We try different meditations. Which meditation you think is the best and what is its method to do?

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There was another question on meditation, which I answered and which you might find interesting. Here is my reply http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/26/whats-the-point-of-meditation/185#185 As I said in my other answer I believe we can divide meditation in three types:


-Law of Attraction/Manifestation

-and finally the ones that help us understand the nature of Mind (or the Universe) itself

None is better then the other, they are just different. People come from different backgrounds, have had different experiences, hence they have different needs and goals. Therefore I believe the is no ultimate meditation practice that will magically solve everyone's problems. What we can do is find the best meditation for us individually. Here are some objective qualities that you can look for when choosing a suitable meditation:

-do I feel intuitively drawn to this practice?

-is the goal of the meditation aligned with my own goals?

-can I incorporate it in my schedule and practice it on daily basis?

-do I feel compelled to do it regularly or does it feel like a chore?

-how do I feel when I can't find time to do my meditation? (feeling slightly disappointed is a good sign in my opinion)

-does it bring the desired results? (you have to give it some time to find out)


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I like contemplative meditation mostly, it is meditating on the problem at hand without trying to think of the answer, we work on just examining the problem and letting that really sink in the mind. Not in any way thinking of possible answers only on the problem, this is the LEFT brain stage of the meditation. Do this for 5 to 15 minutes then when you are ready release the problem and say to your mind I now give this to my RIGHT brain to answer. Now let go of the problem and try to think of nothing or if that is too hard just look ahead of you at something but let go of the problem you could just at this point relax and think of your breathing if you want. In this stage your right brain is working and you will be "inspired" by your right brain with all the possible answers. This consciously uses your brain to fullest productiveness, many do this unconsciously but when you choose to consciously, you know where the answer is coming from and can expect results every time. This is good for ANY questions you may wish to find an answer for. A good example of this is Singer, the man that invented the sewing machine. He pined over the problem all day looking for an answer but could find none, when he went to sleep that night still with the question on his mind, his right brain finely had a chance to take over and deliver the answer in his sleep. He dreamed of being attacked by spears with a hole at the point, exactly how he needed to make the sewing needle.


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Wade Casaldi

It depends on what you want to achieve ... the simpliest and the most hard at the same time is to meditate on Love and forgiveness...

For psychic development i recommend Mindfull mediation or Chakra tuning , for connection of mind ,body adn spirit "universal mind meditation" , there is also meditations specific for the third eye , levitation , teleportation.. etc

The one and in my point of view more powerfull is the Kundalini Rising... but its advised to have some knowledge in what you are doing..



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