I have just finished Lesson 2 in The Master Key System and I am trying to master the exercise. I am not sure I am doing it right.

  1. Last week I gave you an exercise for the purpose of securing control of the physical body; if you have accomplished this you are ready to advance. This time you will begin to control your thought. Always take the same room, the same chair, and the same position, if possible. In some cases it is not convenient to take the same room, in this case simply make the best use of such conditions as may be available. Now be perfectly still as before, but inhibit all thought; this will give you control over all thoughts of care, worry and fear, and will enable you to entertain only the kind of thoughts you desire. Continue this exercise until you gain complete mastery.

  2. You will not be able to do this for more than a few moments at a time, but the exercise is valuable, because it will be a very practical demonstration of the great number of thoughts which are constantly trying to gain access to your mental world.

I sitt perfectly still, and in order to avoid all thought and go 'blank', I find it useful to focus in the tic-tac of a small pendulum clock that I have in my room. I only go 'blank' for less than half a minute with this method.

My questions:

1) Is it bad to focus on sth, as the tic-tac of a clock in my case? What should I do instead?

2) I can only go 'blank' for less than half a minute. Will I improve with time?

3) Is there a thing I could do when I am 'blank' and a thought suddenly pops up?

Thank you in advance! I love the site, and as I'm just reading Lesson 2, I can only ask questions. I hope that when I finish I will be able to help others with answers too :)

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I think your system is good since it is making you go blank even if it is just 30 seconds. Try to focus and concentrate on the sound of your breath and you will find soon enough that you wont hear your pendulum ticking anymore. Do this long enough and you will also find that you cant hear your breath neither. Even better, instead of focussing and concentrating on sound focus on feeling yourself. FROM THE INSIDE. Everything to the vibration of your beating heart to the blood that flows through your vains. Everything on the inside. You only get better with practice. I cant tell you what you will experience or feel cause it is impossible but I can tell you its euphoric.


answered 11 May '10, 02:34

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Hank 1

I agree with Hank.. Try listening to the sound inside your body..the breathing.. the rush of blood..there is so much of tranquility in the body.. certain rythm which some times take you to a trance.. its an amazing feeling.. :)

(11 May '10, 05:56) AVBhat 1

The idea is to stop the many thoughts that go through your awareness unwillingly.

"this will give you control over all thoughts of care, worry and fear, and will enable you to entertain only the kind of thoughts you desire."

Listening to one thing will keep your attention from wandering. You can also keep your imagination on one thing also to keep the mind from wandering.


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I usually imagine the flame of a candle and keep focussing on it. Tic tac works but the problem is that my mind starts to follow the sound and I find myself making the sound inside my head as if I was talking to myself tic-tac...tic-tac.

Just imagine the flame dead centre in front of you and keep looking at it - in the beginning you can even lighting an actual focus on the flame and close your eyes and keep the image there.


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I Think Therefore I Am

1) No, it isn't bad, but eventually you wont have to rely on it.

2) Yes, when I first started this I couldn't go blank at all. Quiet your mind before you do all the next exercises. I still do the first three exercises before my meditation.

3) Just let it go like water under a bridge.

Also, take a look at this.


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Sorry, what do you mean by "I still do the first three exercises before my mediration? I supposed Exercise 1 and 3 were already meditation?

(11 May '10, 11:00) BridgetJones09

My basic meditation is to sit still, relax, and quiet my mind. Steps 1, 2,and 3. Thats not all I do, but it helps me get to that deeper state of mind.

(11 May '10, 23:31) Michael 1

Hi, this is how I did/do this lesson.

First I sit in a comfortable place where there are no distractions and I close my eyes, I find closing my eyes helps me a lot. I breathe deeply and slowly then when I'm in a complete relaxed state I begin to eliminate ALL thought from my mind. When a thought comes into my mind I imagine it dissolving into nothing. It is an excellent exercise because you realise how many thoughts drift through your mind a lot of the time unchecked. With practice you will become a master at this but the key word here is PRACTICE. Hope this helps you and peace be with you.


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I just started the 2nd exercise and it is so wierd that I understood the 1st exercise wrong. During the 1st exercise I was working on controling my thoughts AND sitting still. Then when i re-read the instructions I realized I wasn't supposed to control my thoughts; when I just read the 2nd instructions just now; it states to take control of your thoughts. I got ahead of myself. :)

I as well was imagining my thoughts dissolving. It works very well for me.


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I got the advice of reading The Master Key System fully to have an idea what is it about, to know in advance what's coming next, and then re-read one lesson a week and following the instructions. So you don't go ahead of yourself plus you understand the book best. :) I did it and it was best this way. :)

(23 Jul '10, 13:34) BridgetJones09

This site helped me a lot when trying to stop thought. http://freddieyam.com/ Specially the first page (how to stop thoughts) and the next section: Self-Enquiry by Annamalai Swami.

There are also some really great answers not just in this thread but in the forum (I don't have the links with me sorry).

Best of luck!!


answered 14 Feb '12, 10:42

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