Hi IQuesters. Ever since I joined IQ about 1 month, by use of manifesting, LOA and the very many wonderful answers, I feel I have really become a person at peace with so many issues that used to bother me. I have also been able to successfuly apply manifesting experiment # 1.

Of late, I have been a very positive person, and have been able to interpret and make peace with many things that used to bother me. Unfortunately, last night, somebody stole one of my rabbits and my car battery. What is bothering me is really not the value of the two items. Its why they did it, and by extension, why people take what is not theirs.

I now have a mix of feelings, but mainly sadness, apprehension, fear. Am feeling low today, which is unlike me. Why am I feeling this low, and how can I get back to my ussualy optimistic side?

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@ndwigabn - I mentioned making a list of all the things I like about my wife. Got me thinking! So I made a list of all the things I like about ME! Frame them in the positive, i.e., don't say, "I am not a bad person." Say, I am a good person!"

See what good things about you that you can add to your list about yourself every day!

(31 Oct '12, 17:53) Dollar Bill

Having something stolen can make you feel very vulnerable. Could make you head down some bad paths. Begin thinking, "What bad thing is next"? Don't bring darkness into your Now by dwelling on nasty possible future events.

THT is great for getting you in the Now.

Keep your focus on good things. Look at the good things in your life. Turn away from "why do people do these things" you will not find any peace by asking questions like that. So don't include that in your life.

Make a list of all the good things in your life. The things you enjoy. I got mad at my wife for a minor event she forgot. So I sat down and made a list of all the things she does right. All the things I love about her. There was so much there that I crowded out the one thing that had been aggravating me. Then I gave her this list. To say that she was pleased would be putting it mildly!

What you do to feel better does not need to involve the problem, like getting better protection.

I find reframing unpleasant events with a new image can help. Make it into something you can laugh about.

TRANSMOGRIFY - to change or alter greatly and often with humorous effect

Put it behind you and walk into the light! It is ALWAYS there!


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Dollar Bill

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@Thins is wonderful advice, @Dollar Bill. It is human and understandable to ask why, but you are so right, it will never help. Thank you for sharing. :)

(29 Oct '12, 09:50) Grace

Thanks alot. very well put. I took your advice and am feeling better than ever. its like the theft was a reminder that things will attempt to pull you down. Funny how the event looked like its the start of bad things. I have prayed for the person, forgiven him/her, and Am going on with life. Thanks Family once more. You pulled me up from a deep low.

(31 Oct '12, 13:04) ndwigabn

Glad to help. It is part of the human condition to take an event and build it up in your mind. As you progress in our wonderful teaching, you will learn how to take positive events and build THEM up in your mind. Focus the spotlight if your attention on Good and it will grow.

(31 Oct '12, 17:49) Dollar Bill
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Ndwigabn I too am sorry you are feeling low, you can change that instantly by just grinning at the ceiling. I know it sound simplistic but it works. It has to do with your body position. When you are feeling low your head is down your shoulders slope your mouth goes down. When you are happy your head is up shoulders are back and you smile. Now you've tried that get moving dance sing laugh exercise. Now every time you start to feel low grin at the ceiling. feel. I know you will feel better soon.


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hi. thanks alot for your suggestion. I was sceptical about your suggestion, but apparently, its working! Am feeling happier now, and much as I dont know why they did that, it dont feel as bad as It did in the morning. Thanks once more. I feel at home.

(28 Oct '12, 11:30) ndwigabn

Great advice suds - just noticed a few cob webs that need dealing with too so an added bonus!

(29 Oct '12, 05:07) Catherine

@suds - I tried this, and I'm not sure if it was the posture of happiness, or the fact that it was such an hilarious picture (me sitting alone, grinning goofily at the ceiling), but I was laughing in no time. I'll remember this one, thanks. :)

(29 Oct '12, 08:57) Grace

@catherine - you crack me up, too :D nice to see you! You've been missed. :)

(29 Oct '12, 08:59) Grace
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Hi ndwigabn, welcome to IQ. I am sorry to hear that someone took your stuff. People who steale do it because they are in their own pain, fear, etc... I suggest that you pray for the person who took your stuff. Ask God to heal them and bless them. Ask for help in forgiving, etc... You can use Two Hands Touching while praying. Also use THT to clear up any negative feelings about it. Use EZ Deletion Sequence to change the beliefs you have about people stealing, etc...


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Thanks fairy princess. Only last week I was teaching my wife THT, but when one is in the thick of things, one can easily forget to apply such powerful tools. Forgiveness is key. Knowing you are concerned is so relieving. I will follow the link to EZ Deletion, to understand what it is and apply it. I cant thank IQ family enough for this forum. And to know that its all free. Unbelievable.so liberating, so informative, so healing. Life cant be better than this. Am really at home. All the best.

(28 Oct '12, 11:43) ndwigabn

@ndwigabn I am glad you find THT usefull and are sharing it. :)

(28 Oct '12, 11:53) Fairy Princess
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