If reincarnation does exist and coming into the physical existence is our choice, and if time is a continuoum with no start and end point, then is it possible to be reborn in the past rather than the future every time?

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I Think Therefore I Am


Great question,@I Think. I don't know why this never occured to me before.

(15 Dec '12, 22:52) Grace

If you wake up today, and what most concerns your mind is something in the distant past, or even yesterday, or something pending in the future: I would say yes. Why? It is said that reality is an unfolding moment best experienced from the virtue of innocence.

(06 May '14, 09:05) Noel

Your question is the result of creative imaginations. I appreciate that.

(07 May '14, 03:26) PERFECT GOOD

noel, he innocent have clear vision, not yet clouded by irrational beliefs. so in a position to learn what it is they need to work on to take steps forward

(09 May '14, 20:28) fred
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My answer:

Life moves from one point at a time, to another point in time. Time is not an horizontal line, but a vertical one. I think you can see time like a stack of CDs:

alt text
Your life is one of these CDs, containing the data that you have chosen to experience before you came here. But these CDs are not full, they have alot of free space that you can fill in yourself, as you are a Creator, a CD burner so to speak.

If the bottom CD of the stack stands for the first life experience on Earth, and the top one is the non-existing end of time, your life would be somewhere between these 2.

After you leave this world, and you decide you want to experience more in this physical realm, you create another CD with preset data to experience, and if these experiences you desire are only possible in a certain age in the physical reality, so be it.

This is the only way I can explain babies born with illnesses and the like, their soul came here to experience life like that.

I hope my explanation is a bit clear, and I am open for input about this. Thanks!

Big love,



answered 13 Dec '10, 22:19

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I like the fact that you used the CD as an example tool. I like your answer!

(14 Dec '10, 07:02) Inactive User ♦♦

I agree @Milanz. If we can travel in time during our sleep (our dreams) then it should be possible to be born in the past if its the experience we have chosen.

(14 Dec '10, 08:05) I Think Therefore I Am

All lives exist simultaneously at the same time. Time is a side effect - an illusion.

Reincarnation is actually simultaneous parallel incarnation.


answered 12 Jan '13, 14:39

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I am assuming the past you are referring to is some date on our histories timeline. For the sake of exploring this question in a hypothetical way, let's ask if it would be possible to be reborn in 1602 AD, to parents who are Iroquois Indians living alongside the Delaware river. We know that reincarnation is accompanied by amnesia so that we unable to remember past lives or what occurred between lives. However, for this hypothetical situation, let's imagine being reborn with no memory loss. It's now 1618. Your 16 years old and mature enough to contemplate your original question. You are fully aware of having living in the 21st century with all it's automobiles, congested freeways, big cities, fighter jets and so on etc.etc. However, all you can see are hills and trees.

You know that all the 21st. century people and "things" didn't just cease to exist because you decided to be reborn in 1602. Upon reexamining your question, you would have to conclude that it is not possible to be reborn in the past on the same timeline where you lived in the 21st. century. Furthermore, you will realize that you are living in 1618 on an entirely different timeline, one which has a history of it's own that may or may not be similar to the one you left in the 21st. There may not be a Columbus who discovers North America. If there is, maybe he finds India as he intended and the Conquistadors are presently attempting to conquer Asia. Hypothetically speaking.

When considering the question from the perspective of all time being simultaneous, my understanding is that Time, as we experience it, can only exist in the context of space. The two cannot be separated. Neither can one exist without the other. Together they are a space/time continuum and this continuum (In this case, our universe) is created and governed by the laws of physics, those we are familiar with and any that remain to be discovered.

While incarnate in the physical world we equate space/time to where/ when. I must be in my office at 9am. To accomplish this I must transport myself through ten miles of space. At an average of 30 mph, I will require 20 minutes of time. Just to be safe, I will leave this location when the big hand is on the 7 and the little hand is between the 8 and the 9. Our physical lives are defined by measurements of time and space. Length, width, height, depth, speed, force, velocity, teaspoons, cups, gallons, barrels. Feet, inches, hours, minutes, seconds, days, weeks, years, short, tall, fat, thin, rich, poor, empty, full and on and on.

Both the physical material world and non-physical "spirit" world utilize light energy to create well-crafted illusions to decorate our existence. The difference being that one relies on clocks and measuring devices whereas the other does not. From the non-physical perspective, "what time is it?" will always be "now" and any particular location is defined by a specific vibration. The where and when of reincarnating is a matter of adjusting the vibration of the soul to match the vibration that is unique to the coordinate points in time/space. The reality is that there is no past or future per say, however, there may be vibration in some time /space construct that resembles the past from your future perspective, which you will have completely forgotten. You may, however, find yourself feeling aggravated and miserable because of dreams about vacuum cleaners, microwaves, and washing machines amongst other things. In addition, you'll have to suffer in silence or risk being burned at the stake after being accused of witchcraft or possessed by demons.



answered 08 May '14, 09:42

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From the non-physical perspective, "what time is it?" will always be "now" and any particular location is defined by a specific vibration.

This is perfect match of my perspective.

Silence :)

(09 May '14, 11:40) PERFECT GOOD

i4cim2b, perfect good, there is a past, a present and tomorrows. your choice is not when to come but which mother will bring you here, when the time is right for another learning experience in form

(09 May '14, 20:33) fred

only one of your three premises are accurate, so the logic would point to no


answered 13 Dec '10, 10:58

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Which one is true?

(13 Dec '10, 19:51) I Think Therefore I Am

I think the only one we know for sure is that time is continuum.

(13 Dec '10, 23:38) Back2Basics

duration is the absolute, time is what we make up to measure finite existence. reincarnation is the accurate description of mans evolution

(14 Dec '10, 00:03) fred
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That could set up a paradox in time. Example: you get reborn a thousand years ago. But unknown to you there is a man you influence that would be your great x200 grand father in law. He goes off gets killed while on a hiking trip you and him decided to go on. The full line of his descendants never come. The wife that you had in this life now can not exist so you are completely different and therefore when you die you do not get reborn back at that time because you have a completely different destiny. But the problem is you already did and now you don't so now two entirely different versions of your present have to both exist but at the same time there can be only one.


answered 18 Dec '12, 16:11

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Wade Casaldi

A possible answer:

"When you think in terms of reincarnation, you are still dealing with very simple time concepts. You accept, if you were born in 1940, a particular historical sequence: but others born in 1940, are born into a different time context, a different 1940, with its own probable events. You always think of being reincarnated in terms of being born backward into a history of which you have read. But any given year has its own variations."

"In a way you seed yourself into time. But you could choose to be born five "times" in 1940, and each existence would be entirely separate, as you probed into the probable realities existing for you in the variations of that period."

Source: The Unknown Reality - Volume Two (A Seth Book)


answered 07 May '14, 13:14

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@ T A-Reincarnation is a false n useless idea.there is no reality in it.

(08 May '14, 03:33) Zee

zee, it sounds like your statement is only of the intellect, from the form aspect of human kind

(13 May '14, 19:28) fred

What would be the purpose of being reborn into the past? It is like saying I wish that I can relive my life in the past, and in reality you cannot. Being reborn in the future is more practical, since the material body goes to corruption, and the soul will live on in yet another material body, regardless of whether or not we choose our own reality!


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strong text

According to Shakthiveda propounded by His Most Divine Rishidev narendranji there is no rebirth as such. rebirth happens while one lives ie. the soul of a person is replicated while sexual union.www.shakthivedawellness.com


answered 05 May '14, 22:49

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So that is to say that it is a new soul? A copy of the 2 souls ? Did this soul exist before the procreation? You might want to search the tag soul here on IQ. Your answer seems incomplete. Hence the down vote. :-(

(06 May '14, 23:47) ursixx

I agree the answer is incomplete. But hope there is some truth in it.

I feel it is a great subject with so many branches to it. Each branch has multiple turns bearing colorful truths to it.

(07 May '14, 02:52) PERFECT GOOD

'The soul of a person is replicated while sexual union'. I like the the term "sexual union". I think it's the time to explore the sex to the higher level to feel the soul at the greater extent.

Just be cheerful :) Love to all.

(08 May '14, 03:06) PERFECT GOOD
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