to get people to listen to the idea that "You can feel whatever you want, or at least feel good, even without x, y and z"? If I can have x, y and z, why can't I have the feeling of x, y and z by simply having x, y and z?

As a follow up question to those that answer yes, how do I believe that I can be, do and have what I want to be, do and have?

I was thinking yesterday about how our beliefs are shaped. Basically there are two main forces, personal experience and second-hand experience. Things you know because you experienced and things you know because other people that you trust claim to have experienced. You may not trust a random person on the street 100% but you trust that person 1%, so if you see 50 such people saying the same thing, you get into the space of believing the thing is more likely to be true than not, assuming there aren't people saying the opposite that you trust more. So there is a kind of web of beliefs in society; I've never seen an atom but I assume, based on how widespread and unchallenged the notion is, that atoms exist. If I question a physics teacher about atoms he responds in a matter of fact way, while Law of Attraction teachers are fairly evasive (see first paragraph for an example of what I mean). This is why I found Neville more helpful than Abraham, he spoke in a matter of fact way and told stories while Esther doesn't even let people finish their questions and focuses on redefining everything. It is easier for me to trust a man that claims to have experienced scripture than a man that claims to be speaking for an alien from the future. So to say "watch this video from Bashar" is not helpful because I don't really have much trust in Daryl Anka. In fact, Neville's stories are the main thing that built up enough trust in him to not ignore what he was saying.

asked 21 Mar '13, 13:29

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edited 21 Mar '13, 14:07

@flow Have you ever read the Power of Now?

(24 Mar '13, 03:26) ele

Yes, I have. Why?

(24 Mar '13, 03:41) flowsurfer

Do, Be, Do, Be, Do -

(24 Mar '13, 09:09) No Brainer

@No Brainer - LOL!!! I wonder to what you refer?

(24 Mar '13, 11:14) Grace

@No Brainer love it :)

(24 Mar '13, 11:31) ru bis

Is this discussion continuing from another page? Much as I try to understand it, am unable to. I guess "one can be, do and have anything they want" is from the secret. Am living that life now, and manifesting is getting easier (though one should be careful what they wish for-they might just get it). I believe if my son didnt send me a copy of The Secret, my life wouldnt be where it is. I have continued on my quest, landed on IQ, learnt more, and as an avid reader, am having the best of times.

(24 Mar '13, 13:23) ndwigabn

I have also read Conversations with God, and The Power of Now. I cant help noticing a thread going through all those books. Nikulas once commented on Conversations with God, but there were very few comments from IQers. Ele commented on The Power of Now on this page, and all S/He gets is 'Yes, I have. Why?'.

(24 Mar '13, 13:42) ndwigabn

Are you guys reading books we are not(personally I believe the 4 books are the Greatest books that I have ever read). Do I sense some rudeness to newbies who dont yet know how to navigate this labyrinth called life. BTW internet is very slow on this side of the globe. Waiting to watch a 10 minute clip on youtube can take upwards of an hour to download. Pdf is the best we can get, but we arent complaining. Thanks in advance.

(24 Mar '13, 13:43) ndwigabn

@ndwigabn - Nice to see you. Not sure which other thread you mean, but I think that both @ele and @flowsurfer are far, far from being newbies. Both are very well versed in all things IQ, in my opinion. ;) I think you are just seeing bits of long, continuous conversations that are being interrupted for hours or days at a time by the "stuff" of daily life. :)

(24 Mar '13, 14:51) Grace

@ndwigabn What is the fourth book? I asked why because it is not at all relevant to the question, unless that is her way of saying "No, you can't."

(24 Mar '13, 16:59) flowsurfer

@No Brainer I was thinking Balou when I 1st read your comment

(24 Mar '13, 16:59) ursixx

Balouuuu!!! I wanna be like you hoo hoo!!! I LOVE Balou! :D Good ole bear necessities...

(24 Mar '13, 17:09) Grace

@Grace @ursixx - Surely "Do Be, Do Be, Do.." refers to that song by Ol' Blue Eyes:

(24 Mar '13, 17:33) Stingray

"To be or not to be." -- Shakespeare "To do is to be." -- Nietzsche "To be is to do." -- Sartre "Do be do be do." -- Frank Sinatra

(24 Mar '13, 19:43) releaser99

@ndwigabn If you click on my profile; you'll see I've been here for awhile. I'm not trying to deceive anyone. Just keeping a low profile. Seems to be working great regardless of points. hmm You've been a member longer than flowsurfer has. I guess flow & I have more in common than I thought. I think flow knows why I asked him if he ever read The Power of Now. I was being a bit sarcastic. flow joined IQ on Christmas Day. Significance?

(25 Mar '13, 00:32) ele

Some people need to believe they can walk. Others know it and walk. Lack of certainty is detrimental and produces useless believes. Something to grasp on. Understanding produces certainty.

Everybody wants to believe something nowadays, it's like a fashion trend that never wears out. lol.

(25 Mar '13, 06:49) CalonLan

@CalonLan your Blue jeans philosophy? ;)

(25 Mar '13, 06:54) ursixx

@ursixx, just an observation.

And imo, it would make for a great tv show! I actually think quite revolutionary. "Beliefs special" - Raw, unrefined, the latest must have beliefs! Check which beliefs are in and which our. Top ten beliefs this week! And as a special bonus, we'll let you out on a secret belief that nobody's heard of yet. Adopt your new beliefs and stay tuned. We know how to make you look cool in today's society! Success Guaranteed. ...haha

(25 Mar '13, 07:39) CalonLan

@CalonLan- I'm guessing one, easy, cheap payment of $29.99 and then four instalments of $39.99? If it comes with a 30-day-trial-or-my-old-beliefs-back guaruntee, then sold.

(25 Mar '13, 07:51) Nikulas

@Nikulas, actually a bit trickier one. Give the beliefs out for free, but include one which says one must keep on donating portion of his salary to our bank account, because it's so great to have someone like us, giving you FREE STUFF. ;> ..that seems a bit more practical, from a business point of view.

(25 Mar '13, 07:59) CalonLan

"Do be do be do" Amit Gaswami ;)

(25 Mar '13, 08:28) Fairy Princess
(25 Mar '13, 11:07) ru bis

This will blow your mind....

It had been proven an atom doesn't exist! It is just energy, not matter at all.... Which seems to mean matter doesn't exist.

(25 Mar '13, 21:43) Wade Casaldi

You are a breath of fresh air, @Wade. Thanks for sharing. Got links? :p

(25 Mar '13, 21:52) Grace

@Wade - Everything is a wave of energy until observed by a conscious observer, then it becomes a particle of energy (matter). That's why reality is really an illusion, and why our experience of the illusion is real :)

(25 Mar '13, 21:53) Eddie

@Grace this was something I saw the quantum physicist talk about is the video "Leap." Eddie has it right exactly actually. :-)

(25 Mar '13, 22:49) Wade Casaldi

@Eddie - Simply and elegantly stated. A neat way to answer about 47 questions from me in one fell swoop! Thank you. Oops maybe I had 48 ;)... If you have a moment: How does my consious observation turn a wave into a particle? By slowing it, perhaps? Or coalescing it, somehow?

(25 Mar '13, 23:19) Grace

@Grace - I'm not a scientist, although I easily grasp concepts. Watching this video helped me - External World Inside Our Brain

(25 Mar '13, 23:28) Eddie
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No, for you personally, you can't be, do or have whatever you want. Why? Because you don't really believe it, you don't really believe you can. You're stuck in doubt. And then the question arises: So what if I'm a doubting Thomas?

To really answer that you have to reach the level of understanding about the nature of personal existence and how you flow experience to you. I've read many Neville books, so I know that he explains many of the same things as Abraham and Bashar - belief, imagination, feeling etc, but apparently you 'don't get it' no matter the source.

You see, without belief you won't allow yourself to experience whatever you say you desire, you'll just flounder right where you are. While feelings/emotion activates the vibration of that which you most believe to be true, without belief you won't reach the necessary sweet spot and actually bring your desire into your physical experience.

And what is doubt if not a belief in its opposite? When you oscillate back and forth between believing in something and doubting something, you remain where you are because your belief is not solid, so your experience of reality doesn't seem to change much. Another way of saying this is: There is only YES in the language of the Universe. By paying attention to what's wanted you're saying 'give me more of that.' By paying attention to what's unwanted you're saying 'give me more of that.'

Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting that you blindly believe anyone or anything that anyone says at face value, that's called gullibility. The point is that it's so obvious to me and so many others now that if it feels right to you, then you have to stop doubting and 'just do it.'


answered 22 Mar '13, 03:50

Eddie's gravatar image


What is a want, but an opposite of desperation. ;)

(22 Mar '13, 04:02) CalonLan

@Eddie - Nicely said though I suspect the message will continue to fall on deaf ears

(22 Mar '13, 04:23) Stingray

@Stingray - Thanks. That's OK, perhaps others will find benefit :)

(22 Mar '13, 04:55) Eddie

@Eddie Perfect! You hit the core issue on the head I think. And yes, I believe hundreds of google searchers will benefit from your answer(s) when they hit upon IQ and this question.

(22 Mar '13, 05:02) releaser99

Agreeing Eddie, so many great sources of info, admittedly, quite often presented in different ways but message ultimately the same . Appreciation to them and the lovely sharing family who make up IQ and are so willing to help "learners" on their journey . ThankQ All

(22 Mar '13, 05:21) Starlight

@Eddie "you can't be, do or have whatever you want. Why? Because you don't really believe it, you don't really believe you can. You're stuck in doubt. And then the question arises: So what if i'm a doubting Thomas"?

(23 Mar '13, 02:47) ru bis

@Eddie how do you feel when i send these phrases that you said to flowsurfer, back to you?

(24 Mar '13, 03:04) ru bis

@eddie - very well put!! Some people have powerful beliefs in doubt, but @flowsurfer is trying to understand. Perhaps he challenges us. There is some reason he is in our reality.

I recognize his frustration. Been there. Had to back up to solid ground, myself. Yet he seems to find that "solid ground" elusive.

I think that once he "gets it" he will be a very powerful manifestor of joy.

(24 Mar '13, 05:38) Dollar Bill

@ru bis Cool story.

(24 Mar '13, 06:02) flowsurfer

@ru bis - I thought it was interesting and a bit mysterious. My feeling is neutral because I haven't placed a negative judgment (belief) upon it. Do you have a specific purpose for doing that?

(24 Mar '13, 06:56) Eddie

@Eddie "my feeling is neutral because i haven't placed a negative judgement (belief) upon it" thanks, the reply is crystal clear my friend :)

(24 Mar '13, 13:58) ru bis

@Eddie What a coincidence, my feeling is neutral too. But let's clarify things a little okay? "I" can't because I doubt. If someone does not doubt, could he be, do or have whatever he wants? Bashar says all things are possible, but gives all sorts of reasons why you won't actually be, do or have whatever you want (the oversoul!). Abraham says it doesn't matter because all you want is to feel good, and you can do that regardless of what you are, do or have. So which is it?

(24 Mar '13, 17:07) flowsurfer

@ru bis - to clarify, my normal state is feeling good, so when I say my feeling towards your re-posting of my quote is neutral, I really mean that it didn't affect my good feeling state :)

(24 Mar '13, 21:10) Eddie

@flowsurfer 1 - At 07:30 I woke up to the lovely sound of birds singing and it felt good, very good; another wonderful day had begun. Gone are the days of setting an alarm clock and 'hoping' I wouldn't oversleep as I often did, and then being late and full of stress, worry and doubt, a world of pain and suffering...

(24 Mar '13, 22:03) Eddie

@flowsurfer 2 - So what changed in me? The realization that being happy and feeling good can be and is my primary state - beyond anything else that might or might not happen. From this peaceful state whatever happens can be viewed with an impartial eye, as Buddha reminded us, oh, not so long ago… Additionally, I realized that there’s nothing I have to do beyond whatever excites me and brings me joy...

(24 Mar '13, 22:03) Eddie

@flowsurfer 3 - To consider the over-soul’s agenda from outside of the feel-good state might cause confusion within the limited perspective of a rational physical mind. What Is and what will be does not and will not conform to the labels and demands of finality (this or that) from the rational and reasonable mind, nor will it be contained inside any box.

The birds continue their songs and I continue feeling very good, in-deed ♥

(24 Mar '13, 22:04) Eddie

@Eddie That did not answer the question, it evaded it, implying but not outright saying "No". Are you familiar with the concept of an "ego defense mechanism"?

(24 Mar '13, 22:33) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer - I answered in full, albeit in ways intended to bypass and thus avoid misinterpretation and misunderstanding of your ego defense mechanism. Seems I missed my mark :(

(24 Mar '13, 22:56) Eddie

@Eddie My understanding of your answer is, if I were to put it in one sentence: "Not what your think you want but that is not what you really want".

(25 Mar '13, 01:52) flowsurfer

@Eddie thanks for clarifying and assisting me to localize the hierophant within myself, in short thanks for assisting me to become more aware, more conscious :)

(25 Mar '13, 03:31) ru bis

Until this thread I hadn't read anything from neither Eddie nor Stingray that I directly just didn't appreciate. Sure lots of times I don't see eye to eye with their messages.. but at least now I am sure that they are falliable and human. ^_^

(25 Mar '13, 08:41) Snow

@Snow what i find particularly interesting is Eddie's statement "my feeling is neutral because i haven't placed a negative judgement(belief) upon it" ... surely a feeling of neutrality is, well uh neutral ... once the neutral statement is qualified by "because i haven't placed a negative judgement(belief) upon it" then it is no longer neutral. oh well, we're all human and we make mistakes sometimes.

(25 Mar '13, 09:25) ru bis

@flowsurfer – To be clear then: I’d already explained in my answer that doubt is merely a belief in something other than what you want. By oscillating between beliefs: I believe it – I disbelieve it (doubt) your pure positive thoughts/feelings are diminished and hence, manifestation of your desire gets delayed by you.

(25 Mar '13, 20:52) Eddie

@flowsurfer - You said, ‘So which is it?’ You assume that it must be one thing or the other, but that’s only because your mind is caught within the idea of dualistic thinking, and thus you see apparent discrepancies between the various teachers mentioned. Someone must be right making the other wrong. Sound familiar?

(25 Mar '13, 20:53) Eddie

@flowsurfer - Seeing the limited thought process of your mind I offered a different approach. You replied accusing me of evading your question and assuming I have something to defend. Do I or is that really what’s on your mind, your ego feels threatened somehow? I answer questions because I love exploring the nature of existence, it feels good to me; it’s not about right or wrong.

(25 Mar '13, 20:53) Eddie

@flowsurfer - I maintain that becoming aware of the action of your mind is the first and only step necessary in order to move beyond the idea of a mind that’s unconsciously controlled by a negative ego. Why? Because awareness leads to more awareness, it’s that simple.

Why not study the teachers who resonate with you and ignore the rest for now. Perhaps later as you become more consciously aware they’ll re-appear and all seeming discrepancies will dissolve of their own accord. Peace 'of' Love...

(25 Mar '13, 20:55) Eddie

@ru bis – thank you for allowing you to become more aware of the consciousness that you are, that we all are ♥

(25 Mar '13, 20:57) Eddie

@Snow – How dare you place Stingray and me in a box along with mere mortals 8-)

(25 Mar '13, 20:57) Eddie

@Eddie "mere mortals" ? where o where did you hear that?

(25 Mar '13, 22:47) ele

@ele ;) Took the words right out of... ^_^

(25 Mar '13, 23:19) Snow

@Snow Hey Sweetie - Great to See YOU Around Again & out of your Box! I felt you lurking. I figured if I said your name 3 times you would appear & you did - the last one, I didn't delete. I getting good at this magic stuff.

(26 Mar '13, 00:25) ele

thanks @Eddie i must admit when i first read your answer to flowsurfer i became very angry, i saw the image of someone on their knees(flowsurfer) and someone big and strong hitting him(Eddie), in short the image of a bully ... now with your explications i see clearly, bisous :) mea culpa, i plead guilty to judging

(26 Mar '13, 01:46) ru bis
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Here is the Neville Goddard quoted @ flowsurfer , for my comment attached to @Monty Riviera's answer

“In the beginning was the word.” Now, this very second, is the ‘beginning’ spoken of. It is the beginning of an urge – a desire. ‘The word’ is the desire swimming around in your consciousness – seeking embodiment. The urge of itself has no reality, For, “I AM” or the awareness of being is the only reality. Things live only as long as I AM aware of being them; so to realize one’s desire, the second line of this first verse of John must be applied.

That is, “And the word was with God.” The word, or desire, must be fixed or united with consciousness to give it reality. The awareness becomes aware of being the thing desired, thereby nailing itself upon the formor conception – and giving life unto its conception – or resurrecting that which was heretofore a dead or unfulfilled desire. “Two shall agree as touching anything and it shall be established on earth.”This agreement is never made between two persons. It is between the awareness and the thing desired. You are now conscious of being, so you are actually saying to yourself, without using words, “I AM.”

Now, if it is a state of health that you are desirous of attaining, before you have any evidence of health in your world, you begin to FEEL yourself to be healthy. And the very second the feeling “I AM healthy” is attained the two have agreed. That is, I AM and health have agreed to be one and this agreement ever results in the birth of a child which is the thing agreed upon – in this case, health. And because I made the agreement I express the thing agreed."

Here is the link to the book , I'm gonna suggest you read it then re-read it and really let it soak in it's 18 pages and in the big picture time taken to read will be just a Blip on the radar .Good Luck with your journey :-)


answered 25 Mar '13, 20:03

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edited 25 Mar '13, 22:07


@Starlight - Thanks, haven't read that for a while. BTW - he's a GOD who can be hard to understand, Goddard :)

(25 Mar '13, 21:13) Eddie

@Eddie , yes sometimes it does take a couple of reads for my sponge to soak his wisdom up but the more of his work I come across , the easier it becomes , a bit like different styles of cryptic crossword writers ;-)

(25 Mar '13, 21:58) Starlight

Nice answer, im SO glad that Nevilles name is appearing more and more on this forum.

(26 Mar '13, 03:34) Monty Riviera

@Starlight - "... if it is a state of health that you are desirous of attaining, before you have any evidence of health in your world, you begin to FEEL yourself to be healthy. And the very second the feeling “I AM healthy” is attained the two have agreed..." Great explanation! Thanks for the link, I've never read it.

(30 Mar '13, 06:44) Maria 3

@Marie3 , I have just finished reading Seedtime and Harvest, it's here if you are interested :-) Just scroll down the page and you'll find lots of pdf's on the left hand side :-) The highlighter in my AdobeReader is such an excellent aid

(30 Mar '13, 07:41) Starlight

@Starlight Seedtime and Harvest, i don't believe it! lol

(30 Mar '13, 07:47) ru bis

C'mon now @ru bis , you can't throw that at me without a qualifier ;-)

(30 Mar '13, 07:50) Starlight

because @Starlight i had just posted an answer involving nuts and seeds

(30 Mar '13, 09:53) ru bis

Gotta Love synchronicity :-)

(30 Mar '13, 10:06) Starlight
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There's nothing to add to Eddie's brilliant answer, but if I had read it a couple of years ago I would not have understood the truth of it...

So I'll try and explain the "just do it" in my words, perhaps it helps you.

Belief, or rather: trust without doubt, means realizing that you are already and have already all you want or need, and that you need to do nothing "in order to get what you want".

This realization turns around completely the way you think about yourself and of course others as well, and it leads you to the serene, even-minded and relaxed attitude in which inspiration shows you exactly what to do next.

The big problem for me was (and occasionally still is [stubborn]) that it requires letting go of control - completely! No desire to change or manipulate or to act "in order to", but simply accepting what is, right now, and taking it from there. No fear that you could "get it wrong". Trusting that you are and have all you need this moment.

It also requires to completely let go of both own and second-hand experiences. They are the source of information for our desires, our fears and our control mechanisms. They are thoughts about the past on which we try to build our future. And they can only ever lead backwards to what we think we know, but never show us what we don't (yet), that is: the way out.


answered 22 Mar '13, 08:28

Maria%203's gravatar image

Maria 3

edited 22 Mar '13, 08:30

Yes Eddie points out "just do it".

Not hearing is not as good as hearing, hearing is not as good as seeing, seeing is not as good as mentally knowing, mentally knowing is not as good as acting; true learning continues up to the point that action comes forth (or only when a thing produces action can it be said to have been truly learned.)

More commonly "what i hear i forget, what i see i remember, what i do i understand".

All this was gleaned here

or more simply, just be content with the maximum :)


answered 22 Mar '13, 04:36

ru%20bis's gravatar image

ru bis

edited 23 Mar '13, 02:48


a quote from Helen Keller - "I am just as deaf as I am blind. The problems of deafness are deeper and more complex, if not more important than those of blindness. Deafness is a much worse misfortune. For it means the loss of the most vital stimulus-- the sound of the voice that brings language, sets thoughts astir, and keeps us in the intellectual company of man.

Blindness separates us from things but deafness separates us from people."

I guess, take it from someone who's been there. :)

(22 Mar '13, 04:43) CalonLan

@CalonLan "take it from someone who's been there" lol love it :D

(22 Mar '13, 04:52) ru bis

@ru bis Just do what? Seriously, just do what? What does that sentence mean?

(25 Mar '13, 01:50) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer follow your greatest excitement, that which stimulates you most into action

(25 Mar '13, 04:53) ru bis

@flowsurfer - ru bis has nailed it. Just Do It! Can also mean, in Neville's words: Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

(25 Mar '13, 21:27) Eddie

blu to ru bis ... "ru bis has nailed it" :), you can say that again

(26 Mar '13, 01:52) ru bis
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So say the least anything is possible within the law's of nature, the variable depends on the plausibility. What makes things plausible is derived from personal experience, and this experience is what shapes the context of reality, so in all the question if anything is possible shouldn't be questioned to this extent, since the "real" of reality is defined by the self... I'm my reality Its plausible to transcend the "self" in medatation, my plausible may be your invaluable.


answered 22 Mar '13, 10:27

Prophet%20Uknown's gravatar image

Prophet Uknown

i enjoy the flexibility of this answer, yes ultimately all that is possible within the laws of nature can be achieved :)

(22 Mar '13, 10:42) ru bis

And what are the laws of nature? As far as I know, gravity doesn't cause aging and electromagnetism doesn't dictate your gender. So can I turn into a cute 19 year old girl? I'm serious; to say there is a limit without defining that limit is to create an open-ended excuse for failure which is why some things are not plausible.

(24 Mar '13, 17:13) flowsurfer

I know what you mean Flowsurfer. Ive looked into the Abraham and Bashar teachings and i see a lot of common threads running thru them, but personally, for me, Nevilles teaching has far more credibility.

Now that doesnt mean that the others are wrong, and im fully aware that many have benefitted from their teaching. But Neville just seems more BELIEVABLE to me. I know its an over used phrase but he just does "resonate" with me.

Groups of spirits and alien beings are just to much of a jump for me. I just DONT BELIEVE that Daryl is channeling an alien being. Now i didnt say he wasnt, i just dont believe he is.

Ive been reading Transurfing by Vadim Zeland a lot recently, his stuff seems to pluck at a chord with me too. At first glance he seems a rather unusual wacky chappy, massive wrap around glasses and a rather reclusive personality. He claims that we can have whatever we want, and it already exists in a space of variations BUT that our REACTIONS to lifes events put us on one life track or another. Although he only mentions the bible once in this book he does explain in detail how things like judgementalism, anxiety,envy,jealousy and anger put us onto a worse life track. The pendulum idea does seem to have a parallel in the Devil/Satan thing that so many christians are so obsessed about. Basically he splits things down to a purely "ENERGY" level. Which the scientists tell us is really all that exists anyway!

He again, like Neville , has for some reason inspired a certain amount of "CREDIBILITY" with me. HOWEVER to be fair to Daryl, he claims that assigning a positive meaning to a seemingly negative event can produce miraculous results. So hey ho, there are common threads of knowledge that span all these teachers.

I read them all, take a bit more notice of the ones i like, and take a "buffet" attitude to it all.

Ive probably not answered your question, but i hope some of this makes sense to you.

PS Ive nothing against wrap around sunglasses, they never did Yoko Ono any harm.


answered 24 Mar '13, 06:37

Monty%20Riviera's gravatar image

Monty Riviera

edited 24 Mar '13, 06:39

abraham then bashar take us to a certain degree of awareness, neville takes us there without all the frills ... that's my belief :)

(24 Mar '13, 06:44) ru bis

I know what you mean ru bis.

(24 Mar '13, 07:10) Monty Riviera

@Monty Riviera Neville doesn't judge and recognizes that we are human beings with a hunger for things in the world; even though he says it means nothing, he also says go ahead and fulfill your hunger because that process of fulfilling will gradually wake you up to who you really are. Bashar and Abraham, and maybe this is evidence that Daryl and Esther really are channeling, have no grounding whatsoever and insist on telling people to not care about circumstances at all and just go with the flow.

(24 Mar '13, 07:17) flowsurfer

Im with you on the hunger for things of the world. I think we have to first fill ourselves with that and THEN we will progress towards the things that Neville experienced. These things being far more fullfilling.

(24 Mar '13, 07:23) Monty Riviera

Neville does tell you to ignore circumstances ....... "You are, at this very moment, drawing into your world that which you are now conscious of being. Now you can see what is meant by, "You must be born again." If you are dissatisfied with your present expression in life the only way to change it, is to take your attention away form that which seems so real to you and rise in consciousness to that which you desire to be......

(25 Mar '13, 04:47) Starlight

.... You cannot serve two masters, therefore to take your attention from one state of consciousness and place it upon another is to die to one and live to the other." Page 4 of At your Command

(25 Mar '13, 04:49) Starlight

@Starlight yes, and that is why dreams and synchronicities are so important they show and pave the way to the higher realms, centering your attention on them draws your energy into them, pulls you upwards so to speak

(25 Mar '13, 04:57) ru bis

I rarely dream , at least not that I remember , sychronicities , yes Recognising now through Neville's work that everything is Source Manifested self included ,is a huge thing to get one's head around

(25 Mar '13, 05:45) Starlight

@Starlight yes intellectually neville's work is a huge task, however i'm talking about simple everyday concepts of noting dreams and sychronicities, there are ways to stimulate these aspects so as to bring them to light, so to speak :)

(25 Mar '13, 06:43) ru bis

@ru bis , care to expand on that , even if its under the heading of a new question :-) ?

(25 Mar '13, 07:11) Starlight

@Starlight Neville tells you "ignore circumstances" so you can create a new set of them, not so you can feel better.

(25 Mar '13, 09:04) flowsurfer

@Starlight yes i certainly can expand on that lol, if you like ask under the heading of a new question and i'll give all i know

(25 Mar '13, 11:15) ru bis

@flowsurfer , Neville does say about feeling and I'm gonna go now and find where he says it within the same work of his "At Your Command " and at days end isn't everything that everyone wants , yourself included so you can feel better , otherwise why would anyone want to change their circumstances , no matter it be , finance, health , relationship , possessions etc ? I'll be back later this morning with Neville's quote. @rubis , I'll do that and thank you :-)

(25 Mar '13, 18:48) Starlight

@Starlight - You are truly a Goddess! ♥

(25 Mar '13, 21:05) Eddie
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Yes and no. We create our reality with our beliefs. If we believe that we can get what we want, we will find a way to experience it. If we believe that we cannot get what we want, then we won't. We actually live in a reality that matches our vibration. Everything that matches our vibration is accessable to us, and only the things that match our vibration. As we raise our vibration, we expand our reality and what is available to us.

For example, this little girl really wants a real live unicorn. Fortunately, her mother did not say that unicorns don't exist, she said they are hard to get. Now, we have seen animal evolution, animals become extinct and new ones show up. So, who is to say that there isn't a reality where unicorns have become a reality, or that they won't evolve in the future?

Just because you haven't seen or experienced something, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Here is how it works


answered 25 Mar '13, 08:41

Fairy%20Princess's gravatar image

Fairy Princess

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@Fairy Princess Awesome video, thanks!

(25 Mar '13, 10:07) flowsurfer

You're welcome @flowsurfer. I thought it summed up nicely what I have been saying in several posts.

(25 Mar '13, 10:14) Fairy Princess

You can't always get what you want But if you try sometimes you just might find You just might find You get what you need

(26 Mar '13, 04:14) ursixx
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You can have, do or be anything you want, within reason. Those two words are forgotten most of the time. Just like you hear the old saying, "Anything is possible" yes anything is possible within reason.

For example: I could want to be like Auqa-Man and explore the depths of the ocean. I could also want to fly like the birds and strap some wing thing to my back. Neither of these are possible or reasonable things to want.

I could want a million dollars by tomorrow, that is impossible for me and most people. But everything is possible within reason.

It is impossible to evict a wealthy man, it is equally impossible to evict a homeless man. We all live in a domain of possibility that we must work from. Until we move out of that domain and into another, we are stuck with the present limitation of possibility of that domain.


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Wade Casaldi

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A million dollars by tomorrow is not impossible. You may not know how to get it, but there are literally millions of people who could have a millions dollars by tomorrow (by selling their stocks, bonds, yen, euros, etc) and probably every day someone is winning some sort of lottery prize that transforms them into millionaires overnight.

(30 Mar '13, 07:07) flowsurfer

Harry Palmer of Avatar. EPC talks about domains. Someone wealthy has a different domain than someone poor.

If we think of it as property we may have a small yard with no room for a garden. We can not plant carrots no matter how much we try. We haven't the room to plant carrots. Someone else owns more property and can plant carrots. Someone else owns enough to have a huge garden. The scale of possibility moves as we move up. For example it is impossible for wealthy men to be evicted.

(30 Mar '13, 11:10) Wade Casaldi
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