Question is about #16 and #17 in chapter 2 of Master Key System

16..What method is necessary in order to impress the subconscious?

Mentally state what is wanted.

17..What will be the result?

If the desire is in harmony with the forward movement of the great Whole, forces will be set in motion which will bring about the result.

Question is how can we desire a desire that is harmonious with the forward movement of the whole?

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@Sakina , this question interests me ... although i haven't yet thought of a suitable answer , i'll let you know as soon as i have .

(21 Jul '11, 10:15) blubird two

A desire that that will not cause harm to anyone is always in accord with forward movement of the whole

(22 Jul '11, 00:02) RPuls
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To re-wire your subconscious, the best tool you can use is like a shovel steadily digging up buried items- repetition. The subconscious responds to repetition, but that isn't just the answer.

Read about the Silva Method if you're really intrigued. To install a belief (into your subconscious where it is accepted), visualisation that summons up great positive emotion is the targeted goal.

First, increase your alpha brain wave activity- meditate, relax, try pre-hypnosis routines...Get relaxed to the stage where there is no negative or streesful feelings. Basically, if you're stressed, excited, or have the blood rushing, you will exit alpha state and this exercise wont work. Once in alpha mode, visualise your desired goal. It must be a goal where when visualised, you will feel good.

The idea is to do this over, say, a week at least. Repetition is the key as well- in fact, unless it is repeated, eventually, even under silva method for a once off thing, you will re-lapse into old beliefs.


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Just to update, this method I am using works. Many people say "visualise in the morning and before bed." Why? You are in a very good state for seducing your mind: I have found that my money and abundance is increasing using this very easy thing.

But if you are not persistant, forget it.

(22 Dec '12, 22:21) Nikulas

Any desire that benefits the greater good moves us all in the right direction and you will be in alignment.


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My method to impress the unconscious is to stay as cool and calm as possible and simply practice , practice , practice .Take the simple example of learning to driving a car ... the desire is to be able to drive a car perfectly .When we drive for the first time we must consciously think of every action , with practice these actions become automatic. An experienced driver can drive in a relaxed yet alert state conscious of being in control of the car, all the necessary physical actions to drive have been impressed into the unconscious and are correctly performed automatically without any conscious effort. have fun


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