Browsing around Inward Quest, I was studying some articles along the general guidelines of 'manifesting impossible things,' and I found a boldly strong urge to gain clarity upon things.

Let's assume I want to manifest something that is, say, out of bounds with my current belief system. At the moment, I can imagine it and am dwelling upon the subject of having it (quoted from Abrahams knolwedge that "every subject is two subjects. 1- having it. 2- the lack of it). I also don't feel negative thinking about it (thus, proof I am focusing on having it)

So the only obstacle is my belief that this thing I'm trying to manifest is highly unlikely/impossible to happen.

What would be the wiser option if I wanted it to manifest- adjusting my hardened beliefs via subconscious reprogramming, or simply being in the vortex and maintaining a high vibration? Do my beliefs bunk my desire from coming even if my vibrations are constantly high?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

To your last question - yes.

According to Abraham : Belief = Vibartional patterns/a thought you keep thinking again and again. Emotion = an indicator to how much your beliefs are aligned with your desires.

Now regarding this question :

What would be the wiser option if I wanted it to manifest- adjusting my hardened beliefs via subconscious reprogramming, or simply being in the vortex and maintaining a high vibration?

They are both the same thing only from different angles. If you stay in the vortex consistently, then you will not be giving your attentions to your negative beliefs (and thus breaking the cycle of thinking them over and over again), and in time they will be replaced with positive beliefs that will come to you through LOA (because your positive state attracts positive thoughts).

And if you choose to program (I prefer the word "condition") your subconscious with new beliefs - then your vibration is going to rise and you will get into the vortex. Your emotions will feel better since your beliefs are vibrating in alignment with your desires.

However there is one difference in my opinion... And that is regarding specific issues. I believe that through standart meditation, it can be a really slow and not very effective way to work on a specific subject that is important for you and that is on your mind constantly. When working with specific issues (="programming the subconscious") you can progress much more quickly on a specific issue, but there are of course disadvantages here too. I think that through meditating you release a lot of resistance regarding things you aren't even aware of, and when getting specific it would be much harder. Also I think meditation helps you gain sensitivity to your state and feel more stable and focused.

(By the way, meditation is a general method of working, just like Rampage of appreciation for example, while a specific process would be focus wheels, positive aspects, virtual reality...)

Anyway, I recommend using both approaches to the degree it is enjoyable.


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this answer is really helpful, although i reckon i still need to research what exactly vibrations are, as your first paragraph really stumbled me (and thanks to you, if your info is correct, I've learned something very insightful). Meditating is my general approach to things and, unfortunantly, is sounds like I'm going to have to do more than just feel good about life. Cheers Benjamin

(26 Sep '11, 12:11) Nikulas

Well, I must disagree with your last sentence - feeling good about life is about everything you need. The question is whether to do it generally, or raise your vibration about specific things that bother you. Each approach has pros and cons, so practice them both in any way you like it so you can reap the all the benefits more quickly.

(26 Sep '11, 12:35) Benjamin

Hi Nikulas. I feel that Benjamin is on track, especially regarding feeling good. Your main issue seems to be 'trying'. I prefer relaxing and enjoying my life, while allowing all good things to manifest :)

(26 Sep '11, 14:33) Eddie

Eddie, just discovered Bashar. He's awesome and funny as heck, and shares the same view- be yourself, relax. "in times when things seem dark...if you want to become enlightened then. JUST. LIGHTEN. UP."

(26 Sep '11, 14:39) Nikulas

Nice, yes, Bashar really resonates with me, he rocks :)

(27 Sep '11, 08:33) Eddie
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Nikulas , if you like Abraham Hicks , check out this you tube video on The Art of Chilling

hope you enjoy :-)


answered 30 Jun '12, 22:55

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Nice link, sweet title, "Le Art e Chilling"

(12 Jul '12, 08:56) Nikulas
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