When I first read Lucid Dreaming, I had a lucid dream the very same night.

Since I have been on this board, subjectively my mind has been sharper. I don't know if this is because I have decided to get sharper, or because of the thinking I have done while on this board.

I do know it's not StackOverflow. In fact, I have gotten better at answering questions on StackOverflow since I started frequenting this board.

There are countless self-help books and audio programs that, while I can't put my finger on any tangible benefits, I did feel better after reading or listening to them.

Is this how it works?

asked 17 Nov '09, 06:25

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It is reprogramming our minds even if not applied, it shows a new way of looking at things. This goes into the subconscious mind and changes the brain Nero paths. But this is the thing the more you listen to this stuff or read this stuff it changes more and more until your thinking changes and you see possibilities and options where you once saw only obstacles.

On a spiritual plane you are tuning into the frequency of the authors, this is getting near channeling. It is something the more you read about someone you like the more you become like that person in frequency and the more the thoughts that frequent that person start frequenting you as well.

I have seen stories that you do not even need to read the book but just absorb the frequency of the book to benefit from it. That is something imagine sleeping with a book on your belly or under your pillow and absorbing the frequency of the book so your thoughts change!

I never tried that but I have read about it a few times various people, one was a little boy that showed it to a friend and was stoned or burnt as a witch or friend of the devil for doing that. People fear what they do not understand.

So when you read of the stories of millionaires or billionaires that went from nothing broke homeless to millionaire or billionaire it changes your mind from hopeless to there is always hope. I remember a story of Donald Trump seeing a homeless guy this was when he was in debt billions of dollars, he was WAY WAY WAY beyond broke, he looked at the homeless guy and said I wish I had his problems he is only broke I am in debt billions! Now Donald Trump is back a Multi-Billionaire.

I read stories of Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Harry Palmer, Mark Hamilton, Dr. Frank Wallace, Robert Collier and many more these all work to change my thinking that there is more, to change my thinking from this is all there is to this is nothing but a starting point to the millions of opportunities there are.

These are only books on the physical level the more I read about Jesus the more I did some extraordinary things I could not explain. I just did what needed to be done at the time, so we absorb the frequency of what we read about. I strongly believe that is how a lot of our saints came to be, they studied so much and so long the miracles of Jesus and the many others in the Bible that all did miracles that they started doing miracles too.

If I think about it it seems we are like computers and these books are programs that when put into the computers change it's functions and how it handles things. Maybe the matrix is not so far off in fiction after all???

It think it works faster with cd's and dvd's made to program us subconsciously while we listen or watch. It at the least helps.


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Wade Casaldi

There is a difference from experiential knowledge and book or cd knowledge. You can read how to put an engine together and look at diagrams, etc. and still really NOT KNOW how to put an engine together. However, until you actually DO IT, can you truely say you UNDERSTAND.

Here's the way I see it. By reading and listening you get the AH HA! lights turn on effect. The confirmation and clarification of what you couldn't put your finger on or some insight or perspective that you never thought of. Until you experience it, you truelly don't understand.

To answer your question, yes there are benefits to reading and listening, but not the same as experiential benefits.


answered 17 Nov '09, 10:22

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Yes, on can benefit from reading and listening. Our bodies are biological receiving stations that are impregnated energetically. If one can comprehend that everything is energy then, concerning this question, it is merely a matter of energetic input. When different energetic receiving nodes within our physical bodies are activated whether through mental, emotional or physical stimulation or experiences, avenues of information within our being are opened. That would be why we become clearer in our thought processes. We begin operating from a higher more advanced state of "thinking" than in previous living.

Love and Harmony, Your cosmic sister in truth


answered 17 Nov '09, 11:50

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