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The question is simple - who are you?

What makes you be who you are? Are you your car or your phone? Are you what you think or what you experience or what you know?

What do you derive the value of yourself from?

To be continued... ;)

asked 23 Aug '12, 04:06

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edited 23 Aug '12, 04:07

Those who define themselves, don't know who they Are :)

The tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao


answered 23 Aug '12, 08:04

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Well, I hoped this wouldn't be the first answer to get posted. It kind of interferes with my own little experiment here. Never mind, I'll try another time. :)

(23 Aug '12, 08:10) CalonLan

when in doubt trust the Tao

(24 Aug '12, 09:01) ursixx

according to me- ur the one what u do..for others.that is how much u give to others in ur thoughts,words and deeds n ur -what ur spirit is, "how much ur aware of ur higher self"is what ur. material things is just the outer reality which can be changed anytime. ur what ur relationship is with u. ur what ur relations r with others.


answered 23 Aug '12, 09:32

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