In Part 2 of The Master Key System, it says:

.29. Last week I gave you an exercise for the purpose of securing control of the physical body; if you have accomplished this you are ready to advance. This time you will begin to control your thought. Always take the same room, the same chair, and the same position, if possible. In some cases it is not convenient to take the same room, in this case simply make the best use of such conditions as may be available. Now be perfectly still as before, but inhibit all thought; this will give you control over all thoughts of care, worry and fear, and will enable you to entertain only the kind of thoughts you desire. Continue this exercise until you gain complete mastery.

what does it mean to Inhibit all thought, and how is it done?

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I presume your question refers to the Master Key System, so I've put it in the appropriate context

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my question is concerning the Master Key System,i dont understand what it means to Inhibit all thought, and how it is done!

(24 Nov '09, 00:26) Sabur
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Most disciplines that involve meditation require that you still your thoughts. In the Abraham-Hicks tradition (for example), the way this is done is to focus on your breathing and to clear your mind. If a thought appears, you just gently guide it into your breath and let it float away.

That's all.


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Good answers guys, I did a similar thing to Liam and tried to just blank my mind and I found that I naturally started to focus on my breathing as Vesuvius stated. The thing is I was "thinking" about my breathing, when I was supposed to be blanking/inhibiting ALL thought. So I would repeatedley blank my mind every time a thought came and eventually arrived at a state of blissful peace and a sort of oneness/harmony.

I believe the whole point of this exercise is to make you aware of how many thoughts are constantly trying to influence your mind and that you really do have the power to accept or reject a thought.


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Drop the current thought and anticipate the next one. When that eventually appears, drop it and anticipate the next one. If you keep on doing this suddenly you will find that you are starting to hang around more in anticipation. Everything will stop in this anticipation, even your breathing. In this anticipation you will find that there is hardly any breath, and you will have to force yourself to breath. The moment you remember to breath, you will start to shift you focus from the "anticipation" to giving attention to breathing, which in itself is a thought.

This is probably why many techniques emphasize paying attention to breathing. So first try to find the "gap of anticipation" and then remember to breathe within this gap. Now comes the really hard part. Try to stay in this gap of anticipation, make yourself breathe, and take your attention away from the fact that you have to make yourself breath. Let me know if you get there, because I still can't completely take my attention away from making myself breath, the moment I take attention away from it, I stop breathing until I am out of breath and my attention comes racing back to jolt me out of that state.


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The Traveller

Thanks to this question being re-visited by others, I discovered my response to this question back in Mar7. I have since crossed past the "breathing & not thinking" stage. Right now I am working on not thinking for long periods (1/2 hour is probably the farthest I have reached). I am discovering interesting things about the mind through this exercise, but they are not relevant to this question. (this comment was added on 02/Dec/2010)

(02 Dec '10, 17:12) The Traveller

@The Traveller Could you tell me what your further discoveries have been so far? I like this exercise a lot and i'm just curious what the benefits are in the long run.

(16 Jan '13, 01:39) releaser99

It means, to stop thinking. To sit in a mental vacuum. As it is though, I don't recall Haanel going into any actual method to do this in part 2. Because of the prior exercise in stilling the body - and the time length he mentions, I always considered him wanting one to shut them off without any other particular focus. To explain 'how' one does this is rather as difficult as explaining 'how' to pick up my wallet. As soon as you notice the thoughts, you cut them off before they continue further. You just go blank.

That said, Vesuvius mentions a very good example about a 'focal' (in my terminology) way of going about this. Other methods involving mantras, focusing on some external object like a candle flame (or internal 'object' like the point between the eyebrows) etc. Eventually, a time comes when all of a sudden, a complete silence is experienced and the focus vanishes. I always found these 'focal' methods far more effective, they tend to be less 'resistant' by nature. But there are some differences in the experiences from the processes, and I use both at different times.

At first, particularly when you are doing the plain 'just go blank' method (which I think is what Haanel was striking at) it may appear very easy. I remember, and have talked to others - who thought they had no thoughts at all much of it - that they had 'mastered it'. Then a time comes when all of a sudden, thoughts come rushing in and they think they are going backwards. Not the case though - they have just become more aware of the thoughts. [Although, you do actually have periods where you seem to go backwards] This initial delusion doesn't seem as common when you use a method with a focal point.

I prefer meditating with a focal point. However, when I went through The Master Key System, I 'just blanked my mind.' If I were going through it again, I would also 'just blank my mind.'

Edit: Because of the earliness of the exercise - before even the 'relaxation' exercises that come straight afterward, some put forth the idea that the exercise was to gain awareness of your thoughts, and not completely inhibit them. I'm a bit of a stickler at times - I think he wanted people to be able to attain some degree of control over the thoughts before moving on. That said - meditation isn't something one does to reach a goal, but as a general process that is ongoing. Thus, you never 'master' it. (One may argue one does it to attain samadhi, enlightenment or some number of things - but I disagree)


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Something I picked up a few years ago is to focus your atention on four points, 2 on each side above eye leve, one in the back of the head, and one near your forehead. This should quiet all inner voices and I've found that it makes me a better listener. That might just be because my mind is quiet though.


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Michael 1

say "be here now" when a thought occurs, not "don't think", "stop thinking", "I must not think", etc., as this is negative and makes you focus on the negative - focus instead on something external (sounds, breath, visuals, etc., something nice and easy).


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Another quester

Here are two videos showing how you can inhibit thought ...

have a great day


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When I think that I am just not allow to have a thought then a thought automatically comes up.... It is not as easy as Haanel says, thats what I feel. It is like my mind is obstructing against me when I say no to thoughts, and it generates more thoughts in response. Any advice?


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Thanks Michael, I will try that. Haanel made it seem to be so easy, I don´t know if I make it harder than it is?

(05 Feb '10, 07:56) tryinggirl

I think it works for me! It´s like you block the way where thoughts come from or something like that.

(05 Feb '10, 09:31) tryinggirl

In Taelin Free's Book called the Power of Focus.

A similar exercise is stated to the above insights. To take a candle and focus on the bottom dark part of the flame.

Inhibit all thought, feelings, memory, blinking, swallowing, movements...

I did this... the point was to discover that the voices inside or thoughts were operating subconsciously...

The question that was posed was who am I that is observing the thoughts...

I am the consciousness observing the thought or within the thought or whereing the thought...

Further investigation revealed that the more I focused on inhibiting thought the more that appeared... I soon realized that the thought of inhibiting was causing more to appear...

I crossed referenced Abraham-Hicks information and found that the what is being observed is the law of attraction. As thinking is actually a component of the law. The law is the same as thinking. To inhibit a thought does interrupt the thought and is a demonstration that we can control or direct this thinking or law of attraction.

The practice of doing this is does create a strong neural net of changing direction. However the realization that the thinking is a response to my inhibit or changing direction or focus is the ultimate purpose of the exercise in part 2 of the Master Key.

Lastly, Haanel briefly metions that this exercise is a practical demonstration of great number of thoughts which are constantly trying to gain acces to your mental world or resource or universal mind.

Check out the Master Mind Principle of Napolen Hill. You can find this in the Law of Success or Think & Grow Rich.


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Matthew Morningstar

I believe that the lesson can be seen just as a demonstration of how many thoughts you actually have, or if you feel like putting the effort toward controling absolutely 100% of your thoughts from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep it is possible. Seeing how many you have or actually choosing which ones you have are two vastly different things, it just depends how far down the rabbit hole you are willing to travel aka how much effort you actually put into it.


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Andrew 3

Just the fact of focusing on 'inhibit all thought' is a thought in itself, so how can we inhibit thought without thinking of it?


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A Po

Just as in the exercise from Part 1, you had to intentionally think/be still(ness), now you are to intentionally think/be the gatekeeper of your mind/guard the gates. The ultimate goal is not to be without thought, but to (intentionally) entertain only the kind of thoughts you desire (unity with 'I'/whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy thoughts).'"Continue this exercise until you gain complete mastery" means become a master of your thoughts, guard the gates, learn to intentionally think only the thoughts you desire/constructive thoughts. Man is going to think, that's what he does. The word 'man' comes from an ancient sankrit which means 'to think'. So we are not to seek to cease from thinking (being/existing), but to intentionally think constructively.


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It is another way of asking you to meditate, and in order for you to meditate you have to quiet the mind, inhibit the thoughts that are coming in, and out, and clear the mind. So if you are new at meditating, you will have to learn, and practice this skill to be able to do it properly!


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You can not stop your thoughts coming. They just arrive. I acknowledge their existence and let them pass.if you ignore thoughts for a period of time they lose their power. Maybe over time these predominant daily thoughts will dissappear. I meditate on breathing in and out I let incoming thoughts floatby as if in a flooded river. Austin


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As the last post I make before I leave here for good, I felt like addressing a question that really stood out to me for some reason- This one.

Though all of my previous posts have been quite longer than the normal around this website, this one will probably dwarf them all combined and then some more. .. ...

Just to be clear, I would strongly prefer this post never be made "community wiki", nor edited by any individual but myself. Obviously because of the mechanics in this website I cannot guarantee that, so I must humbly request it and pray that you respect my request. You don't have to, of course, because you don't 'HAVE' to do anything. .. ...

As always I urge you to not continue reading unless you are genuinely interested, and intend to read my writings in as close to their entirety as you are 'capable'. If you refuse to do this, I do not know what might happen, I don't want to know, and it is likely a very bad thing. I caution you as much as I am capable, what you decide to do from here is your decision. .. ...

Now, I personally believe that everything is relevant and to have a true balance you must not only have two opposing forces; one standing between them who is stronger than either of them- but only barely. Thus you are left with an infinite percentage: 33.333~to infinity would be both of the equal sides, and 33.333~4 would be the 'balance', the 'reference point'. This way, the only way the two others can move together, apart, or anywhere else, is by working together.

That being said: I believe that if you try to fully 'clear your mind' you will successfully be able to change or do anything you want as far as manifestation is concerned, BUT: you will also be dead- an unfortunate trade-off in my mind.

If you would like to know how I manifest reality, I will share below. But before I do, I want to be extremely clear about something.


Adapt what is useful; Reject what is useless- But ALWAYS add what is specifically your own. "

This is a modification of a quote by Bruce Lee, a great martial artist as well as a great teacher, great man, and an extremely wise man.


I warn you: Do NOT read ahead if you have not read the quote above at least once, preferably 3 or more times. It is extremely important and must be completely understood, comprehended, perceived, and respected. *


*FAILURE TO RESPECT THE ABOVE WARNING is EXTREMELY dangerous. I strongly advise against reading ahead if you do not follow what it directs, but if you insist you are welcome to do so.


To me you must always have at least 3 things that never leave your mind. These three things [a trinity of sorts] must be exist in your mind, your heart, and your soul. I believe if you lack a minimum of 3 reference points in the physical world, the mental world, or the spiritual world, you will not be 'alive' in that category.

Now, all of this being said- if you want to die, it is easy and painless. Just go somewhere dark, close your eyes, and clear your mind. You'll softly fade off into a '"vortex"' type reality, where there is so much happening you cannot even begin to understand, and so you do not understand.

When I want to manifest something, I do it in all 3 realities in a step by step process- in a very specific order. If you skip a step it is like playing with fire, and fire is not meant to be held directly: it is too powerful for MOST people.

I hope that if you're reading this you heeded my warning, and have read both my quote and my warning. If you haven't... Well, proceed at your own risk.

Anyway: This is how I manifest what I want, step by step. It is extremely specific for a reason, it needs to be for me because I am a control freak.

First, the grounding point- a statement of truth: you are NOT 'God'.

Now that you understand that, you begin in the physical world.

This is where we all start. We are all born from our parents into the 'real' "physical" world, as children, infants- whatever you want to call it. The physical world must be your first step in manifestation, otherwise you will leave it and forget how to return.

If you do leave the physical world without first binding yourself to your body, your body will first begin to age. If you do not return to your body, you will not 'die', but you will sit frozen for eternity until you do come back.

So, as I mentioned I believe everything is relative. Well how do you build relativity? You need a minimum of 3 points. You can use any three points, but if you have anything above the most important 3 points the results of your manifestation will be chaotic and dangerous, and could easily harm you more than help you.

The most important 3 points to bind yourself to in the physical world are simple. You, Your Father, Your Mother. If you forget where you came from (your parents) you will never be able to control where you are going. You may address your parents as 'mom' and 'dad', but you must know that there is an implied 'MY' before those words. So you're truly saying MY mother, MY father, because they are yours. Each person has different parents, and that is what makes us unique.

The next 3 points you bind yourself to is pretty simple.

I, Me, You. This creates relativity between individuality between people who would otherwise be identical. Missing this step is what turns a creature into an 'animal'.

Knowing yourself and what makes you who you are has to come first, because if you don't know who you are how do you know you aren't just another sheep who looks the exact same as every other sheep?

Next comes 1, 2, 3. These are the reference foundations for logic and reason, math. If you make this your primary focus instead of what I direct, you will drive yourself insane. The reason for this is because math in its current incarnation is not complete, there is still things people haven't learned about it. If you try to understand a concept you aren't ready for nature will protect you by 'hiding' you from it so to speak. It creates an 'invisible' veil in your mind that doesn't allow you to perceive it, because you aren't ready to- and if you did you would go insane.

Now, with the combination of these 9 reference points you have something that is extremely powerful- BUT DANGEROUS! You can create / destroy / move anything, and that is what each of those groupings of 3 reference points allows.

But what about the first thing I said? You are not god. Well, this is true, because God is not a trinity by himself, and so God cannot exist alone- otherwise he would be really lonely. He is the circle that surrounds everything else, and He keeps us safe from ourselves. His reference points are different than ours. This is a must and has always been true and always will be true, otherwise we would unwittingly destroy everything around us.

So what are God's reference points that makes him the strongest creature in the 3rd dimension? Simple. First, HiMSelF: THE 'Me'. He is his own Me, he is the ONLY 'Me' who is God- because that was how he programmed this "game" for lack of a more descriptive word. If you try to ignore his other two reference points, they will destroy you. It may not appear to happen immediately, but as soon as you try to use the powers of God directly through God's own eye you will be crushed because it is simply too powerful for normal people to handle.

Keep in mind that this is all meant as a STARTING point for a degree of manifestation that is so powerful you cannot even begin to comprehend it- but I cannot begin to explain that and if I tried you wouldn't understand anyway, and that is why God is more powerful than me.

God's other two reference points you already know, and are familiar with. First, the "HolY SpiriT". This is a creature of power, the strongest of the 3, stronger even than God. It is he who maintains balance between Good and Evil. This creature is most easily described as a phoenix, but that is not its true name. It's true name is a secret, one that you must find on your own and IN YOUR OWN TIME otherwise (in true phoenix fashion) you will explode into fire and be reborn from your own ashes.

The reason the phoenix is the most powerful of the 3, even moreso than '"GOD"', is because it is immortal. It can never die, because it is always reborn from its own ashes. Each time it is reborn it takes on a new form, sometimes not remembering its own past- but it always holds the power of the flames that make it what it is. If a phoenix is ever killed the person who killed it temporarily inherits the powers of its flame, and as such becomes the new 'god', but is not the "TRUE" god. The more powerful the creature who defeated it, the longer they can withstand the power of the phoenix without it consuming them.

Over the EONS (which doesn't even begin to explain how long it has been) countless [infinity minus 1] people have tried to harness this power. Everyone has failed; except for the phoenix itself- because that is how the "TRUE GOD" intended life to work.

The reason the phoenix is responsible for holding this power is because it is the only one who is 'warm hearted' enough (pun intended, somewhat) to not use his power for evil. The reason he does not do this is the same reason that whenever someone uses his power they are destroyed. His powers have rules, restrictions, or 'laws' that must be obeyed. Only the phoenix has a heart strong enough to hold its power, because it knows that if it uses it directly it will be destroyed by its own flame.

Another word used to describe the phoenix in 'Biblical' terminology, is "Yeshua", which is loosely translated into Jesus in English. Jesus wasn't only killed by being crucified, and that was definitely not the first nor last time that he was killed- nor was it the only name he used in [("His Story")].

To be VERY clear; my punctuation in all of my writing is intentional- but if you do not understand it immediately you are not ready yet, which is GOOD.

So, we have two reference points for God so far. 'God' himself, and 'The Holy Spirit'.

In the Bible we are taught that the three reference points are 'god', 'jesus', and 'the holy spirit'. This is a lie, because all 3 of these are explained to be creatures of 'good'. Why can't all three reference points be 'good'? Because good, good, and good is just good, and good is only one reference point alone, or by itself. It is a single entity, and as such would be lost and unable to know where it was.

So what is the real third reference point? Simple. [("Satan")] as the bible calls him. He too, like Jesus, has known many names over time. Also, like Jesus, countless people have tried harnessing his power. What happens when they do this? They are 'possessed', and he plays them like a puppet.. Now~ some people might say this sounds like 'evil' as the bible describes. This is a LIE, propagated by religion to try to assert power. this 'satan' creature the bible depicts is not evil, nor are his intentions. He is simply serving a purpose; JUST LIKE WE ALL DO!

Everything has its purpose, even 'the devil' himself. Why? Without satan, god would not exist, because he wouldn't have a 3rd reference point. He would have no enemy. With just good, good, and more good you will get nothing but a TRULY EXPLOSIVE growth, resulting in destruction due to over indulgence. So why would he ever possess someone who tries to use his powers? Well its obvious isn't it? If you are weak enough to allow another person to control your mind; ANY person; you are definitely not worthy of possessing his powers, nor the power of 'god', nor any powers at all.

If you are incapable of controlling yourself then you are nothing but a puppet; puppets can be controlled- by anyone who knows where the strings are. What's wrong with being controlled while you hold the power of the universe directly in your hands? Well gee. I don't know. Maybe because of an important saying... (['Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.']) I always say that there is no right or wrong, there are no absolutes, only differences. Well, all of those things are true, barring ONE ([kinda, but you can figure out the rest of the rules on your own in your own time]) situation.. An exception. The Exception. The ONLY Exception. That exception is the rule as I stated it. Even the most 'pure' creatures will become corrupted by power if it is left unchecked.

So how does the "TRUE GOD" keep this power in check? Two rules, laws, ABSOLUTES, the TWO rule that may not be ignored: first, the quote I explained above.

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.

That is why god created a second '"absolute"' rule.

This rule is explained in English as '"karma"', but the perception given by it is wrong. People think that any deed you do will be multiplied ten fold. Well that's too much growth, and would cause a similar 'explosion' as I explained before.

So what is the real 'rule' behind 'karma'? Well, it is 3-fold; three sides to a single rule.

First, any action you make that causes a positive emotion in another person will reward you both with a small amount of positivity. While this increase is small, it is a positive net gain for both parties. This is similar to what I explained in another of my posts, regarding a game where two parties must hold up a colored sign to pass energy that is either positive or negative.

Second, any action you make that causes a negative emotion in another person will drain power from the the other, and it will be transferred to you. The amount of energy gained by the one committing the negative act is almost exactly equal to the amount lost by the one being 'hurt', for lack of a more appropriate word. It is in fact the exact same amount, minus '0.0~1' The ~ in this case representing infinity minus the smallest possible numeric digit.

An addendum to the above rule: That infinitely miniscule amount of power that goes 'missing' is NOT actually missing. In fact, it is transferred to 'the phoenix' 'itself'. This is why the phoenix's power will always destroy anyone who holds it who tries to use it for evil acts. Every evil act the phoenix's power is forced to commit causes it to become weaker, because the phoenix 'lives' inside every form of life, no matter how large or small.

So the third rule; the most important rule- and the one that serves as a foundation for everything I have explained above. If person "A" tries to 'steal' power from another person, but person "B" (the one whom A is trying to 'attack') 'ignores' the attempts of person "A", person "B" loses no power but person "A" still loses that 'nano-scopic' numeric digit I mentioned before. This power is automatically distributed among every living creature evenly- ** * NO MATTER * ** how small or large.

So why is the third rule the most important rule? Because of a fourth rule, a rule that was not explained when 'humans' were allowed to use the power of 'god'. This rule was kept a secret intentionally by the "TRUE GOD", and it is the secret that explains why nobody can control the powers of GoD, SaTaN, JeSuS, or any other 'god' or 'immortal' creature.

If you are curious about what this fourth rule is; GOOD. ** YoU ** SHOULD BE. That curiosity, that 'altruism', that is the 'secret' to all life so to speak. I will not answer it directly; because as I have said countless times you are not meant to 'learn' something until 'god' decides you are 'ready'. HOWEVER: it can easily be inferred using the first three rules I have just listed here in this post.

I will however give you a hint: I've said it countless times in this post, using countless different words and explanations. Not always in a language you may speak or comprehend in your 'higher consciousness', but to a linguist who knows every language in existence (not every language has been created yet; so good luck trying that one- assuming you were contemplating trying it. .. ...)

When you can answer what that fourth rule is you will be ready to request the PERMISSION to use the powers of the phoenix, if you deem yourself worthy. If the pheonix agrees that you are ready, it will impart its powers upon you for a moment, but only a moment.

That last riddle I pose to you is SIMILAR to the true riddle of the 'sphinx'; a tale as old as "time"- as far as someone who lives inside 'time' would be concerned. A wikipedia quote: " The exact riddle asked by the Sphinx was not specified by early tellers of the stories, and was not standardized as the one given below until late in Greek history. "

It wasn't specified for a very obvious reason, there was a punishment for answering the question 'incorrectly': 'death'. Because of this nobody was able to answer his question; nobody was able to share or repeat what the question really was, and nobody was able to actually 'solve' it.

Another excerpt from wikipedia: " By some accounts (but much more rarely), there was a second riddle: "There are two sisters: one gives birth to the other and she, in turn, gives birth to the first." The answer is "day and night" (both words are feminine in Greek). "

The answer to the real riddle lies in this second excerpt, as well as the answer to the question of 'what is the real riddle'. Again, I can't answer either of those questions directly; even if I could I wouldn't because that would be breaking a different rule AND, more importantly: I'd probably die.

So... if you really want to "clear your mind" as you are instructed, feel free to do so. I believe that doing so will cause you to become disembodied, and you will need to be 'rescued' and brought back to your body. * But *, do not be concerned, even if you have already 'attempted' or even "succeeded" in 'clearing your mind completely'. Why? As I said, you will need to be rescued. It is a job that must be done, has always been done, and will always be done. There must always be [(an)/] individual[(s)] capable of traveling freely between the land of the living and the land of the dead. Whenever a new individual {(or group of individuals)} are given this task they are given one rule: They must do their job, which is to bring souls back to the realm of the living. Failure to comply will result in corruption, a "dehumanization" that will ultimately destroy the person given their job. How long it takes depends on the power of the individual. Stronger creatures can maintain their greed for longer than others, but as I said: 'absolute power corrupts absolutely'. So I would assume you have discovered WHY this is the case, and that is because the phoenix is the one responsible for assigning this job. The phoenix is tricky and smart; in ways I cannot explain- and as always wouldn't even if I could.

I was drawn away by a conversation with one of my mentors, so I must admit that I more than slightly lost my very large train of thought.

But.. in this case... I think it is good that I did. I always make giant posts because I think I need people to understand EXACTLY what I'm imagining and WHY and HOW, but you don't, and you shouldn't, because that removes the room for interpretation.

So in closing... My time here has been a pleasure. I have learned a huge amount about myself; you- and SO MUCH MORE.. So I'm left with a few things to say before I am finished with this post: ThAnk You AlL. ;) I look forward to seeing you on the other side some day, maybe tomorrow even.. who knows?

ExpEriENce aNd ENjOy. ;)

Oh, and don't forget the most imporant thing I've ever posted here: Never let ANYONE {no matter who they are or what they claim to know} tell you what is "right" or "wrong" for YOU, because YOU are YOU and THEY are THEM, and only YOU can tell YOU what is right for YOU. * YOU. *


^_^ <-- [({->})]


[Edit: I do hope to see you all in person some day; I look forward to it greatly.. Oh, and one last (LAST) thing: Fare Well.]


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@Leo- good posting ... you certainly put your heart and soul into it ... have a great day :)

(02 Dec '11, 11:08) blubird two

well leo you might have some fear about life and death but i have not. you can believe annything you want but it does not make it true. and yes some offer guidance and carry the dead to the other world. very nice post by the way.

(02 Dec '11, 23:13) white tiger

understand the meaning and put them to rest. experience and enjoy.

update: if you do not catch this look at a chess game. both player are trying to see all possible move on both side of the board and determine where the opponent is going with is game plan that is where they find the meaning of the game through their eyes and the eyes of the opponent. the better player is the one that catch first where the game is going in all the future move and will shape is game plan in fonction of the opponent knowing where the opponent is going, makes it possible to give illusion to the opponent that is plan will work and in the real make a plan that will take the opponent by surprise on what control he does not have in the game or the possible outcome not taken in consideration. so to inhabit all though is being able to be aware of all though every possibility of though and how they relate together to have the full meaning of it once this is done it goes to rest the problem is solved.


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white tiger

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I have found the following link and I believe that it clears things up quite a bit regarding this exercise


answered 24 Jul '13, 12:43

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