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Recently as I was travelling by road on my two wheeler, I met with an accident. I did not break any bones nor had major blood spill but several bruises on arms and legs, clothes torn and the vehicle I was driving was badly damaged, the whole front headlight, dashboard etc being smashed and the petrol tank dented. Someone took me to the hospital and I got an injection and they applied some ointment on the wounds and I was on my way to my destination on the same smashed two wheeler, amazingly I could still drive it though people on the road stared in disbelief at the condition of my body and the vehicle but I just smiled internally.

I was listening to music with earphones under my helmet when the accident happened, I have taken several long rides this way and consider myself an expert driver. Immediately after the accident, when people that gathered around me told me to sit down and check if I could move my body parts, the music was still playing and I remember thinking that nothing can happen to me don't worry and smiling internally.

After reaching my destination, I received a phone call from my father, that is when I realized that I was still alive, and I thought I may as well have been dead moving about in the astral not knowing that I was dead. Because the conditions of the accident were that severe, one moment I was driving at about 100Kmph, I saw a median on the road, applied the brake and next moment I was on the ground. I do not remember if the vehicle skid or how I lost balance. I remember thinking it did not matter either way if I was dead or alive, it was just a fact that I was alive still and that had been confirmed by the phonecall!

Now, my question is, did I create this accident ?

One possibility is that I was unconscious for a short moment when I was lost in the music, or was overconfident in my driving going too fast, and that resulted in the situation where I could have died but I was protected and fortunately escaped with a few scars.

Another possibility is that it is my personal bad karma playing out. So the accident was meant to happen exactly as it did. Could also be that somehow the universal karma was working out through my body (like what Christ took on during curification) in a small way.

Or may be my higher self is creating a situation to wake me up from a sleep and tell me look you do not totally create your own reality, there is something else also !

Or, could it be that accidents are just random occurrences, it could happen to anyone, no meaning to it, I could have died, but I am alive, makes no difference either way.

Or may be there are positive and negative influences, a devil who wanted to prevent me from reaching my destination and a guardian angel who protected my body from greater injury or death.

I am not sure what to make of it. I have no real need to be sure but I want to listen if there is a message that I am not hearing. What I seek is to know how to be sure, you may say look within and all answers are there or what needs to be known will be known at the right time dont make it too complicated, but appart from ideas and concepts that are true only if I believe them, is it possible to really know in truth why the accident happened ? How to know this ? Where is that red pill that shows me how deep the rabbit hole goes ...

Generally we can say there are no accidents and everything that appears in our physical reality has its roots in thought, but then how to know these roots and see them for real to be absolutely sure beyond belief, beyond your own thought created world, when something like an accident happens to you ?

Did i create the accident ? if yes then i should know why ! why do i not know for sure, its not that i do not want to see, i am eager to see the truth that is beyond my viewpoint or beyond veils ... how to see ?

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Keep in mind that this accident could actually be you attracting your desire for safety and well-being. You mention:

One possibility is that I was unconscious for a short moment when I was lost in the music, or was overconfident in my driving going too fast, and that resulted in the situation where I could have died but I was protected and fortunately escaped with a few scars.

I don't know you or your driving habits, but perhaps there was a tendency for your attention to drift off while you were listening to the music, or, as you say, you were "overconfident" and driving too fast. The Universe then made this accident happen--a serious one to "wake you up" into being a safer driver--without seriously damaging your body. The more I think about it, the more this is what it sounds like to me. If you were attracting hurt, death, and destruction, the accident would have turned out much worse for you. As it stands, my best guess is that your desire for safety and well-being attracted this accident to make you a safer driver, thus fulfilling your desire in an unexpected way.

Kind of like a person who desires a great romance...the Universe then "breaks them up" with their selfish narcissistic partner so that they are free to be with the perfect person. It might seem like the Universe is sending them something painful, and it may indeed feel painful at the time, but ultimately the Universe is just setting them up to receive what they really want.


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@lozenge123, this is an interesting perspective. We were just talking about this in my family yesterday. We've been thrown into some upheaval and unexpected change this week. We all, although uncomfortable for now and a bit sad, can see that in order to make an omelette, you gotta break a few eggs, and are looking forward to rebuilding to a new pattern, having been forced to break away from the old. It's all good. :)

(22 Aug '12, 09:49) Grace

yes, I agree with this answer, but how can I be sure ? How to talk with the universe to know what it wants rather than what I think ...

how to talk directly to who ever else is out there interfering with the reality that i create ? if the so called universe out there is a conscious entity, how to listen to it directly instead of having accidents.

(22 Aug '12, 10:32) DesirelessAbundance

@DesirelessAbundance - "How can I be sure?" There's no way for me to know for certain without knowing you extremely well, but your reaction to the crash seems to be one of gratefulness and appreciation. So if the Universe was attempting to attract something to make you feel bad, emotional upset, emotional pain, etc., it would have failed. And if you believe in LOA (which I do), the Universe never fails. So it seems likely to me that this is some way of the Universe to manifest another desire...

(22 Aug '12, 12:18) lozenge123

@DesirelessAbundance - ...such as long term safety. Or it could have been the Universe satisfying your desire to experience the rush of feeling relief, or the gratefulness of being alive, the rush of coming through and surviving something like that. But the bottom line is that these are all speculations based on my (admittedly non-expert) grasp of vibration and the Law of Attraction. There are wiser heads on this forum who can perhaps offer a more expert take...

(22 Aug '12, 12:22) lozenge123

@DesirelessAbundance - There have been many times in my life when something weird, shocking, or unexpected happened to me, which left me thinking, "What the heck is going on?" And it wasn't until much later when I looked back, that it all became clear. Some very strange stuff happened to me recently (I wrote about it on a thread), and Stingray explained that it was my dying "limiting belief" manifesting things so it could try to survive. So such strange, subtle things can be happening as well.

(22 Aug '12, 12:33) lozenge123

@Grace - Thanks, Grace, and yes...breaking a few eggs...I think I know exactly what you mean!

(22 Aug '12, 12:35) lozenge123

@lozenge123, it is always a bit scary, but I've begun to like the feeling. Like a roller coaster. Scary, but when you believe its all good, its fun.

(08 Sep '12, 11:26) Grace
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This is a question that I can relate to myself. It might sound surprising to you but I have had 3 accidents in the last 6 years, 2 of those resulting in my car at the time being a complete write off.

Surprisingly, neither me or the other parties were hurt in any of the accidents with the exception of the fact that I had minor whiplash in the last one.

There is no doubt that I attracted those accidents following the Law of Attraction. I can say this because I know I was building up negative emotion (in my case frustration) about a particular subject in my life. And from experience now, I know that my energy is flowing very fast so it does not take too long for vibrational matches to appear in my life.

My last accident, which happened about 6 months ago, was a real eye opener to me because when I thought about it, I could have died in it. However, there are no coincidences and I didn't because I was not a vibrational match to that happening. It was so clear that this was a vibrational match to my frustration about work at the time. Due to the nature of my job, I often have to work very late, and I sometimes also either have to commute long distances or stay for several weeks in hotels away from my house.

It was the frustration I was building up about all the above aspects about my job that I did not like that caused the accident. I made the connection because I analyzed the situation. The accident itself made me feel very frustrated. My sports car at the time that I loved to bits was a complete write off and I was left without a car. I was also frustrated that I could go to my client's site that day as it would take too long by public transport. I was also frustrated that I would have to involve my husband as I was stranded after the accident and I knew he would not be too happy about not being able to attend work.

I would suggest you try and make a connection that way with regards to your accident.

The other point that I would like to make is that the universe is always manufacturing taster situations or manifestations which is what I call them. In other words, in my case, a few days earlier, I came very close to hitting the car in front of me when setting off at a roundabout and I mean very close, but without hitting it. So, that was an indication from the universe of the vibration that I am holding and essentially a taster of what will happen if I do nothing to change my vibration.

I hope you get some insight into your situation from my post.


answered 08 Sep '12, 05:59

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Pink Diamond

@Pink Diamond- Excellent. This was just like reading one of Stingrays answers :)You obviously have a deep understanding of LOA and your explain it with such clarity. Thanks:)

(08 Sep '12, 11:17) Satori

@Pink Diamond - Great answer. The "taster situation" idea reminds me of the recent Batman cinema shootings where I noticed that one of those who was killed had narrowly avoided being shot just a few weeks earlier: http://tinyurl.com/834c4s6 Haven't really paid much attention to the story (don't follow the news much) but you can almost sense her fearful vibrational setpoint ("I wish I could shake this odd feeling from my chest") in her blog entry of the incident: http://tinyurl.com/6p3djs3

(08 Sep '12, 14:08) Stingray

@Satori - I am glad you liked the answer.

@Stingray - Thanks for the useful input. Another good example of the universe manifesting those taster situations.

(08 Sep '12, 18:28) Pink Diamond
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Dear DesirelessAbundance, I'm so glad you are OK and got away with it with just a few scratches. No you did not attract your accident as in LOA but yes you could have contributed towards it by listening to music and being lost in the music. Maybe you would have seen that meridian in the road a bit sooner had all your attention been on the road instead of on the song.

It doesnt mean that we can't or shouldnt listen to music when we drive but it does at times take our attention away from where it should be. You will notice from now on you will be a lot more carefull and pay harder attention to what's happening on the road.


answered 22 Aug '12, 05:00

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Paulina 1

well, Paulina, that is a practical answer, but does not resonate here. If I create my own reality then why should I pay attention to the road at all ... the driving is all on autopilot ... like the breathing and the heart beating ... I can be aware of these as a spiritual practice if I want that is good to stay present in now, but that does not mean i have to be aware all the time, the driving happens without me being fully aware most of the time, the accident is not in my reality. so how ?

(22 Aug '12, 05:43) DesirelessAbundance

As Calonlan pointed out in his question we need to see the positive of this situation. Thank God you are still alive and even mostly unhurt even! To walk away from this alive is a wake up call, not so much sent by any being but the experience you can reflect upon and learn from or just ignore it as an accident.

While you had this accident I notice you felt calm like CalonLan and myself. This staying calm allows you to stay alert, this allows you to be guided as to what to do when to do it.

I have had near accidents myself, in these I was perfectly calm and just did what I needed to do to survive. I do not think this reacting comes from the normal driving mindset but something more that survival mindset that seems to come on when needed. It is like in those moments God jumps to attention and says, "Whoa there! I'll take this from here!"

You just feel and know everything is going to be fine, relax, even though as this is happening you are swerving and maneuvering around the road and obstacles like some sort of professional Hollywood stunt driver. You just have this knowing that everything will be fine, you are not even thinking about the future possibilities there is no time for that, your mind fully focused right now in the present moment.

Now there is more to this than just one level, that was only the physical level during but now we have the contemplative level afterwards. As you said you didn't even know if you were alive or dead after the accident. This is not an unusual thing to be killed in an accident and think you came out alive unharmed. I am reading a book right now about this that a couple thought they were unharmed. Their car was a twisted wreak, they both thought they must have been thrown from the car somehow, the windows were up and the doors were closed. When they looked in the car they were horrified at what they saw and hence started the beginning of the book. (Heaven and Hell the journey of Chris and Serena Davis)

This brings us to the last part the reflection and contemplation of future. Are you prepared to die someday, we all need to be as this is a one way trip that started since birth it will end in death. Are you saved? Maybe you don't feel that is the path for you, it is your choice. Are you living your life for God? Letting God live inside of your heart everyday? These are questions that only you can answer to yourself about how much ready are you to go when it is your time. Even when the rapture comes we need to be ready, as Jesus said "Like a thief in the night" There and gone that quickly. Like the maidens with the oil we need to be prepared we haven't time to say wait a minute Jesus while I get ready, we need to be ready. The question is are you ready at any moments notice? To know that you are going to Heaven is a wonderful thing.


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Wade Casaldi

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yes i am ready to leave anytime, that is why i felt it did not matter either way. when you say "thank god you are still alive" that being alive is not important for me, because i trust life to take care of itself, what is important is to know the truth about reality, self created or not, and learn what i am supposed to learn.

(22 Aug '12, 11:20) DesirelessAbundance

It’s whatever you believe . We can control mostly everything in our lives but there are things we cannot control. Toddler friend in a pool a pool party bc he was curious and nobody noticed him going to the pool. So I consider this a freak accident . Then we have things we can control and we manifest the negative . Example : many homeless people had jobs but let’s say they got let go. The invididual could be so against working for anyone ever again that he/she created homelessness because they refused to look for another job. Or the fear of rejection when applying for jobs could have resulted in them being homeless . They created this scenario. There are some LOA experts like Abraham hicks. She has workshops where there are a lot of people and one asks why was my child born with this sickness and she can’t say I don’t know so she will say indirectly that he attracted it at a certain level . That’s her belief. Don’t take everything as gospel . Yes we create mostly eveything but there are some things we cannot control .


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Bianca red

@Bianca red- Welcome! Thank you for your response. I love to see new people here. I hope you will stay. ♡ Jaianniah

(31 Jan, 09:03) Jaianniah
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