Dr. Joe Vitale is all excited he said he has been working for six months on something new and he is finely sharing it with everyone. He said he has switched from the Law of Attraction to the Law of Creation. He says this is new and beyond anything he has ever studied in the Law of Attraction.

I thought to myself, haven't we talked about Reality Creation on here for years now and Deliberate Creation too? I checked and yes we have a lot. So it would seem to me Joe is catching up with us here on Inward Quest. They are used nearly interchangeably on here really. Like my manifesting my bicycles (that did not exist) exactly as I wanted them to be when I was in my teens and preteens.

Whatever we want we are attracted to even if it presently does not exist, that is what manifestation is!

What do you feel about this?

I may buy the CD set anyway maybe there is something I don't know already that I find useful who knows. Here is the link to what I am speaking about The Abundance Paradigm

Thank you so much, you are all right, I could make my own CD set with everything I know, So could Stingray and many on here really. I do have to stand up for Joe in that he does give away a lot of free stuff like his book Spiritual Marketing which is the E-book the Attractor Factor came from and his POD cast and many e-books. But it is not as easy to find as his pay stuff right in your face.

asked 19 Apr '11, 04:04

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

edited 20 Apr '11, 03:41

Just read thru the link Wade.The only good that over hyped crap will do is to Mr Vitales bank account.Why doesnt he just come out with his re hashed stuff.Why the bloody drama. God bless Stinghray,his stuffs light years ahead,its free,and his motives are purer.Come to think of it most people on this site fall into that catagory too.

(19 Apr '11, 12:36) Monty Riviera

thats what has always killed me,, why put $ sighn on spirituality? if there is somthing worth sharring for the betterment of your fellow man, why do others charge? i understand some have to do it if they want to maintain their lifestyle and want to put 100% of their efforts into it bet then you should make it accesible to all, unstaed of charging $35.99 for the book charge $10 or somthing like that, even that is rediculiuos in my opinion but like i said, to each their own!

(19 Apr '11, 14:36) TReb Bor yit-NE

When I saw the title of this thread, I got excited because I thought it was referring to the next Bashar seminar in July about "the 5th Law of Creation". Now I am not sure if Bashar will be discussing an actual "5th Law", or if he will be commenting on the purported Law put forward by others, as he did in his "Beyond the Secret" seminar. Hmmmmm....

(25 Jun '13, 22:52) lozenge123

I feel I must point out I have far more free e-books from Joe Vitale than the amount that I bought from him. Joe gives a lot free, completely free. So for everyone judging him for selling his books, CDs, and DVDs. Have you paid for Ester Hicks books? If you have then to judge Joe seems hypocritical.

(26 Jun '13, 00:23) Wade Casaldi
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the worst thing is that we all have this knowlege inside of us, unstaed of paying alot of money to buy the things we can get from inside , use that energy to connect to yourself! the inner self is ALWAYS the best personal teacher. NO ONE knows more about you than you !!! meditation is a great tool!

comment to montys above on the origonal question (thats what has always killed me,, why put $ sighn on spirituality? if there is somthing worth sharring for the betterment of your fellow man, why do others charge? i understand some have to do it if they want to maintain their lifestyle and want to put 100% of their efforts into it bet then you should make it accesible to all, unstaed of charging $35.99 for the book charge $10 or somthing like that, even that is rediculiuos in my opinion but like i said, to each their own! )

love n light,



answered 19 Apr '11, 14:38

TReb%20Bor%20yit-NE's gravatar image

TReb Bor yit-NE

Goods points raised Rob.Why not help people for nothing.After all,if you really believe in LOA then youll attract good things back to you from Source.I dont quite believe Jo Vitale believes in LOA or LOC.

(19 Apr '11, 15:47) Monty Riviera

i am not truly familiar with his work but it goes for anyone who has the ability to help and selfishly will not untill they are given $, i just do not get it! thankl you monty, i agree with you that stingray is a great guy and his stuff is valid and free,, as is my sources info! love n light

(19 Apr '11, 15:52) TReb Bor yit-NE

Rob lets say your source is reaching out to tens of thousands of people.How do you do this for no money? Money is not wrong,money is a tool.Don't limit yourself. 10 dollars is the same as 39.95 or 1000 dollars.How many of us have found the knowledge inside ourselves by ourselves?Someone wrote something or recorded something that helped us.

(20 Apr '11, 07:54) ursixx

i know that money is needed and i know that it can help but i just dont feel "ok" with asking others 4 money,, even when others have offerd it for the help we have given them, TReb Bor yit-NE has no need 4 it here lol and he is doing the "wisdom" work,,, i just enjoy the ride so to say,, i bennifit 2 from learning,, i do underrstand what u mean though,love n light

(20 Apr '11, 13:06) TReb Bor yit-NE

WOW, nice to see how things are always appreciated as minds can become swayed and as beliefs change daily.

(25 Jun '13, 22:20) TReb Bor yit-NE
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Do you agree that consciousness is contained within All That Is because All That Is comes from consciousness? And that due to the Universal vibrational law of attraction, there are no accidents or mistakes because everything That Is came forth due to vibrational requests?

If so, then you see that Dr. Joe Vitale’s work, presented and marketed in the way he does, already, automatically, contains those people (the market) who need or want it presented in that way in order for it to help or serve them in some way.

Is the law of creation the next step?

My simple answer is yes, for Dr. Joe’s followers/students the law of creation is the next step.

Now to continue the debate...

Years ago I was attracted to Dr. Joe’s methods and work and three of his products actually helped me a lot. I spent US$30, US$40 and US$75 and I consider that to be good value for what I learned. However, after some time I became bored with his non-stop sales barrage, so I removed myself from his list, marking the end of my interest in Dr. Joe Vitale’s teachings.

One of the things I learned from him is there’s no difference between attracting US$1 or US$1,000,000; the only difference is in our personal belief that we can or cannot have that money. Sure, Dr. Joe is all about money and material things, but that must be due to the vibrational requests from so many people wanting those things, right? And money is a great entry point into understanding the ideas of vibrational attraction because most people want more money.

Perhaps more importantly for me, Dr. Joe introduced Neville Goddard, around the same time as I discovered Abraham. Neville taught me as much about reality creation as Abraham, but in a completely different way. He was a third density being and taught while he was still in physicality, through examples of his own life. And he explained relevant things from the bible that have been misinterpreted or concealed in ways which has rendered them ineffective.

Thus, although I’m no longer attracted to Dr. Joes work; it’d be hypercritical of me to run him or his methods down. I simply choose to no longer pay attention to his work.

In our current state of evolution we use money as a token of value in exchange for services rendered. As long as we’re still in this paradigm, everyone needs money. Therefore, doesn’t it make sense to use the laws to get yourself into a financial position, free of worry and stress in order that you can spend your time helping others, if that’s your MO?

That’s my goal anyway and I will have products for sale that will help me to achieve that goal. And I’m using the laws every day of my life in order to prove to myself how the laws work. If we are not able to use the laws, that we want to share with others, to attract money and abundance into our own lives, do we really have anything to share?

When Dr. Joe wants to attract a new car, he focuses on the end result, feels good about it and because he has no resistance to owning that car, the money needed to buy it just finds its way to him. That’s how the laws work and what he teaches.

Yes, these laws have always existed and no money is needed in order to utilize them, but until we become aware of them we reside in ignorance of them. I’m glad that I stepped up and paid for people’s time and efforts in bringing those subjects to my attention, because now I’m happy and feel good for 95% of the time. Priceless!


answered 20 Apr '11, 04:32

Eddie's gravatar image


This Neville Goddard sounds interesting.I will google him but if youve any links i would be gratefull.

(20 Apr '11, 08:27) Monty Riviera

Just read some of his work.I will be giving it my attention i think.He talks about persisting in being what you want to be,then it "hardening " into fact.Ive never heard it put that way.I like it.

(20 Apr '11, 08:36) Monty Riviera
(20 Apr '11, 10:03) Eddie

Thanks Eddie,im reading thru some of his lectures now. This sites next on my list.Im REALLY enjoying his writings.

(20 Apr '11, 13:56) Monty Riviera

195 different lectures Eddie.I cant thank you enough for putting me on to this.There like nothing ive ever heard before.His take is almost unique,to me anyway.He has answered a few questions that have been nagging me a little recently.

(21 Apr '11, 08:22) Monty Riviera

I'm glad you like his work, I love it :)

(21 Apr '11, 08:56) Eddie
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Dr. Vitale's message is so heavy on the SELLING, SELLING, SELLING you something that it just doesn't resonate with me at all. He comes off more as a materialistic salesman to me, than a spiritual person. Of course, this is just my opinion. But you are right, Wade, "The Law of Creation" idea has already existed here on IQ and there is plenty of proof of that! Just look at all of the posts which mention "creation" or "manifestation", going back quite a ways.


answered 19 Apr '11, 06:41

LeeAnn%201's gravatar image

LeeAnn 1

Beat me to it :) I have to say tho, that a couple of his products did help me a few years ago. Also, his market may be so conditioned to TV and advertising that Joe's methods may be just what they need in order to crack their hard materialistic shell. Just a thought :)

(19 Apr '11, 07:20) Eddie

Old as the hills this one Wade.And i know you know this.

Poor old Jesus had no Jo Vitale,no computer,no web sites,no modern catch phrases.

How the hell did He manage to

1.Manifest instantly.

2.Create out of thin air.

3.Defy the very laws of nature.

Jo Vitales flogging stuff for money,Christ gave His knowledge away for free.

Theres a very simple way of manifesting or creating.

Esther would explain it as matching the vibrational frequency of the thing asked for.

Jesus would say believe youve already received it.

For me thats it......end of story. Dress it up in any language you want,market it any way you want.It makes no odds.

Jesus said simply that according to your faith so be it unto you.

Hicks says that according to your dominant vibrational offering so be it unto you.

Creation or attraction,attraction or creation. In the end the results are the same.And lets face it thats the inportant bit.If youve attracted something OR created it you still get it.Sure you may want something that exists already but not in your ownership.But frankly if it does exist in the now ( and by this i mean physically) if it isnt yours and the it is then its been created in your personal experience anyway.

Either way you didnt have it physically.now you do.

And the method of receiving hasnt changed for the last 14 billion years,and God alone knows maybe even before that.

Same mechanics/laws,different route,same end result.

Im not sure what Vitales charging for this but i bet you could source all this from past posts on IQ ,and from people who could put it a far better than i can.

Catch up Jo!


ps Im not against Jo,im sure hes a nice chap....and im glad hes excited..we all need a bit if that!


answered 19 Apr '11, 09:28

Monty%20Riviera's gravatar image

Monty Riviera

edited 19 Apr '11, 10:26

@monty tell me something do they still pass a collection basket or have a box at the door where you worship?

(20 Apr '11, 07:53) ursixx

Not a worshipper ursixx.Im no church memeber,but if i was i would pick one with no basket or plate.My rationale is this:we worship a God who owns everything,why beg for money? I know what you mean ursixx,i really do.But when i read Vitales hype and bullshit it just makes me so sad that the poor fellow hasnt mastered the art of receiving hes trying to sell. But thats my opinion,and there may well be peoplw whove found his stuff usefull.Its a free world.Im glad it is.

(20 Apr '11, 08:19) Monty Riviera

I like Joe.I have never bought anything from him. I remember him from The Secret.I have seen him in a few vids on YouTube.
But complaining about him wanting money is a limiting belief.
The man is making a living selling a service that he does well.It seems he likes what he is doing
" following his joy "I'm sure he has a staff to pay , he has multiple websistes(not free to administrate or develop)and markets a number of books and dvds and sevices.On one of his website he states clearly that he is a marketing person.
And if you don't want to pay don't.He has over 100 videos in his YouTube channel not to mention he is seen on many others there . As you said he also free information on his websites.
We live in a money driven society their are not many free lunches and if it is a free lunch that just means someone else is picking up the tab and that is great too. Isn't just as much if not more to invite a friend to lunch as it is to be invited?
Wade If you want it buy it! Don't limit yourself. If it was a bad purchase you have learned a lesson if it was a good purchase you have learned a lesson.Win-win!


answered 20 Apr '11, 07:40

ursixx's gravatar image


@wade and after you do buy it you can share the knowledge with us ;)

(20 Apr '11, 07:55) ursixx

Yes you know how sharing I am, mostly my own enlightenments but if I find something interesting I learn i do love to help others with what I learn. :-D

(20 Apr '11, 15:32) Wade Casaldi

I don't think giving things away for free is supportive or counter productive to one's spiritual path.

It is the meaning that is associated with the action.

If one chooses to make a living by sharing what they know, their intent and sincerity will automatically form the basis of their reflected reality.

So everything balances out anyway.

Our difficulty in accepting the apparent exploitation of "sacred knowledge" may have more to with our own self judgment; "I should be making a living with this stuff, after all I know just as much, or even more than this guy".


answered 27 Apr '11, 20:32

The%20Traveller's gravatar image

The Traveller

when you put something in the mind you are creating and giving it power! it start a belief! that is why someone needs to be zen in life to see things as they are! and put is power to good use!


answered 27 Apr '11, 15:53

white%20tiger's gravatar image

white tiger

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