I do not currently have a good relationship with my boss. I had to ask for something that is outside of my employment contract and I timed it for when he is in an OK mood and sent of the email (he doesn't work in the office all the time). I tried pre-paving before sending this off and have been trying to calm my thoughts and just leave it with the universe.

Unfortunately the doubting thoughts have flooded in and now I am really worried that I am making the situation worse and worse and almost guaranteeing that the outcome will be negative. Any help on this would be so appreciated. I can feel the negativity in my body, you know that sinking feeling when you 'just know' something is not going to work in your favour.

I think I have convinced myself that, even though I have been lifting my thoughts and feelings, that they are not high enough and that LOA is just going to kick me whatever I do.

Is there anything I can do in this case, and in the future? I know we need to get into the Vortex, but, as I have said in other questions, I am not that far up the guidance scale yet and life goes on in the meantime, so I am looking for ways to deal with stuff in the meantime.

Hope you can help!

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1. Answering the topic title:

Great answer by @Kriegerd. Shows the huge power of this community and great wisdom of its members.

I will only add a bit: I love EFT and mostly use it to open in negative states. And (not "but") in some cases it helps to find a relieving thought, just one relieving thought from the overall feeling. Many times it's "what if it's not THAT bad?", sometimes it's some other thoughts. Here is a pretty general process that helps me consistently.

It is interesting, how it happens physically: I then feel like standing with my legs steadily standing on the ground, a bit apart (~at the width of my shoulders), and then it helps me to feel into where I am, so that I could find "an outdoor", a way out, a relief from the state I have, I feel it more like an energy, and then I translate it into words.

This has been proving itself to find a stable enough "thought out", a thought that can replace the thoughts that.. kind of digged themselves into me before, as this usually is some physical situation that I see in some one light, and with the relieving thought I manage to replace that overall perception to a lighter one. Then I bask in a relief I got.

It helps to do it on a walk: I stand still when feeling into a state and finding the relieving thought, and then I walk, repeating the newly found thought and basking in its relief. I truly move then into the newly found thought. And sometimes the time comes, when the newly relieved thought is not providing the relief it gave before, but I feel some new space, for a new step forward, a new relief. Then I stand still again, find a new relieving thought, and walk forward with it.

I love how satisfying this process is. And I love how on the point it is: many other processes that help to break the negativity, work more as a distraction, and then later I often come back to the same perception of the situation at hand. The process above helps me to move the very point I'm at, and usually it gives a huge relief, because it replaces the most torturing thought that looked like being impossible to change.

Hope it helps. :)

2. Answering the topic body:

In these cases the thought helps me, "what if it's not the situation that influences what I will experience, but my vibrational efforts I'm doing right now?" Then I pay attention that all the time I'm waiting for the physical outcome, I can still come to one next better feeling thought, and one next, and one next. And I think, "what if this actually matters more than any outcome I will get now?" "What if life put me in this situation exactly so that I do these vibrational steps, improving my overall experience?"

One more thing is then of consideration: to come to a feeling, that no matter what the outcome is, I will be alive and I will be able to be happy, because my happiness comes from the inside.

I know that in some situations it looks like it's impossible to be happy, if the outcome is negative. But then this is exactly the point to work on: that not the physical circumstance will define the way I feel. Sometimes I truly think that this overcoming is worth these unpleasant situations, because it gives such stable standing from inside. As AH say, it's where it truly at, it's where it really works.

And one more thing: I was in many situations, when I did do the tiny possible vibrational steps forward, in spite of the overall feeling of the negative outcome, and exactly the same feeling, that with this vibrational setpoint I'm sure not to get what I want.

But then it turned out good. It now feels like, when I step forward, the Universe steps towards me, and I don't have to go the full way forward in order to get the positive things happening, I just need to go no matter what. Not to give up and continue finding the thoughts that give relief.

By the way, it do not have to be the "positive" thoughts always: in a situation where you feel helpless, the thought "I have the right to hate him", or "I allow myself any emotions" is of huge help as well. Let it do its job, bring its relief, bask in it, then you'll be able to move on to the thoughts that will feel even better.

Good luck :) Metta :)


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Olga Farber

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Thank you so much Olga, I love the idea of walking with the new thought. And thank you too for the reminder that we just need to make the first step. Brilliant answer.

(25 Jan '15, 12:23) Antheia

A couple of suggestions:

  • Learn any clearing method (Sedona, EFT, FasterEFT, many more you can find here)
  • If you feel you cannot get out of that state, try ANYTHING. Music, taking a walk, petting a dog/cat, sleeping, whatever it takes to reboot.
  • Search for similar questions here. A couple that could be helpful (there are many more):
  • MC2 Method
  • How do you love yourself (Both Benjamin and Stingrays answers are great)
  • Getting into the vortex
  • Try having a daily vibrational routine (any process you enjoy, meditation, etc)

Reading answers here and having a routine (personally I do meditation and Manifesting Experiment 5) have made the biggest impact in my mood. I've been feeling way better than just a couple of months ago.

Also trying to not be too hard on myself and relax a little has helped. Hope it helps.


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Thanks so much Kriegerd, I do meditate daily and I think it does make a huge difference overall.

(25 Jan '15, 12:25) Antheia

Well if you are looking for a relationship with your boss I would say forget it. from my experience they care only about money and power and their little me. some even say it to your face:I have no friends here and there is no justice in this world. they abuse other for their own perpace and even if you help them achieve their goal business related and save their neck many time; they will eventually throw you out because you are better then them and they cannot accept that. most of the boss type people are like this and even if you would find a boss person that is not like this he would only be passing by since the other one will not accept him.

so to "Is there a way to stop the momentum of negative thoughts quickly"

listen: there is light in a person of light and it shines on the whole world if not it is dark.

the greatest among you is the one that serve you best.

and any one that deny someone like this is working against is own self. and as not the wisdom to lead even himself even less other.

This is the judgment, that the Light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the Light, for their deeds were evil.

Let there be light. be the light that you can be. experience and enjoy.


answered 25 Jan '15, 18:52

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white tiger

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