I put some desires in my box following the instructions in Manifesting Experiment 1, but as it's health-related, I couldn't take them out of my head, so I now created a Focus Block on that. Is one method contradicting the other? Are they both working at the same time anyway?

Would re-reading one Focus Block several times a day help manifesting my desire or would I be "getting in the middle"?

asked 13 May '10, 15:12

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There is no problem using both methods together - sometimes you'll want to get your hands dirty with molding vibration deliberately, sometimes you'll just want the Universe to deal with all the details. There's no right or wrong...just do whatever you feel like doing, as long as it makes you feel better about what you want.

If you do want to link both methods, then one good way would be to use Manifesting Experiment 2 to first make yourself feel good about your desire ("clean up the vibration") and then use Manifesting Experiment 1 to get very clear about what you want, and then let it go.

From that place of feeling good about your desire, you won't be stopping it coming even if you do happen to open the box and think about your desire from time to time.

If you start to experience negative feelings that what you want hasn't come yet, just start a Focus Block to tackle those negative feelings and move them into a better place.

There is nothing wrong with re-reading a Focus Block again and again if it makes you feel good, but it's not a requirement for the manifestation of what you want.

There is a metaphysical principle that says Your vibration about any subject always stays at the place you last left it.

So it makes no difference how many times you re-read a Focus Block - your vibration will still remain at the best-feeling thought of that block whether you re-read it or not (assuming you don't think about the subject again in-between those times).

What will make a difference though is if you continue to deliberately mold your vibration beyond that Best-Feeling thought into Even-Better-Feeling thoughts.

It really depends just much effort you want to put into manifesting what you want.

I guess I'm just fundamentally lazy(!) so I like my stuff to come in the easiest way possible with the least amount of non-inspired action, but I can quite understand that those with a strong action-based work ethic may wish to get more involved.

Again, there's no right or wrong with this...just go with whatever you feel is right for you.


answered 13 May '10, 17:18

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Thank you Stingray! I think I get restless when I am not doing anything about sth I want... But I will go on using both methods for different purposes I suppose. I just wanted to know if I wasn't contradicting myself! :)

(14 May '10, 15:44) BridgetJones09

The way I understand it is that if you want to manifest good health then you should have thoughts of good health. If you are continuously worried about your sickness then you are perpetuating your beliefs about ill health. I just started using the focus block/wheel but I really like it because you can keep changing the block or turning the wheel until you get to where you want to be. Your focus block should include the positive thoughts that you believe about good health. This gives you an indication as to where you are in your thinking about good health. Your focus block should not include anything negative (I dont think). And if you keep your focus on what you have in your focus block you should not be thinking negative.

To answer your question about manifesting experiment 1 and 2, I belive that you can use both because they both have the same intention to keep your mind focused on what you want manifested.

Also remember that if you need to see a physician you should do so while you put your thoughts to work for you.


answered 13 May '10, 15:24

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