This thing popped up into my mind reading Stingray's question about sacred geometry.

Some years ago, I read somewhere that our wishes/Prayers can be manifested very fast if we write them on a piece of paper and place them in pyramids made by metal or paper/board.I think the information is true.

Has anyone tried this ever?

what are your finding?

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Kathleen Kelly ♦♦

pyramids are a great attractor of electromagnetheric energy and help focus that into a point. i imagine that using them in manifesting should be great

i will add a question snet by one person from here




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TReb Bor yit-NE

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I have pyramids all over my meditation room. Most of them are made of stone...granite and etc. I have a few that are crystal, and gemstone, one glass. Not because of what they could do for me; I just find the shape pleasant. With the glass one, you can open one side and put something inside like a note, a pretty stone...anything you like that will fit. My ex husband once asked me to put some money inside to see what would happen; and since it was his intention and not mine, I then put the pyramid on his nightstand. I got used to seeing it there every day, dusted around it and general I stopped paying any attention to it being there anymore. But many months later he remarked that it had been his best year ever for earnings and bonuses. Was it because of the pyramid's power, or because my ex looked at the money there morning and night, and had it on his mind? You decide or try it for yourself!


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LeeAnn 1

LeeAnn-thanks for sharing your personal experiences.i think,day and night focusing on moeny was the cause that money took many months to manifest.otherwise it would take much less time.

(26 May '11, 04:16) Zee

I would like you to write prayer or things u want on a paper and palce them in the pyramids.then see what happens.

(26 May '11, 04:17) Zee

Rob's recent channeling of TReb Bor yit-NE, specially for IQ members, hinted at a connection between manifesting and pyramids.


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Hello Zee ... "it was strange to realize i had taken small pieces of cardboard and made a simple shape that could concentrate some sort of energy that would mummify food without any external power source" quote from Pyramid Research by Patrick Flanagan ;

i'm sure you agree it's stirring ...

Any one who has studied The Master Key System will know,in chapter ten, there is a very useful exercise using an imaginary pyramid.

Here is a video with Uri Geller also using virtual pyramids though this time they are formed by the human body in the physical world;

For details of my explanation of how this works please see my reply to this question;

have fun :)


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I have been working with pyramid energy for many years. Last year it occurred to me to try hanging my small gold-plated wire pyramid over my workspace. The theory goes that the small pyramid form above creates a larger area of effects underneath it. It seems to be working. I've found that I can keep a positive mind set while working underneath the pyramid. jmho alt text


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Mark Allen Frost

I never heard of that. But, that would explain why the Egyptions used pyramids as burial places.


answered 25 May '11, 12:39

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Fairy Princess

These sites might be helpful Power Pyramids Pyramid Power Manifesting and thisAngelic light

I seem to keep seeing Orgone as a theme here, something I too will now look into. Thanks for the tip:)


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Micheal-Thanks for the link .i will check them out.

(26 May '11, 04:13) Zee
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