Since beginning to wake up, I have realized that there are facets of my own being that have been suppressed and are gradually coming to the surface. Quite often we seem to be in denial of these parts of our self that we've previously been unaware of and even when we do become aware, there is sometimes a tendency to try to continue this denial. By continually trying to deceive ourselves, are we in fact only hindering our own growth and self realizaton of the authentic self?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

It is a twist within a twist

An irresolvable paradox

Where is the self & where is the source?

If the self starts to discover it is source, can the self continue to be the self or must it lose itself to the source in realizing that connection?

If the source is "All that is", or "Infinite Creation", or "Unconditional Love", or "GOD" then, does the source contain the same imperfections that the self contains at the same intensity?

If it doesn't, then it is easy to say "Since I am recognizing imperfections within me, I haven't fully realized my connection or the experience of the source, because I know that the source is pure and free from these imperfections"

However, if the source is truly "ALL THAT IS", and therefore MUST contain all the imperfections as well, would we recognize within our consciousness the moment when we are truly in harmony with the source and "OUR AUTHENTIC SELF"?

Is it really about "Purity of Consciousness" or is it about "Clarity of Intention"?

I think we are here to lean about Cause & Effect and how the application of that mechanism with a Clarity of Intention will produce a more Soul fulfilling experience of growth.

So the more spiritual an individual becomes, the easier it is for them to choose their Joy or Suffering with greater clarity and intensity.

They can choose All Joy & No suffering if they wish, or consequently they can also choose all Suffering and no joy, all the while still growing in greater spiritual clarity and understanding.

I think the real deception is the idea that the one that "Thinks" is the one that exists within, making the phrase "I think therefore I am" very popular. Because I believe that the truth is hidden from the self when the self tries to "think" towards finding it.

There is a presence that is not annihilated in the absence of thought. It is possible to exist within the guidance of this "thoughtless" presence. And when you catch it (only in moments) it is like existing in pure intuition. This intuition is neither “Good” nor "Bad" intuition. It is just what it is, pure potentiality.

Riding on top of that pure source of "how to do anything in this reality" is ,I think, Our constructed identity of who we are, including all our history, our dreams, and our baggage.

I think as long as we exist in this dimension, we must play by its rules, and the rules of existence, require us to live through this constructed identity like carrying a business card, or being identified by the profession we are engaged in.

I think to completely wake up would entail giving up our constructed self, and that is quite impractical in this modern society, for everyone that is living.

We have to realize that the person within is the person that is reflected in everyone that is surrounding us. And therefore, what we seek within our consciousness should be practical for the average person, for all of us cannot retreat into a cave and sit in meditation to discover the "Source". If we did that, who would grow our food and build our shelters?

What we work on within ourselves automatically gets added to the consciousness database of the human species. We have to work from where we are at, as individuals that are reflected in each other.

That means we have to acknowledge that there is good and evil within all of us, and at the same time we are all spiritual beings.

Until we get past that truth we cannot help ourselves and each other on a spiritual level to get past this mess we are currently manifesting and experiencing.

So we have to acknowledge all that is true about us "the stuff that nobody knows about, the thoughts that occur to us in the privacy of ourselves". And we have to start from there knowing that "getting rid" of something only attracts more of that something.

We have to stop saying "It's not me, it's them...They are the ones with bad intention". And maybe the path to getting rid of this mess is to learn from Jesus who "died on the cross for our sins.

Maybe, we have to start forgiving the crimes that occur all over the world within our individual consciousness as, if it could have been one of us, and in doing so, we gradually balance the potential negativity that is waiting in the wings to manifest through the next available volunteer. And along with this stop anticipating and therefore manifesting more and more suffering that has not happened yet.


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The Traveller

Yes! Yes! Yes! - Dare I say a 'thought provoking answer', you verbalized exactly what has been trying to come into my own awareness. Thank you :)

(31 Oct '10, 18:05) Michaela

Thank you for asking this amazing question Michaela. I am dealing with the same realization and problem within myself & trying to verbalize it in some way so that I can understand it better. I think we as a species are approaching a fork in the road and what ever solution we work on has to work for the average person, if we are to keep evolving (or survive the shift). I really believe that the many reflect the individual and to save the individual the many need to survive. The "way to shift" must be possible by anyone who wants’ to try, not just the "spiritually clean and ready"

(01 Nov '10, 01:21) The Traveller

I feel like I need to clarify my position a little more. We have been trained to have un-believable guilt for having in-appropriate or not-so good thoughts. Especially if we are interested in spiritual matters, and therefore, supposed to be able to resist negativity. This Guilt thrusts that very experience of guilt into physical manifestation again and again in an endless loop. We have to come to terms with being imperfect and understand that imperfection is almost a pre-requisite to awakening to a higher purpose, during which imperfection is a constant companion.

(01 Nov '10, 01:57) The Traveller

Acceptance of our imperfection or negative aspects of our being ( and I don't mean we have to act from them or dwell on them) helps us realize the true perfection in 'All that is'?

(01 Nov '10, 17:05) Michaela

That's a good way to put it Michaela. That's exactly it! Because it occurs in the mind doesn't necessarily mean it exist within the person who thought it. But the potential to manifest it exist within everyone. It occurs in the mind because the source contains all.

(01 Nov '10, 20:50) The Traveller

Thanks Traveller - Getting clearer all the time :)

(02 Nov '10, 02:11) Michaela

@The Traveller - This is brilliant.

(02 Sep '12, 01:21) Grace

@The Traveller - Indeed this is brilliant - owning your own shadow is the way to go.

(02 Sep '12, 10:53) Catherine

the self is you spirit children of light made in the image of the source the father of light the absolute truth the alpha and the omega.

(02 Sep '12, 11:15) white tiger

as for the crime that is also cause by darkness,it does not help you to become darkness,that is a crime against your self and other,who is with out sin to cast the first stone? jesus was with out sin and he did not condemn or throw a stone at the women.rather be the light that you can be and stay in the truth with a good soul (mind and heart).

(02 Sep '12, 11:25) white tiger
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you seem to want to call it denial, why not a learning process,
don't believe any of us learned to walk overnight and it was not of our denial;
just that all the pieces had to be placed in the right order,
which may be different from what one may see others doing or believe thay are doing.


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It is all a learning process whether we acknowledge it or not. However,by buying into the self denial, I think we inhibit our own evolution.

(31 Oct '10, 18:03) Michaela

you need to find balence in you!and become a whole on the 2 side! once that is done you will see things differently!


answered 07 May '11, 09:49

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white tiger

Balance indeed :)

(08 May '11, 13:40) Michaela
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