I am working with a friend on manifesting something and even we are practicing and focusing it still did not shown.

She concluded it is about 'Self-sabotage', which means resist your self knowing all the processes and principles and still fighting them,

Does that exist?

Can your mind conspire against you? ‘You can’t achieve it, you can’t’ and we end it up be the anti-creator creating the it can’t be created fact and that happens when the manifestation take long time.

Now I understand it will be personal effort to overcome that, since you let that conspiracy, but how this ‘self-sabotage’ is happening when you are good applier for LOA and its teachings and have old successes?

I am good in that, but not in that.

Isn’t it a law or it depends?? Then conspiracy and self-sabotage find a path to appear.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I'm not to clear on what you are talking about. But you/me/everyone are living out the creating from just a few days or weeks ago. If their is a any self-sabotage blocks; we have to find out what they are and correct them.

It's possible to create with ease, then hit a brick wall. This may be because of some blocks we have about the desired manifestation. Don't forget to allow time enough for the manifestation to appear.



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Yes I am not clear to it too ;) and it seems others since there is no much answers ;) it's my friend view, its about mind when fighting it self by itself, although it knows the principles believe in them, but afraid unconsciously so turning to be negative and doubtful by fighting and resisting when it did not come, such as you see you can't do it you can't,which require a start over and mind did that start positively then destroy it as matter of habit.

(27 Feb '12, 07:07) r0la

I believe it is a personal effort to train mind to keep on his start and quit games of negativity maybe meditation to set a belief of no more 'Self-sabotage', and destroying the whole work then need to start all over again.

Thanks for trying with me Tom :), I guess I answer myself at the end ;) :)

Blessing too!

(27 Feb '12, 07:13) r0la
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