I know one of my biggest problem are my old limiting beliefs and I have worked on replacing them with new more empowering ones, however the old beliefs keep cropping up and I can't seem to completely discard them. How does one make these changes permanent? For example I've had this belief that good things either don't come my way or they don't last - now even when financially things are coming my way I can't help thinking at times that the clients will cancel the order or something will go wrong and I know that will affect my vibrations - so what should I be doing in this situation?

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If you are trying out Focus Wheels/Focus Blocks, there is quite a simple way to ensure you don't keep drifting back into old limiting beliefs...and that is not to throw your Focus Blocks away :)

Look at the diagram below...

alt text

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This is one of my own real-life Focus Blocks (which I'll be using as an example in the Focus Block Method).

If you look at it, you'll see it takes me from the thought at the top What is bothering me? to the Best-Feeling Thought at the bottom.

Once a Focus Block like this has been created, it is now a permanent road-map that will always be able to take you from the top thought to the bottom thought whenever you read it.

How can I say that for sure?

Because The Focus Wheel Process constructed it to do exactly that.

Now, if your next Focus Block carries on from the Best-Feeling Thought of this one to another Best-Feeling Thought, you are effectively constructing a reusable vibrational ladder that will enable you to climb into a better-feeling place...because each rung in that ladder is an empowering Focus Block.

And, if at any time you fall back down again, it will literally only take you minutes to climb back up that vibrational ladder (the chain of Focus Blocks) back into a better-feeling place again.


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Use meditation, affirmations, the swish pattern, the focus wheel, or some similar technique to bring yourself back into a good feeling state.

The swish pattern can be particularly useful for eliminating negative thinking patterns, as it sensitizes you to the negative thinking, and makes you more aware of it when it occurs. Better awareness gives you the ability to make better choices.

I wouldn't let the negative thinking patterns bother you too much, as doing so further attaches you to them. As Richard Bach once said, "If you really want to remove a cloud from your life, you do not make a big production out of it...you just relax and remove it from your thinking."

You eliminate negative thoughts, not by trying to destroy them, but by simply replacing them with (shifting your focus to) more positive thoughts.


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You'll have to be persistent, with the replacing of thoughts, as Vesuvius mentioned. It does feel tedious at times, believe me, I know! But as time passes you will find yourself reaching for the negative thoughts less and less. It does take time and don't be too hard on yourself, that only makes it worse! You know the old adage "Rome wasn't built in a day"!


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