I was wondering that If i have asked the universe for a specific salary for my next job, a salary which no one with my level of education and experience usually gets, is it the right thing that I have asked?

To quote an example, If the average salaries for a person of my experience and profile is x and I have asked for a job for my self which pays me a salary of 6x.

Is it that I cannot get it, is it that I am making too unreasonable a demand? I discussed this with my close friend and he said I am having unrealistic expectations.

I believe I can get this job, but the fact that my friend told this to me makes me feel sometimes that am I asking for too much.

I also know that no desire is big or small for the universe. We just need to ask and its given. And we just need to allow by believing in what we have asked for.However if there are some norms in the society or the corporate world which generally do not match with our expectations, how does this happen?

This is really important for me. I will be highly grateful for answers and suggestions on this. Thank you so much :)

asked 20 Oct '10, 20:40

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All things are possible to them that believe. Believe that ye recieve and ye shall have. Act as if you are already there.


answered 20 Oct '10, 23:20

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Frank 2

Hi Frank, I am doing this and I am sure I will get it. Thanks for the motivation :)

(23 Oct '10, 08:12) Sourabh

If you believe that it's possible for you to manifest this job, you will manifest it. However, the minute you let doubt creep in, by considering the beliefs of others, you thwart your own progress at holding your belief firmly in your mind. If you can hold this belief rock steady in your mind with unwavering faith and not let the opinion of others influence you in anyway, the manifestation has to take place.


answered 21 Oct '10, 01:49

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Hi Michaela, Yes doubt had crept in for a little while but your answer has cleared my doubt and has encouraged me further. Thank you so much :)

(23 Oct '10, 08:15) Sourabh

I am in agreement with the approach that Michaela has posted. I would also like to add that once you have the desire, it is sometimes good to forget about it and let the universe deal with it.

However, I understand that this is not always possible, if you are in a rush to get the job you want. From your question though, it does not look like this is the case.

The method I have used in the past is write a letter to the universe. It was very similar to Manifesting Experiment 1. The only difference to Manifesting Experiment 1 is that I did not record vibrational matches, I just completely forgot about the whole thing. In the letter, I included all the things that I wanted in my next job including good location, nice drive to work, challenging work, my salary and specific date by which I wanted the job.

At the time, I thought long and hard about what to write about the salary. I was having similar thoughts to you, that I did not enough experience and people my age do not normally get that much money.

However, I had confidence in the manifesting process and I speficifically included in the letter that I wanted a salary greater than 'x' amount. I put the letter in a locked box and completely forgot about it. About a couple of months later, I got an interview and sometime after that I got the job I wanted which had all the attributes that I specified in the letter including the salary amount. And I got the job offer on the exact last date specified in the letter.

So, I would suggest you try it out for yourself.


answered 21 Oct '10, 10:04

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Pink Diamond

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that is amazing....

(21 Oct '10, 17:06) Back2Basics

Hi Rani, your story is really so inspiring and a living example for me to make my belief even stronger. I am sure if it happened with you, it will happen with me too. Thanks a ton!! :)

(23 Oct '10, 08:18) Sourabh

Sourabh, Great question. My first thought is that this boils down to a battle of the minds. Employers vs. employees vs customers.

For example, lets take the job of waiting tables at a restaurant.

The employer wants to manifest employees who will work for $X/hr.
There are thousands of people who will gladly work for that.

However, you are trying to create/find the job of "waiting tables" at 6 X's $X/hr.

The chances are this job does exist some where, but the probability of obtaining it is smaller than the normal, $X/hr.

There are also other factors to this:
-Is the job you want a creation of someone else's manifestation- i.e. you have to work for someone who has created this job (a company)?
-Can you create the job on your own and would others be willing to manifest your services in their lives for that amount?
-Does the job have to be dependent on others? For example, gold miners of the 1800's in the US- didn't have a boss, didn't have customers, just searched for gold and some became very wealthy.
-I am sure there are many more factors to address..

Sorry to be so analytical but thought you would appreciate it rather than just saying "yes of course!"


answered 20 Oct '10, 21:28

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I like your pertinent, suggestive and amiable answer.

(20 Oct '10, 23:48) Gleam

Hi Back2Basics, that is a very unique way to look at the situation, thanks so much putting it across the way you did, it helped me to look and understand the situation very analytically. Thank you so much :)

(23 Oct '10, 08:11) Sourabh

You go right ahead and ask for the job you want! Nothing is wrong in asking for what you want, and the answer is usually Yes, or No. It is okay to want more, and to think big. Do not let anyone discourage you from asking for the Job you want. Allow the LOA to work for you.

I know of people who did not have the credentials for a specific job, and they got the job. The pay was extremely good, far more than what he/she was making on their present job.


answered 21 Oct '10, 01:24

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Inactive User ♦♦

Hi Vee, I believe the same and your answer has reinforced my belief. Thank you so much :)

(23 Oct '10, 08:14) Sourabh

Hi Sourabh, From what I understand, you have two requests: you want more money and you want a job. The two do not necessarily have to come together. The universe can give you the job and the money you desire but it may or may not come together. You can ask for a million dollars and the Source will figure out how to bring that into your life. Try to have an open mind when you are asking the universe for something and dont lock yourself in too tight.


answered 22 Oct '10, 00:11

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Hi Drham, I agree with your answer, when I have asked it will be given in whatever way the universe feels right and best for me, it may not be necessarily together but I am sure that both will come. Thanks for the wonderful insight. :)

(23 Oct '10, 08:21) Sourabh

Good point. Ive recently started a new business and have kind of assumed that it would be paying the bills. Last week the thought struck me that i may get a benefit APART from the business.

(23 Oct '10, 10:25) Monty Riviera

Brian Tracey the sales/self improvement guru has quite a bit to say on this subject. Im no expert but anyting hes written is well worth at leas a look.

He believes in a slow turning up of the wick type approach,so to speak.

The guys got a lot of interesting stuff to say,particularly if your in a sales/marketing type environment.Worth a Google



answered 21 Oct '10, 14:09

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Monty Riviera

Hi Graham, thanks for the suggestion, I will surely look it up soon. Thanks once again :)

(23 Oct '10, 08:19) Sourabh

Recently listening to Abraham Hicks on the subject of manifesting, they said,
our ( human's) work is to know the What and Why of something we desire , Universe/God's part is the How and When.

Care not for another's opinion as only YOU create your life, believe you can and you will :-)


answered 30 Jun '12, 11:42

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A little excerpt from " Your Invisible Power " by Genevieve Behrend

"The moment you speak it to any living soul, that moment your power is weakened. Your power, your magnet of attraction is not that strong, and consequently cannot reach so far. The more perfectly a secret between your mind and your outer self is guarded, the more vitality you give your power of attraction. One tells one’s troubles to weaken them, to get them off one’s mind, and when a thought is given out, its power is dissipated. Talk it over with yourself, and even write it down, then destroy the paper."

I have now also found the answer to my own question earlier on in the week , lol :-)

(01 Jul '12, 10:18) Starlight

What you are asking seems too directed to me. You are asking for this high salary but only from this job and this company. If this company can not afford to pay its employees as much as you are asking you have created a paradox.

Now if you ask for this salary from this company or a similar company with this job or a similar job you give God some leeway to say "Well he couldn't get that kind of money here but across town at this bigger company nearly the same type of job he sure could so I'll send him over there."

It is not so much the job that counts as you can perform the same job in different parts of the country and receive way different pay. Example you are security for a grocery store, you get paid minimum wage, now you are security at we'll say Rockefeller's art museum if he has one. Same type of job but now you get paid way more because of what you are guarding. You are doing practically the same thing patrolling at night after close down but the art museum your life is on the line more because the criminals that want to steal that art are going to a higher caliber of criminal than the ones that want to vandalize the grocery store or steal some food would be.

Example you can pretty much say "Hey you kids get out of here!" and scare away the grocery store criminals. (Depending on the neighborhood of course) But at the art museum you had better be calling for backup from the police because those guys want that priceless art and to them you are a nuisance in the way.


answered 30 Jun '12, 12:21

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Wade Casaldi

edited 30 Jun '12, 14:57

Dear Sourabh,

I'm no expert at this spiritual stuff, but I can offer some "worldly" examples that may give you confidence. The history of the United States is literally full of instances where an uneducated individual, supposedly "unqualified," went on to achieve greatness and success in business, art, politics, the military, etc.. Abraham Lincoln, for instance, grew up in a log cabin in the wilderness. His father was illiterate and his local one-room school was, by his own account, virtually worthless. Lincoln was essentially self-taught, but he went on to become one of the country's greatest presidents.

There are many examples in our own time, as well. Barack Obama (like him or not) was told by an enormous number of people that he could not hope to win the presidency, and yet he did.

Another example is Arnold Schwarzenegger, in his own words:

"Yes, it was very difficult for me in the beginning -- I was told by agents and casting people that my body was "too weird", that I had a funny accent, and that my name was too long. You name it and they told me I had to change it. Basically everywhere I turned I was told that I had no chance. But this only made me more determined and inspired me to work harder. I took acting and voice classes and I never gave up. One of the valuable lessons that I learned is that you have to establish yourself in an area where there is no one else and then create a need for yourself, as I was able to do in the action film genre with CONAN and THE TERMINATOR films. If you can do that, eventually they have to come to you. In this sense, I was able to use my uniqueness to my advantage and then after I achieved some success, that allowed me to do other kinds of things like the comedies, TWINS & KINDERGARTEN COP. So the trick is to learn how to utilize and optimize who you are as an individual and not worry about what or who everyone else wants you to be."

Another example is the director James Cameron, in his own words:

"You have to not listen to the nay sayers because there will be many and often they'll be much more qualified than you and cause you to sort of doubt yourself.... Everyone around me had basically said, "You stink. You suck. You don't know what you're doing." And I just -- and I accepted it but then a little voice kept saying, "I don't think so. I don't think it can be that bad"...You have to find some kind of inner strength that says, "What I'm doing is right. It may not seem right to other people and I may not be able to please them right now, but I'm going to have to proceed on this path until I can demonstrate to them that what we're doing is probably the right thing, at least the best that I know how to do."

You can find many additional stories and examples like this on the "Academy of Achievement" website. As I said before, I don't know how spiritual this advice is, but at least you can take consolation in the knowledge that you too can join the ranks of the most successful people in history who were frequently told by everyone else that they "couldn't possibly do it."

Best of luck to you!


answered 30 Jun '12, 23:30

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It all boils down to do you believe that you can? Do you believe that you deserve it? The only thing that matters, is what you believe. If hearing people tell you that you can't, weakens your belief, then don't tell people. If you don't believe, then you must either change your beliefs to match your goals, or change your goals to match your beliefs, or both.


answered 01 Jul '12, 09:50

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Fairy Princess

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