If Higher Self is Neutral why does it feel good when we are in self-alignment? Can our interpretation of Self through the veil of mind be flawed?

Thank you.

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It feels good when we align with Higher Self because that's what our physical selves, focused on the physical plane, are deliberately designed to sense when we are in alignment.


See Is life really just about living in a state of bliss? for why this deliberate design exists.

It's a symbiotic relationship. Physical Self sees Time as fixed and Space as fluid. Conversely, Higher Self sees Space as fixed and Time as fluid.

Working together, they make the perfect combination for exploring a physical reality. Higher Self always sees the broader view (since it can travel through Time) while Physical Self always sees the ground-level nitty gritty detail (since it can travel through Space).

The energy of Higher Self flowing through us on the physical plane always feels good.

If the energy flows quickly and freely, it feels like passion and joy.

If the energy flows slowly, it feels like contentment or peacefulness.

That idea leads us to an interesting conclusion...

Negative Emotion is an illusion

There only exist differing degrees of alignment with the Higher Self, felt as differing degrees of "positive emotion".

As we are more and more out of alignment with Higher Self, we feel less and less positive emotion. But after a certain degree of misalignment, we interpret the lack of positive emotion as something real...negative emotion.

That's why you feel "empty" within yourself when you feel the illusion of negative emotion because it's simply a lack of positive emotion, a lack of unresisted energy flow through you.

It's analogous to there being only light, and darkness being an illusion.

Darkness is only absence of light, not a thing in itself.

And similarly...

Negative Emotion is only absence of positive emotion, not a thing in itself.


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@stingray thank you ....I was just beginning to suspect this very same thing. I have attracted a confirmation via your answer.

(06 Jul '12, 07:57) streetsanto

@streetsanto - Glad it helped. You're welcome

(06 Jul '12, 08:42) Stingray

@Stingray-Thank you for this wonderful explanation.This had made things a lot clearer.Amazing to know positive emotion is real, negative emotion is an illusion,cause they both feel very real.I never thought of it this way.This also explains how being Present would allow you to have a deeper connection with Self.And this stream of energy is always flowing to us, always available? Thanks:)

(06 Jul '12, 12:08) Satori

@Stingray, this is so good, so simple. And as @Satori said, it explains how and why the other things we do work. I have always learned lessons better when I know the how and the why. :) Thank you!

(06 Jul '12, 15:18) Grace

You're welcome :) @Satori - "And this stream of energy is always flowing to us, always available?" ...Yes, it's always available because that's what our physical selves are...a manifestation of that energy flow. If you imagine a garden hosepipe with water flowing through it, the water represents the energy flow of our Higher Self (an individualized version of the same energy that flows from Source) and the nozzle of the pipe represents our physical self. We can point our physical self...

(07 Jul '12, 04:35) Stingray

@Satori - ...at whatever we like in our physical reality and flow energy towards it. So when we "manifest" something, it's just an extension of who we are because it's our energy. That's why it always seems a bit bizarre to me when people create an artificial separation between "internal" things and "external" things, or "material" things and "spiritual" things. Those folks are misunderstanding that everything is spiritual because everything is just an extension of who we are :)

(07 Jul '12, 04:37) Stingray

@Stingray-Thanks so much Stingray, this was very helpful, I'm starting to get a clear picture. The mind interprets this energy flow as always positive in various forms of emotions. So the energy flow is essentially who WE really are, thats why the more we allow it, the better we feel. Everything is energy so everything is spiritual. The potential to feel good is always present. It makes you think in the times when we disallow this energy flow, Who are We being?

(07 Jul '12, 04:59) Satori

@Satori - If you consider the hosepipe analogy further, when we "pinch off" the water flow (the energy flow) and feel bad, it can be for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we could have launched a new desire and effectively extended the length of the hosepipe but no (or little) water is flowing through to the new end of it (the new extension of who we are) for some reason. In other words, our Higher Self has expanded but our current Physical Self has not yet become the new free-flowing nozzle so...

(07 Jul '12, 05:27) Stingray

@Satori - ...we are not allowing who we now fully are yet to that new expanded place. (Lack of water = negative emotion). Or secondly, we have pointed our physical self ("focused") at something that is preventing the free flow of water out of the pipe. If the water was flowing slowly when we blocked it, we interpret slight negative emotion. If the water was flowing strongly when we blocked it, we interpret strong negative emotion. As soon as we unblock that flow...

(07 Jul '12, 05:28) Stingray

@Satori - ..., the flow can carry on as normal and we naturally feel good again. So it's worth noting that Positive Emotion happens by default. We don't have to work at it, we just have to unblock the energy flow, that's all. Makes life so much easier when one understands that :)

(07 Jul '12, 05:28) Stingray

@Stingray-"Positive emotion happens by default".This statement makes me feel better.I'd agree with that.'Trying' to feel good doesn't feel good sometimes.This also explains why when you Deliberately start to feel good, "increase the flow" the blocks also reveal themselves.Thanks Stingray, the hosepipe is a great anology.Im seeing things in a new light.Appreciated:)

(07 Jul '12, 05:52) Satori

"What? Happy is my default position." ~ Toby Ziegler ;)

(07 Jul '12, 13:41) Grace

@Stingray-Just one thing came to mind,maybe this should be another question, if we are essentially this energy,then what is Awareness or Pure Awareness as its sometimes called? Is this energy a creation of Pure awareness?  Thank you :)

(07 Jul '12, 20:33) Satori

@Satori - I'm not familiar with the term "Pure Awareness". If it's that Eufeeling idea from the QE Cds you recommended then I would call that being at the Vortex edge, in the Abraham model. It's non-resistance with general focus. Much better than having resistance but less satisfying than having non-resistance with specific focus i.e. ramping up the feeling with Positive Aspects and Rampages of Appreciation. In other words, it's slow energy flow with an unblocked pipe.

(08 Jul '12, 00:57) Stingray

@Stingray-Thank you, something else I have learned.Forgive me for this.Where am i going wrong here.

I thought that:   Pure Awareness=Nothingness/Pure Potential

Eufeeling = Awareness of Nothingness/Pure Potential.

So eufeeling, thoughts emotions ,Us etc are a creation of Nothingness?

So in the Hosepipe analogy:

Higher Self= Nothingness?

Energy flow from hosepipe= ? 

I know I'm going wrong here big-time somewhere? Thanks.

(08 Jul '12, 04:45) Satori

@Satori - "I thought that: Pure Awareness=Nothingness/Pure Potential" - I'm not aware of ever having said that. I don't know what Pure Awareness is. Where does that term come from? Abraham define Source as pure, positive energy. If one is mixing terminology from different teachings, one has to be very clear about what the terms ultimately refer to since different teachings address different belief systems and all these ideas are models of reality anyway, not absolute truths

(08 Jul '12, 05:52) Stingray

@Satori - It's like one person defining water as being created by the hosepipe since it appears to be created by the nozzle it comes out of. And another person defining water as being created by the ocean because they've delved a bit deeper. And then another person defining water as being created by atoms etc. Everybody's right but each person has their own definition that serves their current needs or beliefs. Hope I've explained that clearly :)

(08 Jul '12, 05:58) Stingray

@Stingray-Thank you Stingray.No you did not say that.:)I was just referring to this diagram here:


You explain everything perfectly.Its just me getting mixed up in terminology again:) Much appreciated:)

(08 Jul '12, 07:46) Satori

No problem, @Satori :) Thanks for clarifying the origin of the term Pure Awareness

(08 Jul '12, 08:45) Stingray

Thanks@Stingray, reading this, into my mind came a picture of a dimmer switch being used, postive feelings varying shades of brightness and then turning down through less and less light. I now have a new way of looking at my light switches , lol :-)

(14 Nov '12, 21:30) Starlight
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