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Hi All,

Am back on IQ after a really long time!

The reason to write this post is, I wanted to share something which came to me as an insight. Since I started my Inward journey here, I thought this would be the best place to share.

So, most of us have been struggling with our beliefs, resistances and attachments in order to achieve what we want. But getting the mind to be free of the above looks to be a pretty daunting task!

I am sharing an insight, which has helped me a lot and may prove helpful to some of you. Again, as shared many times on this site, not everything works for everybody. But still there might be some value here for a few people.

Consider a scenario you are in group of your friends or colleagues. There is one member who is always very negative. He always doubts, and feels things are not going to work out. More so he always shares this with all of you.

Contrastingly, the rest of you are quite positive and 'know' that things have worked out in the past, they always do and always will. There ought to be slight hiccups but that is OK and there are no reasons to worry. And based on your knowing and your positive attitudes, you absolutely ignore what your negative friend / colleague says repeatedly. You consider that this guy is just like that, although you cannot remove him from the group and it is best to ignore what he says and progress with the work as it comes.

Now this friend of yours starts observing that whatever he says is ignored by all of you. No body pays any heed to him, and therefore he stops sharing anything he feels. He still wants to stay in the group because he wants to feel secure, but he has now stopped sharing his views and opinions.

This makes things very peaceful for all of you and things move ahead smoothly, without an iota of concern.

It could also have happened, that when this negative guy voices his opinions, all of you would take it too seriously, and then you could have become negative too.. and thereby the attitude and morale of all in the group would have come down, resulting in no work or progress happening. Fortunately, you all had the view, that the perception of this guy is very limited because of his nature and thats not how it should be. Therefore you believe in your self and move ahead, ignoring this guy. And everything is working out just fine!

That guy always remains insecure, that's how he was and will be. May be one fine day, that guy wakes up to this realization that the view point of all others in the group is correct and that he now wants to think like you do. But leave that onto him, let the realization come to him naturally and let him manage his life!

So, Moral of the story: If you cannot / do not trust a person, because you know he is not right, just ignore what he says. When you ignore him repeatedly, we will realize and stop saying anything that doesn't match your view point!!

Now: Consider that the Positive group of friends is your Collective consciousness, your Source, your higher or infinite self. And the negative friend is your "Ego-Mind".

I think all of us on this site know that our "Mind" has a limited perception about everything and is always flickering in nature. More so it always thinks negative of everything - it is full of attachments, resistances and limiting beliefs. And hence it cannot really be trusted. It is just that way, you cannot help or change it!

It is best to listen to your infinite self and do as it says, and let it do the needful. But often times we pay so much heed to our "Mind" Which is so very limited in its awareness, that get are stuck up with what it says and are never able to progress.

Hence, learning from the story above, what do we need to do?? Just ignore what mind says.

Now the question is how??

Might appear very simplistic, but all you need to do is as follows:

Whenever your mind comes up with a resistance, doubt, worry, a limiting belief or attachment. Speak as if speaking from your higher self and say:

"Thats the Mind! Its doing its job..Its ok, just ignore!!

Do this whenever you feel the mind is presenting something, which you do not like.

If you do this consistently enough, your mind will understand that the "Infinite you" is constantly ignoring it, is not paying any heed to it, and then the mind will just stop popping up with resistances.

Yes its that simple and its helping me!

Just one piece of suggestion. Coming to know of this way of ignoring your mind, do not start hunting for your resistances and then keep ignoring it. Let the resistances come to you naturally and then you can just ignore those.

Consider a case where your negative friend is just sitting, and one of your positive friends says to the negative one, "Hey, I feel you might be thinking this (resistance) and you are going to tell this to all of us soon, and you know what? I am going to Ignore it!!".. I am sure that sounds very stupid..;)

Just let your mind come up with anything that doesn't feel right and just say: "Thats the Mind! Its doing its job..Its ok, just ignore!!

Let me know what you think of this.

Love to all..


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Barry Allen ♦♦

I believe there are no coincidences. It was just yesterday evening I realized, it is my mind standing in my way to happiness. As I wish not to double post, refer to my answer to Jai's post, which in a way I would have used to answer also yours - You may wish to read it here -

(17 Aug '12, 04:58) CalonLan

Thank you for this Sourabh , I'm eager to try this ♥♥♥

(09 Mar '13, 23:38) Starlight

@Sourabh - love this question, so what are resistances but the flip side of positive energy :)

(10 Mar '13, 03:04) ru bis
1 IT. I * LOVE IT! If you don't like the feelings from the speech your mind is giving you, don't listen.

(13 Apr '13, 00:41) Nikulas
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This is good advice. Ignore your mind, yes. Ignore your emotions, never! If you pay close attention there is usually an uncomfortable emotion that underlies those negative thought patterns. If you can bring that emotion into your awareness and release it or feel it without condition then you cut out a lot of resistance because resistance comes from letting the uncomfortable emotion orchestrate a story in your head. If you stay Present it won't get that far.


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This an excellent enlightenment! Yes I experience this all the time with people but never thought about it with my own mind! Had I to assign to that mind as if they were people trying to influence me, yes I could see this very clearly how I can just ignore it.

There is a point in the movie "Full Confidence" were the woman speaking says your mind will give you negatives about why you can't. "Tell it to shut up, you will not listen to can't anymore." I don't remember the exact quote but that is the point of what she said.

I just went to Karate and since I only have a few students right now there, if they get sick or what have you I am out a class. Well I thought I could leave early I don't need to hang around but then I thought this is my class! I gave myself a hard workout the full class night. I did not let up, and drove myself hard with no one else around. I did not slack off, I even did some old discipline things that no one likes to do. I held my crane loaded leg position for three minutes then the other leg three minutes. I held my arms straight holding boards with arms extended for two minutes I did not give up even when I felt the burn coming on. I worked with 5 lbs hand weights doing my katas. My mind said why are you doing all of this but my will said because I want to and I can even if it hurts it is my will to push through with it, and my body is not giving up until I decide because I want to not because I have to! I worked hard and kept pushing myself until my time was up that I would have had a normal class.

We are capable of so much more than we believe we are. I think of the great American hero Captain John Paul Jones who said, "I have just began to fight!!!" Even when we feel we can't go on, we have to be of mind that can say, "Get up you're not through yet!"

I think of the movie "Facing The Giants." That movie shows clearly we are not through until we decide to be through, until then we keep pushing even when we feel we can not go on any more we keep pushing. This is because when we feel we can not go on any more we have given up, but if we say, "I'm in charge here not my body and I say when I am going to stop and this is not the time!", we find that we really are able to go on!


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Wade Casaldi

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I wish I could remember doing and being able to do this in karate from 2012. I might be able to still do this, but it has been many years.

(16 Dec '23, 01:15) Wade Casaldi
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