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Today, an A-Bomb-of-knowledge has been dropped on me. So much information I don't even know where to begin. Just yesterday I was resistant to learning about Chakras, I knew they existed, but I was not in that point of journey where I felt it was right to be learning about them.

I should say my actions are mostly guided by my intuition, not what one would logically consider right to do. So I feel whether it is right to do or learn something or not at any given moment. I may be at work, but I watch spiritual videos on youtube or read stuff on the internet instead, because that's what feels right to do.

Anyway, today the resistance to learn about chakras was gone. And far more, not only I learned about them in a blink of an eye and I didn't even need to try to remember it. I want to know how can I guide them to heal myself physically? How do I ankh sexual energy back to my body? Why am I drawn towards elements of water and wind, not so much to fire and earth, or is it just a balancing act of some sort - as in principle of rhythm described by hermetics? How do I access Merkaba? And why suddenly everything going on on this planet seems so superficial and revealed shallowness of it is making me sick when I think of being part of it? There's much more question which I can feel but not verbalize yet.

I'm not really sure what my question is, perhaps this is a cry out to those who have found themselves in the similar place once and can provide me with pointers on where to go or what to learn about to get a bigger picture.

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@CalonLan, Inward Quest works better for everyone when you make your question titles as specific as you are able, even it is only broadly mentioning a subject area. A title like "Just a few questions I have..." doesn't help anyone who may have information about your question, or anyone who is looking for similar information in future. If you have multiple questions, please ask them as separate Inward Quest questions:

(20 Aug '12, 08:07) Barry Allen ♦♦
(20 Aug '12, 08:27) ursixx

@Barry Allen, sorry, but I still cannot think of an appropriate title for this. Perhaps later on, when the stun effect of my experience wears off.

(20 Aug '12, 08:40) CalonLan

@Ursixx, seems too small, I prolly wouldn't fit in ;-)... But how do I activate it? Do I need my chakras balanced first in order to access Merkaba? Or is it not related.

(20 Aug '12, 08:42) CalonLan

@CalonLan its a perfect size for an avatar ;) and isn't that a representative picture of yourself...

(24 Aug '12, 08:53) ursixx
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Check this out CalonLan.

Kundalini Yoga With Maya Fiennes:A journey through the Chakras.

There is a 45 minute kundalini yoga workout for clearing/balancing each Chakra.

A good way to "prepare for the Aquarian Age" in 2012

1st Chakra: COURAGE

2nd Chakra: CREATIVITY

3rd Chakra: WILLPOWER

4th Chakra: LOVE

5th Chakra: TRUTH

6th Chakra: WISDOM

7th Chakra: BLISS


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@Satori, thanks a lot! I'll check them out. And report back. :)

(20 Aug '12, 08:41) CalonLan

@CalonLan-You are welcome:)

(20 Aug '12, 08:58) Satori

Your chakras can be tested by a pendulum they should all be swinging in the same direction. If a chakra is out of sync then that is the chakra you should be working on healing. This is as you guessed a balancing of the energy.

The chakras are our power centers, think of the power plant that supplies energy to your house. That power doesn't come direct or your house would blow up! It has to be cut down and distributed through many distribution centers. These centers tell the energy where to go and how much to give to where it needs to go.

The elements now you are more drawn to water and earth than fire and air. You are more drawn to the yin energies than the yang energies. This makes sense as you seem to be laid back in your approach towards life. Fire and air are more active aggressive as water and earth are more subdued and passive energies.

The Merkabah is something I never really got into a lot but I can explain what I did get into. There is a Star Tetrahedron of energy the top spins in one direction while the lower part spins in the opposite direction. Supposedly when you fully activate this you can astral project to other planets inside this aura-ship. There is another even more complex called the Vortexijah.

Finely seeing all that goes on on earth as superficial is an awareness, I remember reading from it was either "In The Land Of The Living and The Dead" or "Thirty Years Among The Dead" that when someone died and went to visit relatives they were gossiping about this person and that person and when she or he heard this (That used to be a big interest to him/her) it did not seem interesting but so much more trivial and wasted time spent.


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